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…Symbol Technologies demonstrates its breadth of range, from tiny keyring
scanner to wireless WANs across the enterprise…

Symbol Technologies has united with 13 of its business partners to
showcase a broad range of wireless and mobile solutions at CeBIT this
year. Highlights include: a unique shopping application for German retail
giant Karstadt Warenhaus AG; the introduction of a consumer scanner small
enough to hang on a keyring; and a demonstration of a new Spectrum 24Ò
client bridge that services customers on the retail sales floor and
simultaneously controls inventory behind the scenes, wirelessly.

For the first time, Press visiting the stand will have the opportunity to
meet and talk to Symbol's President and CEO, Tomo Razmilovic. Appointed
last year, Tomo Razmilovic is one of the few Europeans to lead a blue-chip
US company. For the first two days of the show Tomo, along with key
members of his executive team, will be available for interview.

Karstadt - a groundbreaking retail system

Major German retailer Karstadt's latest scanning and wireless technology
installation explores an entirely new way of performing real-time supply
chain management, at the same time generating considerable savings in time
and money.

The system uses Symbol's extensive voice and data wireless local area
network, including voice-over-IP (Internet Protocol) NetVisionÒ Data
Phones and the M2000 - the next generation of handheld laser bar code
scanners. This technology will be installed in 73 0f Karstadt's 208 German
stores by the end of this year.

CB 1000 - the new client bridge

Symbol's 802.11 and 802.11b (WiFi Ô) wireless standards-based client
bridge for 2Mbps Frequency Hopping (FH) or 11Mbps Direct Sequence (DS)
wireless LAN infrastructures will be demonstrated at the Show. The CB
1000, when installed with Spectrum24® wireless LAN adapters, extends
wireless connectivity to normally wired equipment, such as POS systems,
printers, scales and manufacturing machinery, through industry-standard
Ethernet or serial port connections.

CS 1504 - Consumer Memory Scanner

This tiny scanner attaches to a keyring and enables customers to capture
bar codes on retail merchandise, create a shopping list, purchase an item
or link to the web for more product information. When used with an
Internet/intranet store kiosk, the CS 1504 doubles as an in-store,
mobile-shopping tool. It's the ideal portable device to scan traditional
bar codes and the new class of web codes, Scanlets™, as demonstrated
recently by AirClic.

Symbol introduces new range of 360-degree scanners

The Magellan SL SlimLine Scanner/Scale is part of Symbol's new family of
full 360-degree scanners. Compact, versatile and reliable for high-volume
POS environments, it sets a new standard for supermarkets, hypermarkets
and mass merchandisers. While some dual-plane scanners have blind spots,
the Magellan SL simultaneously reads the bottom and all sides of items. It
features enhanced optical design and advanced decoding software has
specifications to fit virtually every counter space.

On the spot customer service with Symbol's MicroKiosk™ MK 1000
The MK 1000 is the latest advance in interactive, automated customer
self-service terminal from Symbol. The new device is designed to enable
customers to obtain up-to-date prices, product description, frequent
shopper and special promotional price information simply by scanning an
item's bar code.

The MK 1000 is designed to be mounted on a shelf or pole for convenient
consumer access and, in addition to checking prices, can also be used as a
'billboard' to feature text messages and graphics promoting seasonal sales
and forthcoming events.

The intuitive MK 1000 has a large, easy-to-read screen and its direct link
to a store's computer system over existing Ethernet, serial Spectrum 24®
Wireless LANs means that customers have access to current information. The
MK 1000 is the beginning of the end of frustrating delays and confusion
over pricing, at the same time eliminating the need for time-consuming
manual price checking by retail staff.

The tough VRC 7900 makes its first entrance

Also making its debut appearance during CeBIT is Symbol's VRC 7900 series
of Vehicle Radio Computers, specifically engineered for maximum durability
and designed for use in the demanding environments of distribution centres
and factory floors.

The new VRC 7900 terminal enables operators to capture data on the factory
or warehouse floor and wirelessly download it in real-time to a host
computer. Fast two-way communications enables work instructions and
information updates to be exchanged quickly, speeding up processes and
bringing productivity gains.

The versatile VRC 7900 supports real-time receiving, tracking, put-away,
picking and shipping applications particularly valuable for logistics and
warehouse system management customers. It combines mobile computing with
printers and similar accessories while using the latest wireless LAN
connectivity to interface with a host computer. The advance design of the
terminal supports Spectrum 24® 2Mbps and 11 Mbps data rate radios and
makes it capable of using emerging technologies such as Java.

Upgraded Products

Symbol is also introducing a number of upgrades to existing products
during CeBIT. These include:

· PPT 2800 - replacing the PPT 2700 with the addition of the following
leading-edge features to the Microsoft Pocket PC family:

· 206MHz performance

· High visibility display

· 32M/32M memory

· Local language versions

· SPT1550 - replacing the SPT1500 with the following enhancements:

· Upgraded from Palm OS 3.5 to OS 4.0

· Twice the speed

· 4/8 + 8/8 memory configurations

· Improved display

· New plastic colour

· Recharging option

· SPT1800 - replacing the SPT 1700 with the following enhancements:

· Upgraded from Palm OS 3.5 to OS 4.0

· Twice the speed

· 4/8, 8/16 memory configurations

· Improved display

· Backup battery

· Voice over GSM worldwide

· Non-incendive (non-explosive) - US Class 1, Div 2 ABCD

Relax at the NetVision Café

Symbol and its partners invite visitors to relax and enjoy tea, coffee or
a milkshake at their wireless cafe where fast service is courtesy of the
NetVision Data Phone ordering systems. Guests scan bar codes and send
their order direct to a laptop in the kitchen service area for the fastest
service at CeBIT.

Symbol Executives at CeBIT

In addition to President and CEO Tomo Razmilovic, a number of Symbol
executives will be available speak with the press during the first two
days of the Show, including:

· Frank Borghese, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Worldwide Sales
and Services

· Stanley P. Jaworski, Vice President & General Manager, Worldwide Channel
& Alliances

· Risto S. Hakanen, Vice President, International Marketing

· Markus Krebs, Managing Director, Symbol Technologies, GmbH

· John Vaccaro, Vice President, Mobile & Wireless Systems

Exhibiting Partners


3n consult + organice GmbH

belenus GmbH

Bruck Technologies GmbH

Data Elektronik GmbH

Heyde AG Abt. SC-ASP

IND Mobile Datensysteme GmbH

Intertrade A.F. GmbH & Co KG

NCC Nöthen Computer Center GmbH

Peak Technologies GmbH

S&P Computersysteme GmbH Systemhaus fur Logistik

Systemhaus 2000 GmbH

TBN Identifikation und Netzwerke GmbH

About Symbol

Symbol Technologies, winner of the USA National Medal of Technology, is a
global leader in mobile data transaction systems, providing innovative
customer solutions based on wireless local area networking for data and
voice, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture.
Symbol's wireless information appliances connect the physical world of
people on the move, packages, paper and shipping pallets, to information
systems and the Internet. Today, some 10 million Symbol bar code
scanners, mobile computers and wireless LANs are utilised worldwide in
markets ranging from retailing to transportation and distribution
logistics, manufacturing, parcel and postal delivery, government,
healthcare and education. Symbol's systems and products are used to
increase productivity from the factory floor to the retail store, to the
enterprise and out to the home. Information about Symbol is available at

Media Contacts:

Karen Daniell/Rebecca Irani

Brodeur Worldwide

+ 44 (0) 1753 790700



Helen Rigby

Symbol Technologies EMEA

+ 44(0) 118 9457427

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