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New convergence technology delivers voice-grade quality for telco backbones, without CPU burden

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Quality and reliability issues surrounding Voice over IP (VoIP) have been addressed by industry-leader, Adax, with the introduction of new convergence technology to provide voice-grade quality and integrity for IP-based telephony. Adax, whose signaling products lie at the heart of telecoms systems from giants such as Alcatel, Ericsson, Lucent and Nortel, has added SCTP/T to its portfolio of protocol software.

SCTP is one of the latest Internet Engineering Task Force defined protocols (IETF RFC 2960) and is a part of the SIGTRAN stack. The Adax implementation of SCTP for telecom, SCTP/T, not only conforms to IETF standards, it proactively addresses all the application concerns brought up in the IETF Applicability Statement of December 2000*. SCTP/T includes many enhanced features that ensure superior performance in the transport of telephony signaling over IP.

"We believe in SCTP/T we have a superior product," said Robin Kent, Director of European operations at Adax. "We invite the market to scrutinise the technical capabilities of SCTP/T and its related hardware, and see how it can provide high quality and reliability convergence, enhancing competitive advantage."

With the introduction of SCTP/T, Adax customers can now build convergence gateways and softswitches, based on Adax’ HDC and ATM hardware, allowing customers to process traffic over T1, E1, OC3/STM-1, channelised T1/E1, and Ethernet interfaces.

SCTP/T operations are split between the kernel and the on-board processor(s), with the on-board processor taking over the cumbersome computational processes such as heartbeat processing, path-failure detection, Adler/32 bit checksum and CRC calculations, encryption, non-repudiation, and authentication. This split-level arrangement alleviates the burden on the telco server's CPU, giving enhanced performance, reliability and service.

SCTP/T is available for Adax’ PCI and cPCI versions of the HDC and ATM boards. An implementation with both HDC and ATM boards is capable of handling highly demanding telecommunications applications processing combinations of LAPB/D/V5, PPP, Frame Relay, X.25, SS7/MTP-2, Transparent PCM mode, SSCF-NNI, SSCOP, ATM, and SCTP/IP simultaneously. With user payload being downloaded through multiple channel/data streams, incidents of head-of-line blocking are minimised.

About Adax Europe Ltd
For nearly 20 years Adax has been laying the foundations for wide area communications applications and services. The company provides signaling solutions for the world's leading companies, including Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Hughes and Siemens.

Adax has built a product set based on open systems standards, modular design and a common API. This combination has made Adax the industry leader in high performance wide area communications and signaling infrastructure to premier datacom and telecom companies.

The Adax range of hardware and software tools for convergence in signaling networks enable OEMs and Integrators to quickly and efficiently build communications solutions for the Wide Area. Typical application areas for Adax products include Signaling, VoIP, WAP and Media Gateways; GGSN and SGSN nodes for GPRS and 3G; Intelligent Networks; Base Station Control; Billing Mediation.

Adax Europe Ltd is based at 1, Southview Park, Caversham, Reading, Berks RG4 5AF. United Kingdom. Tel: + 44 (0) 118 948 4444. Fax: +44 (0) 118 946 4922. Web: Email:


Peter Linton
Media Link
T: +44 118 984 3386
Harriet Aiton
Adax Europe Ltd
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* "Telephony Signalling Transport over SCTP applicability statement", Lode Coene, 11/20/2000.

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