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In conjunction with its launch of Citrix® MetaFrame(tm) XP(tm) for Windows®,
Citrix Systems, Inc. today announced broad industry support for its most
powerful application delivery and management platform to date. (See related
MetaFrame XP announcement for details). Based on the company's proven
technology, Citrix MetaFrame XP for Windows extends the reach of Windows
2000® as well as future Microsoft platforms - offering exceptional growth
capabilities in large-scale application serving implementations that provide
users secure access to Windows applications from virtually any device, over
any connection - wired, wireless or Web.

Launch Partners

BMC Software
"BMC Software is working closely with Citrix and is committed to providing
Citrix MetaFrame customers with the highest quality and most comprehensive
management solutions," said Carl Coken, director, PATROL platform solutions,
BMC Software. "BMC is currently enhancing our PATROL for Terminal Services
product to monitor and manage Citrix MetaFrame XP, Microsoft Windows 2000
Server, and Terminal Services activities and provide the ability to truly
manage, not just monitor, these environments. Our top priority is to provide
true end-to-end service level management that is both scalable and reliable
and supports the enterprise e-business environment from a holistic

Cable & Wireless
"The enhanced scalability of MetaFrame XP will allow Cable & Wireless to
continue its global expansion of a-Services, our global ASP," said Jeremy
Thompson, president, Cable & Wireless a-Services. "With rapid and reliable
application installation, our engineers will be able to access tools from a
single point, anywhere on the network."

"As a trusted technology leader, CIBER receives a great deal of exposure to
many forms of IT software solutions," said John Stubbs, CIBER Vice President
and National Practice Leader for Network and Security Integration. "Citrix
MetaFrame XP provides a cost effective and predictable platform for both
CIBER's public and private sector customer base. The scalability and
manageability features of MetaFrame XP allow our customers to build an
effective, reliable and efficient network that meets their IT needs. "

"The rich provisioning, security, personalisation and centralised management
features of Citrix MetaFrame XP make it the definitive benchmark for
server-based computing in Windows and Internet-enabled environments," said
Todd Krautkremer, vice president of worldwide marketing at Packeteer. "As
the leading provider quality of service solutions to the Citrix market, I am
pleased to say that Packeteer has implemented support for MetaFrame XP
across our product lines."

"Plumtree's vision of delivering an Internet business desktop for
integrating an organisation's applications and services into a simple Web
experience is well complemented by Citrix NFuse's ability to bring
interactive applications to the Web without rewriting a single line of
code," said Glenn Kelman, vice president of product management and marketing
for Plumtree Software, Inc. "Now that NFuse is built into the new Citrix
MetaFrame XP platform, it will become even easier for our joint customers to
deploy and manage scalable access to these interactive applications."

Sequoia Software Corporation
"By employing Citrix NFuse, Sequoia offers Citrix MetaFrame users a fast and
effective solution for accessing server-based applications along with
content and tools through a single point of access," said Paul Martin, chief
technology officer of Sequoia Software Corporation. "As our customers grow
their operations, Citrix' new MetaFrame XP product family will allow them to
expand their application deployment capabilities with a wide-range of
management capabilities. Citrix MetaFrame XP supports our efforts to provide
enterprise-scale application access via the Web."

Sitara Networks, Inc.
"Sitara's primary focus is to provide enterprise organisations and service
providers with a fully-integrated, holistic Quality of Service (QoS)
platform that enables enterprises and service providers to deploy new
e-business applications, protect critical application performance and
improve network efficiency," said Ed DeArias, executive vice president of
worldwide sales and marketing for Sitara Networks, Inc. "We see Citrix'
introduction of Citrix MetaFrame XP as key in making it even easier for
customers to control their resources and bandwidth needs across the extended
enterprise through a single point."

Superior Consultant Company
"As a healthcare consulting firm to hospitals and managed care, Superior
Consultant Company uses Citrix MetaFrame to deliver secure Windows
applications across the enterprise to any device our clients choose," said
Scott Zaffrin, Director of Marketing and the Digital Partner Program,
spokesperson for Superior. "The scalability of MetaFrame XP enables our
clients to enhance and manage their systems and deliver Windows applications
across the enterprise from a single point across any network. Superior will
assist our clients with implementation and management of MetaFrame XP, to
achieve maximum utilisation of resources and reduce the cost of ownership."

TopTier Software, Inc.
"It is essential for companies today to leverage technology that will allow
them to provide workers with convenient, centralised access to critical
business information," said Shai Agassi, CEO and founder of TopTier
Software, Inc. "Citrix NFuse software, in conjunction with a Citrix
MetaFrame application serving environment, complements the ability of
TopTier's Enterprise Unification Platform to provide a single-point,
Web-based information access solution that integrates and unifies existing
business applications. With the launch of a unified MetaFrame XP, our
customers will be able to efficiently navigate between multiple MetaFrame XP
sessions using TopTier's 'Drag and Relate(tm)' functionality, contributing
significantly to the effectiveness of their TopTier Enterprise Unification
Platform solution."

Wyse Technology
"The ability of Citrix MetaFrame XP to manage application infrastructures of
all sizes, whether it's a single server farm in a single location, or
multiple server farms operating in disparate locations, provides an even
more compelling reason for businesses to turn to server-based computing,"
said Jeff McNaught, vice president of customer marketing for Wyse
Technology. "As the number of businesses using server-based computing
continues to expand, Wyse's thin appliances represent the ideal desktop
companion for Citrix MetaFrame XP to help drive down IT costs and simplify
desktop management."

Beta Customers
Cerner Corporation
"Currently, more than 50 of our healthcare clients are running Cerner's HNA
Millennium and HNA Classic solutions in a Citrix MetaFrame environment,"
said Jim Coons, senior technical consultant for Cerner Corporation. "As
their server farms grow, these companies will benefit from the improved
stability and robustness of MetaFrame XP. We've been impressed with the
application packaging and delivery capability, which lets administrators
centrally configure and manage installations and upgrades across the server
farm instead of going to each server. In addition, MetaFrame XP's new
architecture will allow Cerner to offer a database solution to larger
clients for the first time. We're very happy with the new product."

"Citrix technology is an important enabler that is allowing Chevron to do
business any time and anywhere," said David Gallimore, senior systems
analyst, Chevron. "Citrix MetaFrame XP and NFuse are the foundation for our
NetGIL (Global Information Link) worldwide, standardised desktop. This
server-based desktop enables us to solve information access challenges
unique to the energy business. For example, an oil rig worker way out in the
Gulf can get applications via a thin device that is replaceable without tech
support. And an employee can go to an Internet café in Hungary, bring up the
NetGIL desktop on a Web browser, and receive a personalised set of
applications and data. As we scale up to more than 40 Windows 2000 servers
to support NetGIL, Citrix MetaFrame XP's enhanced load management capability
and full integration with Active Directory will help ensure the success of
this enterprise-wide initiative."

Data Transit International, Inc.
"I'm not sure who is more excited about Citrix MetaFrame XP - our ASP
customers or us," said Jim Kerr, director, ASP Technology Services, Data
Transit International, Inc. "MetaFrame XP gives us greater flexibility to
meet our customers' specific needs. For example, the new Client Time Zone
Support feature will greatly benefit our customers in the insurance
industry, who can write a policy for a West Coast customer using an
application hosted at our East Coast data center, and ensure that policy
coverage reflects the local time. Without MetaFrame XP, we could be forced
to spend a significant amount on special software for each of our servers to
accomplish this."

"As an experienced user of Citrix MetaFrame, Diageo was delighted with the
opportunity to beta test the new Extended Platform release" commented Martin
Bennett, Group Communications Architect, Diageo. "We found it substantially
easier to configure and deploy applications across our multiple sites and
anticipate considerable benefits from the improved architecture. In
particular, the improved management capabilities will make large scale
implementations across our global infrastructure a great deal simpler."

Groningen University
"From our evaluation of Citrix MetaFrame XP, we believe the new solution
provides enhanced scalability and control over the management of server
farms through the use of the Citrix Management Console," said Hans Brouwers,
ICT Specialist, Groningen University. " Furthermore, MetaFrame XP's
extensive support for publishing applications via the Web, with the
integration of Citrix NFuse technology, is also compelling and provides
additional management benefits. We already deploy applications for our
administration staff over the University's Intranet using NFuse and hope to
extend this capability to an electronic educational environment for our
students using MetaFrame XP."

Mercantile Safe Deposit and Trust
"For over two years we've relied on MetaFrame to provide bank employees in
200 locations with fast access to over 60 key applications. MetaFrame also
solves the support challenges of our traditional client/server system and
delivers unparalleled reliability - we had zero system downtime last year,"
said Eric Wedemeyer, assistant vice president of Mercantile Safe Deposit and
Trust. "Based upon these results and our initial testing of MetaFrame XP,
we're really excited about the new product, which will give us even greater
manageability and scalability. MetaFrame XP will provide us with key
capabilities to manage our expanding infrastructure, including our server
farm, licenses and printers, as well as integrate our Tivoli system - all
from a single management console. Citrix technology enables our IT team to
do more with less, so we can support the continued growth of our core
banking business."

"As an ASP currently hosting MetaFrame 1.8 and using Citrix NFuse as our
exclusive deployment platform, we're looking forward to implementing
MetaFrame XP," said Dave McCrory, chief technology officer at ProTier. "This
new release of MetaFrame will further enhance our administrative processes.
Specifically, the Citrix Management Console, with its single unified
interface is a great improvement over switching between multiple interfaces
to manage our servers. Additionally, MetaFrame XP's printer management
capability will unquestionably reduce our customer support time and cost."

"Our company's strong growth has created the need for larger server farms
that can deliver more applications to more users," said Jason Shave, senior
specialist, Weyerhaeuser. "As a longstanding Citrix customer, we welcome
the new Citrix MetaFrame XP software, which gives us tools - such as license
and printer management - to efficiently administer and scale up our Windows
2000 server implementation. Among other benefits, Citrix MetaFrame XP lets
us streamline administration from a central console, standardise processes
enterprise-wide and deliver business applications to users via our corporate
Web portal using Citrix NFuse."

Industry Analysts

Aberdeen Group
"In order to take full advantage of eCommerce and the new Internet-driven
business process, users' enterprise application architectures will need to
expand into Internet Application Architectures," said Tom Manter, research
director for Windows 2000 Platforms at Aberdeen Group. "Citrix' new
MetaFrame XP product is designed to deliver enhanced scalability and
manageability features for the small, medium and large enterprise looking to
employ proven Web-enabling technology in their business."

"With its latest release, Citrix has added significant value to its
MetaFrame for Windows application delivery platform family," said Steve
Garone, program vice president, application development & deployment, at
IDC. "The MetaFrame family of products has for a long time represented a
leadership application serving solution. With MetaFrame XP's added features
for enterprise command and control, Citrix should, in IDC's opinion,
experience increased market momentum."

About Citrix MetaFrame
Citrix MetaFrame application server software is enabling organisations to
achieve "Digital Independence" from the high cost and complexity of
traditional computing by transforming the way they deploy, manage and access
business applications across the extended enterprise. MetaFrame extends the
functionality of Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
and Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services, as well as UNIX operating
systems. It provides enterprise application management for increased
scalability, deployment and simplified application support, Web enablement
of applications via Citrix NFuse application portal software, and universal
application access to users in any location, on any device, over any network
connection - wireless to Web.

About Citrix
Citrix Systems, Inc. is a global leader in application server software and
services that offer "Digital IndependenceÔ" - the ability to run any
application on any device over any connection, wireless to Web. Citrix
solutions enable organisations of all types, from major enterprises to
emerging application service providers (ASPs), to reach more users, with
more applications, in more locations - and achieve this with greater speed
and predictability, and lower costs. Citrix offerings, including MetaFrameÔ
application server software, NFuseÔ application portal software and
Independent Computing Architecture (ICAâ), a core application-server
technology, have been widely adopted by the corporate mainstream to achieve
key business goals. The firm, which markets its solutions through
value-added resellers, system integrators and OEM licensees, is
headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Citrix is traded on The Nasdaq Stock
MarketSM under the symbol CTXS and is part of the Standard & Poor's 500
Index. For more information, please visit the Citrix Web site at

For Citrix Investors
This release contains forward-looking statements which are made pursuant to
the safe harbor provisions of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of
1934. The forward-looking statements in this release do not constitute
guarantees of future performance. Investors are cautioned that statements
in this press release which are not strictly historical statements,
including, without limitation, statements regarding current or future
financial performance, management's plans and objectives for future
operations, product plans and performance, management's assessment of market
factors, as well as statements regarding the strategy and plans of the
company and its strategic partners, constitute forward-looking statements.
Such forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and
uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from
those anticipated by the forward-looking statements, including, without
limitation, risks associated with the following: the success of the
company's MetaFrame product line and the acceptance of the company's ICA
protocol; the company's ability to develop and commercialise new products
and services; the company's success in expanding into new geographic
markets, the company's ability to expand its core business in large
enterprise accounts, the company's ability to succeed in the transition to a
paper/electronic licensing model; the size, timing and recognition of
revenue from significant orders; increased competition, including potential
competition from Microsoft and other companies; the results of the company's
iBusiness and other new licensing programs; the rate of growth of the ASP
market; and the company's ability to continue to develop and market products
to meet the requirements of this market; the proportion of revenues devised
from distributors, OEMs and other channels; changes in the company's pricing
policies or those of its competitors, including Microsoft; the costs of
developing, acquiring, or integrating new technologies or enhancements to
existing products; the company's reliance upon its strategic relationships
with Microsoft and other strategic partners; management of growth; the
possibility of undetected software errors; dependence on proprietary
technology; risks that the company's branding campaign will not enhance the
company's business or results in the manner anticipated; as well as risks of
downturns in economic conditions generally, and in the software industry
specifically, and risks associated with competition and competitive pricing
pressures and other risks detailed in the company's filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. Citrix assumes no obligation to update
any forward-looking information in this press release or with respect to the
announcements described herein.

Citrix®, ICA®, MetaFrameTM, NFuseTM, XPTM and Digital IndependenceTM are
registered trademarks or trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. in the U.S. and
other Countries. Microsoft®, Windows®, and Windows NT® are registered
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks and registered
trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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