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Perle’s Remote Access Servers and Serial Servers Provide Better Alternatives to
Now-Defunct LanRover and ShivaPort Product Lines

Perle Systems, (NASDAQ:PERL, TSE:PL) a leading provider of networking products for e-business access, today announced that it will be stepping in to fill the gap left by Shiva in its retreat from the dial access and serial server markets. Offering free technical support, 30-day free evaluation units and competitive pricing, Perle is focused on providing Intel Shiva’s resellers and customers with a more modern and advanced product alternative to Shiva’s LanRover and ShivaPort product line withdrawn by Intel this month.

"Because Perle specialises in remote access connectivity, we have focused on introducing products that always incorporate the latest technology," said Peter Graham, vice-president of Sales & Marketing - EMEA, Perle Systems Limited. "The ability to deliver cutting-edge products backed by superior quality of free support and 30-day sample units for channel partners has enabled us to remain a central player in the remote access marketplace. With Shiva’s withdrawal, we are now able to move into a leadership position."

Channel interest in Perle as a Shiva alternative is high and Perle is already in discussions with numerous Shiva resellers and distributors across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, who are looking at Perle as a replacement for Shiva products.

The Perle 833 Access Server line offers good alternatives to Shiva LanRover products. In addition Perle has recently added Cisco IOS compatibility to its 833IS remote access server, providing the additional benefit of seamless integration into Cisco-based networks.

This unique Cisco IOS compatibility will also be added to the Perle 833AS later this year. Perle is also a long-standing leader in the serial server marketplace with a number of replacement products for the ShivaPort and ShivaPort Atom ranges.
Perle is able to offer the following equivalent product replacements for the products withdrawn by Intel. All of these Perle products are available for immediate shipping:

Comparative Table

ShivaPort - 8/16/32 port Access/Serial server Perle 833 - 2/4/8 serial port access server

Shiva LanRover E/Plus/E XP16 Perle 833IS - 8 to16 port access server
56KbpsV.90/ISDN BRI.

Cisco IOS compatible
Shiva LanRover Access Switch Perle 833AS - 12 to 120 port access switch T1/E1/PRI.

Dual hot swappable power supplies.

Cisco IOS compatible ready
ShivaPort Atom - 8/16 port Serial Server Perle IOLAN-102/104/+/Rack
- 2/4/8/16 port serial servers

Perle JetStream 4008/8516/8524
- 8/16/24 port serial servers

Perle LinkStream 2000 - integrated router and serial server (8, 16 or 24 serial or 7 to 14 Twinax devices)

For more information on Perle’s product, visit Perle’s Web site at Resellers interested in distributing Perle’s products can contact 01932 792592 or email at


Perle 833: Remote Access Server

The Perle 833 is a reliable, complete dial-in/dial-out access server for both Ethernet and Token-Ring LANs. It is available in 2, 4, or 8 high-speed serial port models, supporting analog (v.34) modems or ISDN Terminal Adapters. The Perle 833 Access Server supports all major desktop and LAN operating systems.

Perle 833IS: High-speed Remote Access Server

The Perle 833IS is a complete, integrated and scalable solution for Cisco network-based enterprises that require access to corporate LAN resources across 56 Kbps-V.90, V.34 analog or ISDN connections. It provides users with high-density, enterprise level functionality at an entry-level price and a lower total cost of ownership. The Perle 833IS is the only high-speed RAS product with Cisco IOS compatible configuration that can offer 8 to 16 remote users V.90 and ISDN access on the same BRI ports, without the expense of E1/T1 lines.

Perle 833AS: High-density, High-performance Remote Access Server
The Perle 833AS is a multi-protocol remote access solution ideally suited to meet the dial access needs of both ISPs and Cisco network-based enterprise users. It provides scalable dial-in, dial-out modem pooling and LAN-to-LAN connectivity for up to 96 (T1/PRI) or 120 (E1/PRI) simultaneous connections of remote analog, 56Kbps - V.90, V.34 and ISDN BRI users. Cisco IOS compatible configuration will be added to the Perle 833AS later this year.

IOLAN+: Serial/Access Server

The Perle IOLAN+ IP serial servers are designed to excel in both terminal server and remote access applications, providing users with the best serial to IP solution for distributed Windows and Unix environments. They can be used wherever serial devices need to be connected to a LAN. The units are available in 2, 4, 8 or 16 port versions with a range with DB25 or RJ45 presentation options. Each serial port is capable of continuous bi-directional speeds of 115.2 Kbps.

LinkStream 2000: Integrated Router and Serial Server

LinkStream 2000 offers a total integrated solution for connecting LAN, serial and Twinax-attached devices to a corporate network or the Internet. Cutting the cost of ownership and the need for multiple units, LinkStream 2000 connects these devices over a wide area network (WAN) using leased lines, Frame Relay or ISDN.

JetStream 4000: Serial Server with Integrated Printer Port

The JetStream 4000 is a compact 8 port serial server designed for applications demanding the support of multiple serial devices and a common parallel port printer. It offers dramatic savings over standard serial connectivity servers. It also offers a unique built-in parallel port for easy printer connection.

JetStream 8500: High-density Serial Server

JetStream 8500 is an integrated, multi-purpose solution for serial networking applications, offering 16 or 24 RS232 (or 16 RS422) serial ports, all providing up to 230 Kbps connection speed per port for larger remote sites. Cutting the cost of ownership and the need for multiple units, JetStream 8500 can act as a Terminal Server, Remote Access Server and for dial-in Modem Pooling.

About Perle Systems

Perle Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer and vendor of award-winning networking products. These products are used to connect remote users reliably and securely to central servers for a wide variety of e-business and general business applications. Perle specialises in Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity applications, with an increasing focus on mid-size IP routing solutions. Product lines include routers, remote access servers, serial servers, and multi-port serial cards and network controllers. Perle distinguishes itself by its ownership of extensive networking technology, depth of experience in major network connectivity environments and channel relationships in major world markets. Perle Systems has offices in 11 countries and sells its products through distribution channels worldwide. Its stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market (symbol PERL) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol PL). For more information about Perle and its products, access the Company's Web site at

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