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Citrix® MetaFrame XP(tm) product family enables customers to easily scale
and manage over 1,000 servers

Diageo, Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust and Weyerhaeuser among first
customers looking to MetaFrame XP to grow their "Net" results

Citrix Systems, Inc. today introduced Citrix® MetaFrame XP(tm) for Windows®,
the company's most powerful application serving and management platform to
date. Developed with close customer collaboration and optimised for Windows®
2000 and future Microsoft platforms, MetaFrame XP offers IT departments
exceptional growth and management capabilities for large-scale application
serving implementations - designed to support as many as 100,000 users on
1,000 or more servers - that provide users secure access to Windows
applications from virtually any device, over any connection - wired,
wireless or Web. MetaFrame XP will begin shipping later this month, and will
be available from the more than 9,300 members of the Citrix Solutions
Network(tm) (CSN).

Offered as a product family with server, advanced and enterprise editions
that are tailored to specific customer needs and computing environments,
Citrix MetaFrame XP features enhanced centralised system management
capabilities, increased leverage of the "Net" (including LANs, WANs,
Internet, extranets and intranets), and more flexible application access.
Citrix customers, including Diageo, Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust and
Weyerhaeuser, have all their support for the new platform. (See related
Industry Support announcement for details on beta customers and partner

"Increasing adoption of Windows 2000 and the growing customer demand for
Web-based application delivery and access have combined to create an ideal
environment for this highly scalable and robust product family," said David
Weiss, vice president of marketing at Citrix. "MetaFrame XP contains a new
platform design, integrated platform management and family packaging that
allows customers to effectively grow their application serving platform to
fit their specific needs."

"By allowing customers to manage Windows-based applications across thousands
of servers from a single point, Citrix continues to add value to our
customers' Windows 2000 terminal server environments," said David Hamilton,
director, Management Technologies Group at Microsoft. "With Microsoft's
management technologies, Citrix' next generation MetaFrame platform can
enhance the deployment of Windows-based applications across the enterprise
to heterogeneous desktop environments."

As a product family, Citrix MetaFrame XP takes into account customers'
unique computing needs and offers three levels of product functionality that
add capabilities as business growth and change dictate.

* MetaFrame XPs: This application serving system is designed for
departmental workgroups to extend the reach of Windows 2000 Servers.
* MetaFrame XPa: This advanced application-serving platform for
Windows 2000 Servers is designed for growing organisations that need to
maximise application availability and manageability across the Net - all
from a single point.
* MetaFrame XPe: This enterprise application-serving edition provides
the infrastructure for Net-based Windows 2000 environments requiring
extensive scalability, rapid application delivery and robust management -
enabling unparalleled command and control.


Strategic Command and Control Capabilities
Citrix MetaFrame XP delivers the power to manage servers and server farms
across the extended enterprise by providing an architecture that scales to
meet evolving customer needs and management capabilities that make this
scaling up effective. As the command centre for the entire Citrix MetaFrame
XP server farm, the Java-based Citrix Management Console (CMC) provides
customers with an easy-to-use, graphical method for monitoring and managing
all system resources - servers, applications, licenses, printers and users -
from a single point. Further, the CMC's robust capabilities can be
integrated with third-party network management solutions, including, HP
OpenView, Tivoli® NetView® and BMC Software PATROL®, to simplify total
system administration.

Total Net Leverage
With enhanced integration of Citrix NFuse(tm) application portal software,
Citrix MetaFrame XP software enables organisations to personalise
applications and associated content, and publish them into a single portal
view with no application rewrites. Citrix NFuse allows the Web to be
utilised as an application infrastructure while retaining the features and
benefits of MetaFrame application serving software. In addition, Citrix
NFuse enhances corporate Web portal solutions by enabling inclusion of
full-function, interactive applications along with Web content, tools and
technology for integrating intranet content.

Ultimate Flexibility
Large enterprises employ a wide variety of devices that use a variety of
different connections which can create problems for administrators, but can
be solved with Citrix MetaFrame XP. MetaFrame XP enables administrators to
deploy any application to any device over any connection - wired, wireless
or Web.

With Citrix MetaFrame XP, administrators can: extend the reach of
Windows-based applications to any location in the enterprise; deliver true
flexibility by publishing applications to a wide array of client devices
including Windows PCs, Macintosh® computers, UNIX® and Linux® workstations,
laptops, wireless devices and other network appliances; support uniform
application appearance and performance over any network connection
(Internet, LAN, WAN, dial-up and wireless); and provide enhanced security
with SecureICA(tm) 128-bit encryption.


With this new MetaFrame platform release, Citrix will offer MetaFrame XP
using a "connection-based" licensing model, where the price can be easily
stated as a "cost per concurrent connection" regardless of server
configuration. Driven by customer demand, this connection-based pricing
model gives customers the freedom and flexibility to determine the optimal
number of MetaFrame XP servers in a given server farm, without impacting
their overall costs. In addition, since all connection licenses are priced
equally within a given MetaFrame XP family member, the linear pricing model
makes it easier for customers to forecast IT expenditures and determine
optimal usage of their IT budgets.

Existing Subscription Advantage customers receive one of the Citrix
MetaFrame XP family members automatically at no additional charge.
Additionally customers purchasing MetaFrame 1.8 with Subscription Advantage
prior to May 15, 2001 will also receive one of the Citrix MetaFrame XP
family members at no additional charge.

For new customers, connection licenses are priced as follows:
* Citrix MetaFrame XPs: $290 per connection with Subscription
Advantage; $250 without Subscription Advantage
* Citrix MetaFrame XPa: $345 per connection with Subscription
Advantage; $300 without Subscription Advantage
* Citrix MetaFrame XPe: $400 per connection with Subscription
Advantage; $350 without Subscription Advantage

Customers purchase one "MetaFrame XP Starter System" per organisation, which
includes the MetaFrame XP server media, the license to install the software
on as many servers as necessary throughout the entire organisation, and the
first 20 connection licenses. The Starter System price is calculated by
multiplying the appropriate MetaFrame XP connection license price by the
initial 20 base connection licenses.


The key features and functionality of Citrix MetaFrame XP address three
major areas: manageability and scale, leverage of the Net, and flexibility.

Manageability and Scale - Systems, Applications and Users
* Citrix Management Console (CMC)
Citrix' new management console simplifies Citrix MetaFrame XP server
management by providing easy, single-point command and control of the entire
server farm including servers, licenses, applications, printers and users,
from any location.
* Application Packaging and Delivery
This feature includes installation capabilities, such as support for
unattended installs, customisable project details and packager rollback,
that ease the burden of installing or uninstalling applications on servers
in large server farms by automating the process with centralised
configuration and delivery.
* Advanced Load Management
To scale Citrix servers more easily and cost-effectively to support
thousands of users across multiple servers, advanced load management
provides the ability to customise load-balancing rules to maximise server
resources based on any application and user environment.
* Centralised Printer and License Management
These features are key to simplifying the administration of printer drivers
and all Citrix product and user licenses - all from a central point.
* Active Directory Support
Added support for Active Directory provides the ability to publish
applications to Active Directory users and groups, and share and manage
information about network resources and users - saving time and simplifying
logon process.

Total NET Leverage - Integration, Personalisation and Control
* Citrix NFuse
Citrix NFuse integrates existing and customised applications into any
standard Web browser instantly, without rewriting a single line of code.
Utilising NFuse is the fastest way to provide single-point access to
applications and content information through any device that supports a
standard Web browser.
* Support for Corporate Portals
This feature enables organisations to provide users in any location with
seamless, centralised access to applications and content.
* Web-based Client Install
This feature allows for the fast and simple deployment of the ICA® client,
automatically identifying the platform a user is on and offering to
instantly download the appropriate client.
* Citrix MetaFrame XP Server Backup
Enabled through automatic server backup in the event that the designated
Citrix MetaFrame XP server fails, this feature improves application
availability and provides a seamless user experience across the enterprise,
as well as a higher level of fault tolerance.

Ultimate Flexibility - Any Application, Any Device, Any Net Connection
* Seamless Windows
By integrating both local and remote applications into a local Windows
desktop, the user's experience is seamless - affording the choice between
the local and remote applications on the task bar.
* Client Time Zone Support
This new feature allows applications operating on a Citrix MetaFrame XP
server to run in the context of each user's local time zone so that accurate
times can be documented for e-mail and other personal manager applications.
* Access to Local System Resources
By automating access to all local drives and devices, organisations can
leverage all their local resources including printers and Personal Digital
Assistants (PDAs).

About Citrix MetaFrame
Citrix MetaFrame application server software is enabling organisations to
achieve "Digital Independence" from the high cost and complexity of
traditional computing by transforming the way they deploy, manage and access
business applications across the extended enterprise. MetaFrame extends the
functionality of Microsoft Windows NT® Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
and Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services, as well as UNIX operating
systems. It provides enterprise application management for increased
scalability, deployment and simplified application support, Web enablement
of applications via Citrix NFuse application portal software, and universal
application access to users in any location, on any device, over any network
connection - wireless to Web.

About Citrix
Citrix Systems, Inc. is a global leader in application server software and
services that offer "Digital Independence" - the ability to run any
application on any device over any connection, wireless to Web. Citrix
solutions enable organisations of all types, from major enterprises to
emerging application service providers (ASPs), to reach more users, with
more applications, in more locations - and achieve this with greater speed
and predictability, and lower costs. Citrix offerings, including MetaFrame
application server software, NFuse application portal software and
Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), a core application-server
technology, have been widely adopted by the corporate mainstream to achieve
key business goals. The firm, which markets its solutions through
value-added resellers, system integrators and OEM licensees, is
headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Citrix is traded on The Nasdaq Stock
MarketSM under the symbol CTXS and is part of the Standard & Poor's 500
Index. For more information, please visit the Citrix Web site at

For Citrix Investors
This release contains forward-looking statements which are made pursuant to
the safe harbor provisions of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of
1934. The forward-looking statements in this release do not constitute
guarantees of future performance. Investors are cautioned that statements in
this press release which are not strictly historical statements, including,
without limitation, statements regarding current or future financial
performance, management's plans and objectives for future operations,
product plans and performance, management's assessment of market factors, as
well as statements regarding the strategy and plans of the company and its
strategic partners, constitute forward-looking statements. Such
forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and
uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from
those anticipated by the forward-looking statements, including, without
limitation, risks associated with the following: the success of the
company's MetaFrame product line and the acceptance of the company's ICA
protocol; the company's ability to develop and commercialise new products
and services; the company's success in expanding into new geographic
markets, the company's ability to expand its core business in large
enterprise accounts, the company's ability to succeed in the transition to a
paper/electronic licensing model; the size, timing and recognition of
revenue from significant orders; increased competition, including potential
competition from Microsoft and other companies; the results of the company's
iBusiness and other new licensing programs; the rate of growth of the ASP
market; and the company's ability to continue to develop and market products
to meet the requirements of this market; the proportion of revenues derived
from distributors, OEMs and other channels; changes in the company's pricing
policies or those of its competitors, including Microsoft; the costs of
developing, acquiring, or integrating new technologies or enhancements to
existing products; the company's reliance upon its strategic relationships
with Microsoft and other strategic partners; management of growth; the
possibility of undetected software errors; dependence on proprietary
technology; risks that the company's branding campaign will not enhance the
company's business or results in the manner anticipated; as well as risks of
downturns in economic conditions generally, and in the software industry
specifically, and risks associated with competition and competitive pricing
pressures and other risks detailed in the company's filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. Citrix assumes no obligation to update
any forward-looking information in this press release or with respect to the
announcements described herein.


Citrix®, ICA®, MetaFrameTM, NFuseTM, MetaFrame XPTM, Citrix Solutions
Network(tm), SecureICA(tm), and Digital IndependenceTM are registered
trademarks or trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. in the U.S. and other
Countries. Microsoft®, Windows®, and Windows NT® are registered trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation. UNIX® is a registered trademark of The Open Group
in the United States and other countries. Linux® is a registered trademark
of Linus Torvalds. Macintosh® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer,
Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their
respective owners.

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