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Establishes SLA Leadership Position with Enhanced Service Levels extended to Europe

LONDON - February 20, 2001 - Cable & Wireless (NYSE: CWP), the global
telecommunications group, today announced enhanced service level
agreements (SLAs) for its dedicated high-speed Internet services through
its global Internet Protocol (IP) network (AS3561).

With the new SLAs, Cable & Wireless offers customers of its Internet
Access and services the industry's lowest network latency for
traffic carried on its network within the US, Europe and for
Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific traffic. With an average monthly
roundtrip of 55 milliseconds (ms) for intra-US traffic, the new Cable &
Wireless SLA offers latency levels at least 5 ms faster than that of its
nearest competitor.*

These new SLAs mean that customers can be sure of the highest quality
performance to support their mission critical applications, particularly
customers with fast download times and high bandwidth requirements such as
application service providers, large enterprises and multimedia streaming

Cable & Wireless also announced today that its international dedicated
high-speed Internet access service, known as, has been extended
to include the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Holland, Italy,
Norway, France, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland., previously
only available to customers in the US and Japan, provides carriers,
service providers and large enterprises with high speed, reliable, cost
effective access to Cable & Wireless' single global IP network (AS3561).

"Cable & Wireless is committed to deliver the industry's most advanced IP
network infrastructure in the world and backing up the performance of our
network with the industry's leading SLAs," said Mike McTighe, CEO Global
Operations, Cable & Wireless. "To support our goal to be the leading
global provider of IP services and solutions to business customers, we are
close to putting in place a single global IP network to more cost
effectively deliver services and value-added solutions for our customers,
with an ultimate goal of delivering a single global quality of service."

The new SLAs are now available to all new customers of Cable & Wireless'
Internet Access and services that receive connectivity through
the company's global IP network (AS3561) in the US, UK, Belgium, Denmark,
Germany, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, France, Spain, Sweden and
Switzerland, and Japan.

Cable & Wireless' SLAs include the following:

· Average monthly roundtrip latency for traffic within Cable & Wireless'
network backbone of:

· 55 milliseconds Intra-US traffic

· 60 milliseconds Intra-Europe traffic

· 100 milliseconds for Trans-Atlantic traffic (New York - London)

· 130 milliseconds for Trans-Pacific traffic (San Francisco - Tokyo)

· 100% network availability (If 100% availability is not maintained, Cable
& Wireless shall provide a one day credit whenever service is unavailable
for 10 or more consecutive minutes.)

· Average monthly network-wide packet loss of no more than 1 percent

* Cable & Wireless' new SLAs deliver the industry's lowest network latency
within the US, Europe and Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific traffic:

Cable & Wireless:

Intra-US - 55ms

Intra-Europe - 60ms

Trans Atlantic - 100ms

Trans Pacific - 130ms


Intra-US - 60ms

Intra-Europe - N/A

Trans Atlantic - 120ms

Trans Pacific - N/A


Intra-US - 65ms

Intra-Europe - 65ms

Trans Atlantic - 110ms

Trans Pacific - 170ms


Intra-US - 65ms

Intra-Europe - N/A

Trans Atlantic - N/A

Trans Pacific - N/A


Intra-US - 70ms

Intra-Europe - N/A

Trans Atlantic - N/A

Trans Pacific - N/A


Intra-US - 65ms

Intra-Europe - 65ms

Trans Atlantic - 120ms

Trans Pacific - N/A

Source: Company Web Sites

Online Network Performance

Cable & Wireless provides online real-time reporting of its network
performance at, which provide statistics on node-to-node
latency and packet loss across Cable & Wireless' global IP network.
Customers also receive password-protected access to online monthly port
utilization reports.

Customer Credits

Cable & Wireless backs the new SLAs with competitive customer compensation
credits. Customers receive one-day pro-rated credit of the monthly
recurring port charge if service is down for more than 10 minutes. If
service is down for more than one hour, customers receive one-day
pro-rated credit for each full hour of downtime. In the event that Cable
& Wireless fails to meet the average monthly network-wide latency and/or
one percent packet loss service levels, the customer is entitled to a
three-day pro-rated credit of the monthly recurring port charge. The
maximum credit available to customers has been adjusted to seven days per
month to reflect an improved policy.


The new SLAs are available immediately in the US, UK, Belgium, Denmark,
Germany, Finland, Holland, Italy, Norway, France, Spain, Sweden and
Switzerland. In Japan, the new SLA will be available after February 23,
2001. The SLAs are available to new customers of Cable & Wireless Internet
Access and services, including 56 Kbps, T-1, E-1, T-3, DS-3,
STM-1, STM-4, OC-3, and OC-12 access speeds.

About delivers access to Cable & Wireless' global IP network and is a
high-speed backbone IP service for carriers, Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) and multinational corporations that require speedy, reliable and
cost effective connectivity. currently offers direct access to
the Cable & Wireless global IP infrastructure via local, national or
international circuits to one of 49 nodes worldwide across the U.S.,
Europe and the Pacific Rim. This will grow 84 nodes later in 2001.

About Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless is a major global telecommunications business with
revenue of over £9 billion (US$ 14 billion) in the year to 31 March 2000
and customers in 70 countries. Its operations around the world offer a
full range of telecommunications services. Cable & Wireless' focus for
future growth is on IP (Internet protocol) and data services and solutions
for business customers. It is developing advanced IP networks and
value-added services in Japan, the US, Europe and the UK in support of
this strategy. With the capability of its global IP infrastructure and
its strength in key markets. Cable & Wireless holds a unique position in
terms of global coverage and services to business customers. For more
information about Cable & Wireless, go to

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