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- New version of the VS-OCX resizing, tabbing, and parsing tool for
software developers -

18 December 2000 (C0019) -- Contemporary plc, the specialist in
development solutions, announces the introduction of SizerOne 7.0 from
ComponentOne. Formerly called VS-OCX, SizerOne 7.0 is a four-in-one tool
that consists of two resizing controls for handling both simple and
sizing; a tabbing control to create notebook-style and Outlook-style tabs;
and a parsing control to scan and parse text files automatically. It is
designed for programmers who work in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi,
C++Builder and Windows 95/98/2000/NT development environments.
developed with SizerOne 7.0 can be distributed with no run time royalty
fees. Available now at RRP £160 + VAT from Contemporary or its authorised
resellers. Upgrade from VS-OCX 6.0 or Olectra Resizer 2.0 is £99 +
VAT. Visit

for full details.

"No developers wants to spend valuable time writing code to resize forms,
add tabs and parse text strings, yet without this software, that's what
they have to do. SizerOne is a tool that solves these very real, very
time-consuming problems without breaking the bank," comments Adrian
Handley, Contemporary's Technology Solutions general manager.

SizerOne 7.0 adds more than 20 new features to its already robust
functionality including:

- New resizing features that give complete programming control over grid
rows and columns so the form layout can be modified at run time in
to user selections.

- New grid editor gives faster design grids. Lets a developer make several
rows and columns the same size, specify exact sizes, or "nudge" sizes up
and down in pixel increments

- New property pages make designing forms easier. They are packaged as a
separate DLL so they don’t add any size to the control

- Plus... SizerOne can add customisable frames to child controls and to
client area of the control; customise the appearance of the control when
used as a progress indicator; scale pictures; control the alignment of
individual tag labels; better control the look of the frame around the
control; and has new events that fire when users move the splitter bars.
There are also several enhancements that are internal to the control so
developers don’t have to learn or use any new properties and methods (for
example, repainting is faster and smoother than before, and tag labels are
positioned more accurately).

New tabbing features

- Position tabs along the left or right sides of the control while keeping
the tab captions horizontal

- Employ multi-line captions

- Make the control look like a flat toolbar, highlighting tab edges as the
mouse moves over the tabs

- Add, remove and manage tabs at run time with three new methods

- Draw small separator lines between tabs, instead of tab frames, to
a clean, contemporary look

- Specify how text and pictures are positioned within each tab

- Associate a variant with each tab so developers can store information in
the tabs

- Three more templates, for a total of eight, to create different looks

- Scroll tabs using the IntelliMouse wheel.

- The tab control is easier to work with at design time, with a main
property page that groups properties by usage type, as well as a tab
page that allows developers to add and remove tabs, as well as change
captions, pictures, and associated data.

New parsing features

- These allow developers to evaluate mathematical expressions using a more
concise and intuitive syntax

- Choose whether the built-in expression evaluator should interpret angle
values as radians or degrees

- Use the asin and acos trigonometric functions when evaluating
mathematical expressions.

- The parsing control is now a separate OCX so developers don’t have to
distribute it when they aren't using it.

About Contemporary plc: Established in 1992, Contemporary comprises two
business divisions: Business Solutions (focused on e-Business
and Technology Solutions (e-Technology tools and customised applications).
These teams provide consultancy, training, system implementation,
application development and technical support based on an extensive
portfolio of software products for which Contemporary is the exclusive UK
distributor. For more information, call Sales on 01392 262626 or visit


Adrian Handley,

Contemporary plc,

Tel: 01392 262626,


PR: Jane Lee,


Tel: 01273 470199,


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