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Story One - The rise of the Corporate Vigilante - 70% of companies who
have suffered a hack attack say they would fight back - according to a
survey from Will corporates take the law into their own
hands and hire "Information Brokers" to hunt down the hacker? According
to the men in the know it looks that way. According to Bob Ayers, former
Head of the Information Warfare Programme for the US, together with
Professor Peter Sommer (defence lawyer to the hacking fraternity) and
Commodore Pat Tyrrell - Deputy Chief Executive of the UK Defence
Communication Services Agency - you are very much out in the cold when
it comes to protecting your organisation from a cyberattack! This is
the subject of their keynote presentation on the afternoon of Thursday
26th April at Infosecurity Europe.

Story Two - The Web@Work survey compares the habits and attitudes of
workers using the web at work for non-work related activities across
France, Germany, UK and Italy. It reveals EMPLOYERS ARE PAYING THE PRICE
FOR NET ADDICTION - Nearly 90 percent of employees feel the Internet can
be addictive - and 41 percent admit to personal surfing at work for more
than three hours per week. Full details released at a Press Briefing
during Infosecurity - 11am, 24th April.

Story Three - Internet ethics for Parents and Kids. Winn Schwartau has
just released his book on guidelines for kids when surfing the net.
Topics include: how should parents tackle the issue of chat-rooms, being
discreet with who your kids communicate with and how do you make sure
your kids don't get into hacking? The book is written for parents, kids
and teachers. Author available for interviews now by phone or on Tues
24th April or Wednesday 25th at Infosecurity. See

Story Four - National security secrets have gone missing after an
official left their laptop in the back of a taxi - according to The
Mirror on Monday 16th April. The Department of Justice in the US will
never have this problem as they use one of the toughest encryption and
access control products on the market by Pointsec, making all
information useless to anyone in the wrong hands. This technology has
just been released for PDA's which can now hold 10,000 personal or
company addresses, 400 e-mail messages and 3000 documents with notes
attached. PDA's are as easy to steal as a mobile phone, which amounts to
15,000 mobile phones stolen every month in the UK, according to the
Federation of Communication Services, PDA's being used by staff could
potentially be a problem for companies. "Pointsec for Palm OS" can be
seen at Infosecurity Europe 2001.

24-26 April 2001 - National Hall - Olympia

This newsletter is designed to give journalists a brief summary of
what's happening at Infosecurity Europe 2001, and lists new products and
potential stories as well as details of the Press Briefings which are
happening in the Press Office. Each day you are invited to attend the
Press Lunch in the Press Office, sponsored by Cisco, where they will
raffle a Cisco Aironet kit, allowing you to build a wireless LAN either
at home or in the office. One of these will be raffled each day and
available to all press who visit the Press Office and leave their card
in our little box. The PRESS OFFICE is situated on the Gallery of the
National Hall.

Press Briefings Tuesday 24th April
There will be a number of press announcements in the Press Briefing
Room, which is situated along from the Press Office on the Gallery of
the National Hall. Each session lasts for around 50 minutes - you are
invited to join any of these sessions and include:

10.00 - 11am - Ubizen will announce an exciting B2B application security
solution. They will also also run a joint press conference on April 25,
at 11 a.m talk to Ubizen (along w/Qualys) about their. -- exciting
product and customer announcements planned!

11.00 - 12.00pm - Websense present the FULL results of their Web@Work
Survey (which has already created quite a stir). It looks at the
attitudes and habits of workers using the web at work and compares the
UK with France, Italy, and Germany. Staggering findings reveal that
staff who access the internet at work spend over 3 hours a week surfing
it for non-work related activities and 89% of people feel the internet
is addictive. Geoff Haggart VP of Websense in Europe will reveal the
whole story, together with Pete Cape of Taylor Nelson Sofres - who
conducted the research.

12.00 - 1pm - Check Point Vice President, Carol Stone, will make the
worldwide announcement detailing the next generation Virtual Private
Network (VPN) designed for broad adoption throughout corporations around
the globe. She will be joined by an industry analyst and a Check Point
customer for further perspective. All will be available for interviews
after the press conference.


1.45 - 2.50pm The "Digital Identity Roundtable" hosted by E-Business
Review. With security becoming a key e-business enabler for
organisations, Digital Identity looks set to become the most significant
piece of the e-business security jigsaw. Digital Identity has now been
raised to the top of the agenda for any company looking to implement a
fully enabled e-business infrastructure. This roundtable, hosted by
David Bicknell, Managing Editor of E-Business Review, sets out how
Digital Identity is now easily accessible and implemented by both multi-
national organisations and SMEs. Representatives from leading e-business
solutions providers and users, including ActivCard, Lloyds TSB and BT
Ignite will be participating in the debate, and fielding questions from
an audience of journalists and e-business experts.

3.00 - 4.00pm AddTrust, First to Deliver a Packaged Service for
Qualified Certificates! Qualified Certificates, being the foundation
for legal electronic signatures in Europe compliant with the new EU
directive, will have a great impact on secure transactions and
communication over the internet. Hear more about this in their

4.00 - 5pm - MySpace will explain how they can help on security issues
within banking and finance. They will also explain why and when this
level of security is necessary.

On Wednesday 25th April

11 - 12pm - Barron McCann are launching their X-Kryptor dynamic VPN
solution. Dynamic VPN technology provides an innovative solution to the
problem of how to leverage the security and authentication features of
VPN's for secure remote working and intra-business communications.
Discover the facilities and benefits of Dynamic VPN presented by Peter
Alderson - Security Specialist - Barron McCann.


Access Research Technologies - Stand G036 is a new company, which
promises to propel the security industry into the 21st Century. They
will be unveiling 'Access Denied', a force-field technology which
ensures network protection by controlling the very communication
channels (IP) which often carries critical data to potential hackers.
The force-field technology within Access Denied ensures intrusion
attempts are pre-empted and repelled, before any rogue connection is
ever established across an open network.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems - Stand 140 - a global leader in the field of
Internet content and software security, will show its latest eSafe
Gateway 3.02 and eSafe Mail solutions and eToken PRO, the next
generation portable USB-based PKI authentication and signing device.

Articon-Integralis - Stand 646 has used its position as Europe's leading
provider of IT security solutions to create an alliance between two
market leading Intrusion Detection System (IDS) specialists,CyberSafe
and NetworkICE. This alliance has created CentraxICE, a state-of-the-
art IDS tool, without equal in the market. CentraxICE will be sold by
companies in the Articon-Integralis Group, including Allasso and

Baltimore Technologies - Stand 366 introduces UniCERT Certificate
Deployment System, a Simplified and Automated e-Security Solution for
Service Providers.

Biodata - Stand G010 is showing the new ATM High Speed Platform, Biodata
BroadCipher as well as SPHINX software, a personal firewall for the home
-user. Biodata PCFire, the enterprise version with VPN and remote
management support will also be available to view.

The British Computer Society - Stand G118 maintains a Security Register
of experienced security practitioners who have been interviewed by their
peers and have demonstrated the extent of their knowledge. It is free
and intended as the prime source of information for all those seeking
professional advice based on proven experience in the security field.

BSI - Stand G180 will promote the new TickIT Special Business Scheme.
The scheme is a more affordable way for small businesses and small
internal sections of larger companies to achieve TickIT. TickIT is about
improving the quality of software and its application using the
internationally accepted ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

Cable & Wireless - Stand G230 will be demonstrating its new PKI
solution. One of the industry's first global managed PKI solution for
IP-VPNs, Cable & Wireless PKI is designed to give a mobile workforce
fully secure access to its corporate network via the Internet from
anywhere in the world. Cable & Wireless has integrated products from
Baltimore Technologies, RSA Security and Nortel Networks to offer
customers the benefits of PKI technology, whilst eliminating
implementation and maintenance issues with a fully managed service.

Certicom - Stand G022 a leading provider of mobile e-business security
announce the availability of movianVPNâ„¢, the industry's first virtual
private network (VPN) client for wireless devices that provides end-to-
end security by interoperating with multiple industry leading VPN

CESG - Stand 346 in response to demand from public sector organisations
for a fast, reliable and more targeted evaluation service for Infosec
products, CESG is launching the Fast Track Assessment [FTA] Service at
Infosecurity 2001. FTA is a less formal means of assessing Infosec
products than the ITsec Scheme or Common Criteria, and has been designed
to achieve very significant cost and time savings.

CI Solutions - Stand G038 offer Wipe It which helps to delete sensitive
or confidential data permanently from hard drives or floppy disks, and
will show their newly acquired global patent for EDI encryption.

Counterpane Internet Security Inc - Stand G056 provides Managed Security
Monitoring services, enabling e-business to be conducted safely. The
services include 24/7 monitoring, as well as real-time penetration
detection and response with expert human interface.

Conclusive - stand G075 is a leading vendor of PKI management software.
Their Open PKI technology has broken the barriers to the widespread
adoption of PKI as a means of authenticating communications across the
Internet and maintaining end-to-end data confidentiality. Open PKI is
one of the unique aspects of Conclusive's approach, see their stand for

Control Break International (CBI) - Stand G074 launch SafeBoot 4 which
has a corporate database which represents a new dimension in client
control through file deployment, dynamic configuration of user and
machine groupings, scalable architecture and remote password

Cryptic Software - Stand G024 will be showcasing their leading intrusion
and abuse prevention tool CyberSight â„¢ which has catalogued more than
265 categories of threat including tools that allow damage to your
system or generate network traffic, let users watch your screens from
remote machines, and hide information or files. Crucially CyberSightâ„¢
detects the tools that hackers use before they can be implemented.

CMG Admiral - Stand 545 offers end to end security solutions at all
stages of a security strategy from policy formation, design and
development to implementation, management, forensic investigation and
awareness. Learn how they make a companies security mission possible
and enjoy a "race" on the CMC Admiral motor bike for the chance to have
your own high performance car for a day and other prizes!

DERA on Stand 602 features an innovative range of products and services,
ranging from SWIPSY, the reconfigurable firewall toolkit, to DERA's 24x7
managed Intrusion Detection Service, managed by an expert team of
information security specialists. Also on show will be Sybar::Mail -
software that provides the ultimate protection for your organisation's
e-mail infrastructure.

Easy i - Stand 100 - will be demonstrating how to minimise the risk of
information security breaches by training the people that pose the
biggest threat to an organisation - their employees! Get your free
demonstration copies of the latest computer/web-based information
security and data protection awareness programs, and visit the resident
caricaturist at work at selected times throughout the show.

Entegrity Solutions - Stand 216 will be available to discuss its
AssureAccess access management solution for B2B e-commerce security.

Entercept Security Technologies on stand G106 (formerly ClickNet
software) specialises in server and web application security, for
Windows NT, 200 and Sun Solaris. It has recently announced $33 million
funding from investors including Intel, Dell and Sun Microsystems.
Entercept 2.0 prevents attacks to the operating system and web server,
its applications and files.

Entact Information Security GmbH - Stand GO42 will show ENTACT! Security
Administration and Management suite which consolidates and automates
critical administrative functions within and between organisations.

EnterNet Technologies - Stand G204 Proprietary products are oriented
towards firewall and VPN solutions. The EnterNet Firewall does not
require an operating system, has an extremely high throughput - 500
Mb/s. The compact technology kernel is also suitable for OEM licences.

EEMA - Stand 200 Find out about EEMA's pki Challenge (pkiC) - a large-
scale, European Commission-funded project aiming to solve
interoperability issues surrounding PKI technology. Attend Frank
Jorissen's EEMA seminar slot on Tuesday in room 2 at 13:30 to find out

Datakey Inc. (Nasdaq: DKEY; - Stand 625 will show CIP
Thin product for thin client and terminal server environments, which is
now available for integration with Citrix® MetaFrame™ solutions.

Ernst & Young - Stand G020 will demonstrate eSecurityOnline, a security
portal which distils the mass of information to your specific tailored
needs along with the latest research, solutions and diagnostic tools.

Eutron - Stand 750 announces POCKETREADER, the first International
patented pocket smartcard reader in the world, an absolute innovation
aimed at combining portability of the USB security token with the
smartcard support.

F-Secure - Stand 470 will be showcasing its distributed firewall
solution, and SSH for Windows, giving secure remote access to Windows
environments. The company will also be demonstrating its advanced,
integrated strong data encryption, virtual private networking and multi-
component anti-virus products.

Gemplus - Stand 660 are announcing the latest version of GemSAFEâ„¢
Enterprise a corporate security solution to secure network applications
and data transactions. The solution safeguards privacy by providing
controls over authentication and access. New features include multiple
PKI support, an enhanced card management system, remote diagnostics and
maintenance, and local printing and personalisation of cards locally.

GlobalSign Stand G016 has signed a Strategic Licensing ProgramTM
including the implementation of MyVirtualCATM, a customised PKI
solution, with E-Telbank, a daughter of Telbank (Polish banks
consortium). Furthermore, it has launched its MobileSignTM product to
secure any data transmitted via wireless devices (WTLS-encryption).

GFI Informatics - Stand 310 How Secure is Your Information? Find out on
their stand where their interactive questionnaire will give you instant
feedback on how secure your network is plus, you'll have the opportunity
to win the services of a Security Consultant for a day in their free
prize draw.

Global Secure Systems - Stand 370 will be showing Version 3.1.3 of the
GB-1000 Firewall Appliance and GNAT Box software is now available. New
features include high availability routing and redundancy, GNAT Box VPN
Client for remote users and encryption of stored configuration data.
Advanced time synchronisation and enhanced secure email proxy are also
new for this release.

GTC - Stand G244 announce the launch of GTC Safe Attachment, a safe and
simple way to send encrypted attachments by e-mail, aimed for private
users and enterprises. The software is free of charge for non-commercial

HarrierZeuros Ltd - Stand 230 - invite you to the experience of a
lifetime as their ringmaster whips through interactive performances
covering security management, managed services and a total risk
management solution. They will have a stargazer's grotto which will
tell people what the future holds without a HarrierZeuros security

Hush Communications - Stand 290 have introduced the PGP compliant Hush
SDK an integration kit for developers in the legal, financial and
medical businesses and HushMail Professional an add-on that protects
electronic communications without requiring you to change your current
email software. The introduction of OpenPGP technology as a competitive
standard has blown open the security infrastructure market.

IBSL Technologies - Stand G240 has released a new version of Security
Centre for Windows NT/2000 networks. The company took over the product
from Braintree Development at the start of the year. It offers a new
user friendly interface, compatibility with Windows 2000 and extensive
additional functionality over previous versions. Security Centric is a
tool for managing all aspects of the security of Windows NT networks.
It's portfolio of major blue chip clients includes companies from the
banking, finance and government.

Icognito - Stand G186 has developed a leading edge technology,
Artificial Content Recognition (ACR), which can understand and
categorise information.PureSight, iCognito's revolutionary solution for
Internet Access Management, allows ISPs to provide their customers with
the most effective and accurate Internet filtering solution available.

Identix on Stand 600 will be announcing a new fingerprint reader. This
new fingerprint reader utilises the very latest sensor technology, the
DFR300 developed in collaboration with Motorola. It has a small form
factor and takes advantage of the USB interface for ease of connection.
Coupled with the BioLogon software this new 'BioTouch' fingerprint
reader offers the latest in biometric security for Microsoft and Novell

Information Security Architects Stand G114 announces the launch of MSS
version 2.1 Information Security Architects' Managed Security Services
framework which is based upon the MSS technology suite. It is one of
the few product suites in the world designed to change the management
paradigm from a reactive to a proactive process. MSS version 2.1
incorporates enhanced e-business continuity management and
infrastructure monitoring components, which offer an administrator
greater control over the enterprise-wide security infrastructure.

Iridian Technologies Inc. - Stand 298 a leading biometrics company and
exclusive developer of iris recognition technology, releases its
groundbreaking network and information security product, Authenticam â„¢
Iris recognition patent scaled down for the desktop with entry level
costing £175. The iris is more unique than DNA. The product is non
intrusive as it works from 18 inches away from the eye and works with
glasses & contact lenses. It eliminates the need for passwords. A
strategic alliance has been arranged with Panasonic to manufacture,
distribute and market Authenticam.

Internetworking Strategies Ltd - Stand 650 announce the UK launch of
PrivaWallä Secure E-mail software from Israeli manufacturer, Aliroo
Limited. PrivaWallä is an Enterprise Secure Messaging server that
automatically and transparently encrypts, digitally signs, decrypts and
anti-virus scans the organisation's incoming and outgoing e-mail
traffic. The system is policy-based, allowing differing encryption
methods according to recipient.

iT_SEC iT_Security Ltd - Stand 300 is a leading provider of certificate
and smartcard-based security software products. iT_SEC smartcard and
token management systems offer major organisations efficient handling
and administration of smartcards and tokens.

Kaspersky Lab - Stand 670 will be showing Anti-Virus Business Optimal -
anti-virus defence of small and medium-size networks. Kaspersky
Corporate Suite is a unique system providing enterprise-wide networks
with comprehensive and complete information security solution. Kaspersky
Anti-Virus for Linux - a comprehensive solution to protect workstations,
file servers, e-mail gateways running Linux operating system.

Liric Associates - Stand 770 - LIRIC take a Holistic Approach to
Security and offer a wide range of security services from IT and
Telecomms Audit, through a Managed Intruder Detection Systems, to BS
7799 Consultancy and Training. We are launching our "Preparing for BS
7799" residential training course and offering a free Telephony Risk
Assessment, on the Stand, to identify those potential clients who would
benefit from our Telephony Security Audit service.

Marshal Software - Stand 486 will be showcasing its award winning email
and web content security solutions. Martin Oxley, founder of Marshal
Software, will be attending from New Zealand to announce a new
development in the integration of Internet Content Security (ICS) and
anti-virus technology. Mike Bienvenu, from Marshal Software's UK partner
Softek, will also be available to speak to the press on the email
implications of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act (HRA) 1998.

MessageLabs - Stand G096 the UK's leading virus scanning company, is to
offer Britain's new National Hi-Tech Crime Unit instant notification of
virus outbreaks around the world. MessageLabs has live data feeds from
its global network of Control Towers, which scan millions of emails
everyday, and therefore provides the very latest and most comprehensive
virus news available.

MIS Corporate Defence Solutions - Stand G073 reveal the findings of
their MIS commissioned survey delving into the IT security provided by
ISPs and unmasking some interesting facts about the role of ISP's.
Visitors can also see the role that ethical hackers play in the IT
security industry.

nCIPHER - Stand 654 is unveiling its ground-breaking new SEE - Secure
Execution Engine - technology that extends security beyond key
management to the secure automation of critical business processes. SEE
effectively creates Trusted AgentsTM that execute application programs
in a 'strong box' or hardware security module (HSM) to increase security
and reduce the need for human intervention. Some examples of SEE Trusted
Agents include digital meters, authentication agents, time-stamp and
audit agents, and digital signature proxies. Also featured at the show
will be nCipher's new faster versions of nForceä and nShieldä hardware
security devices.

Netasq - G200 - Their firewalls now include IPsec VPN capabilities.
Ipsec VPN is now available on NETASQ's range of Firewall boxes,
including the new F100/C, or networks hosting up to 4000 stations.

Norman Data Defense Systems - Stand 446 is one of the world's leading
companies within the field of data security, protecting the valuable
data resources of over 12 million customers worldwide. Norman offers an
extensive portfolio of high-quality solutions in the areas of risk
analysis, virus control, access control, network security, PKI, data
recovery and certified data erasure.

PentaSafe - Stand G072, the Enterprise Security Infrastructure company,
will advise businesses on how to develop information security policies
that satisfy the BS7799 framework. PentaSafe and security consultants
Panacea, are urging organisations to look at the Turnbull Report.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies - Stand G220 has launched a new wireless
access control and encryption product to combat the growing threat of
losing valuable company information stored on handheld computers.
"Pointsec for Palm OS" complements Pointsec's other range of successful
wireless products used on laptops, PC's, Smart Phones and Ipaq's.
40,000 of these units are now being used by Cisco, and other clients
such as the Department of Justice in the US.

Precise Biometrics - Stand 756 will show their smart card and a silicon
sensor for fingerprints. The Precise 100 SC with Match-On-Card brings
biometrics and PKI together and makes digital signatures and encryption
of e-mails more secure.

Royal Holloway (London University) - Stand G182 Information Security
student numbers have literally exploded in recent years - there are now
almost 180 students attending the two MSc programmes, for more
information visit their stand.

Securant Technologies - Stand G160 announces the ClearTrust Enterprise
Transparency Architecture. This new architecture links security
policies that govern access to eBusiness applications with user
information stored virtually anywhere in an enterprise so that the
ClearTrust infrastructure is transparent to existing IT systems.

Software Box (SBL) - Stand G006 the market leading security reseller
will announce a major partnership exercise with DERA exclusively at

Symantec - Stand 456 Sarah Gordon, senior researcher at Symantec is
available to discuss any issues surrounding CyberTerrorism, Legal
Intervention, the psychology of virus writers - who will the
Government's new National Hi-Tech Crime Unit be chasing? In addition,
Jason Conyard, director of Symantec's Wireless & Business strategy will
be on hand to discuss whether security threats to mobile devices is myth
or reality.

Sybari Software Inc - Stand G064 the premier anti-virus and security
specialist for groupware solutions announces an open call for its
limited beta program for Beta 1 of Antigen 6 for Lotus Domino R4x and
R5x at Infosecurity Europe. Antigen is a server-side application built
on integrated messaging and powerful detection technologies that also
provides and utilizes up to five leading scan engine technologies from
Sophos, Computer Associates, Network Associates, and Norman Data

Stonesoft - Stand 580 has launched a startling new product for the e-
security market - Stonegate is unlike any other firewall on the market
as it is a high availability firewall and VPN as a clusterable product
which offers automatic fail-over between ISPs, as well as between
multiple firewalls. It eliminates the next single point of failure in
companies' critical e-business operations, thus enabling end-to-end high
availability and security from the corporate intranet to multi-ISP

Safelayer Secure Communications - Stand G017 a technology leader
centered on the development of solutions in communication security
(digital certification and secure payment environments), will present
its entire Safelayer Secure solutions and introduces KeyOne Toolkits for
SAP R/3, one of the few security solutions in the market that operates
in the SAP environment, completely open with other security systems. A
new version of its PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions, (Key One
2.1), and the new KeyOne Desktop, its first application for end users,
that allows to sign and cipher files from a PC with only a right button
mouse click.

SSE Ltd - Stand 664 presents TrustedAuthorizer, a new access control and
authorisation solution based on attribute certificate technology.
TrustedAuthorizer represents the first successful attempt to use
expanded public key technology to increase the security and depth of
access to corporate information whilst simultaneously leveraging the
benefits of networking company resources.

SSH on Stand 484 introduces a revolutionary new VPN solution. The
solution, SSH complete VPNâ„¢, enables service providers and network
operators to access the fast growing VPN service markets more rapidly
and cost effectively. This advanced IP-based solution incorporates a
hardware-based VPN gateway device, innovative deployment mechanisms, and
an advanced central management system to secure site-to-site and remote
connections over the internet. SSH Secure Shell 3.0 will be shown which
is their next-generation leading encryption software product designed to
protect end-users, businesses and developers from the most common break-
in method used by hackers - stealing passwords from the Internet.

Secon Solutions - Stand GO52 and E92 Plus Ltd Stand 760, will show that
they can supply the complete security solution.

Siemens Plc - Stand 664 and Insight Consulting Limited announce a joint
venture. Siemens will benefit from rapid access to the security market
in the UK, while Insight Consulting will have access to the extensive
customer base of Siemens and its technical and research capabilities.

Sophos Anti-Virus - Stand 276 will announce new products to protect
users of Mac OS X, Lotus Notes/Domino R5 and SMTP email servers. These
products further enhance Sophos best-of-breed corporate anti-virus
solutions. Graham Cluley, one of the world's leading virus experts,
be available to discuss virus-related issues at the Sophos stand.

SurfControl - Stand 410 will be demonstrating SuperScout Email Filter
and SuperScout Web Filter on stand 410.

Tekdata Network Solutions - Stand 690, will have the first UK showing
the SonicWALL SSL Transaction Security Offloading Solutions, along
the new Authentication Service for existing SonicWALL VPN solutions.

TruSecure - Stand G066 - will deliver the first and only Web-based
service for central management of comprehensive enterprise security
efforts. TruSecure 2001 leverages a patent-pending Web-based method
for integrating people, technology and processes into a continuous,
coordinated and prioritized risk management program.

Tumbleweed Communications - Stand 720 is a leading provider of mission
critical messaging solutions. They announce Tumbleweed Web Filter â„¢
which protects an organisation's valuable intellectual property and
bandwidth resources from web-based threats by enabling IT managers to
centrally set and enforce corporate policies for web usage. Tumbleweed
has just announced Tumbleweed Secure Redirect. The software integrates
with existing email networks at the server level to secure
communications. Based on policies IT managers define, Tumbleweed
Redirect automatically encrypts and delivers messages over the
to anyone with an e-mail address and Web browser.

Utimaco Safeware - Stand 250 Utimaco Safeware is launching a world
premiere in its Biometric Smartcard Key. Users unlock their smartcards
by fingerprint rather than PIN. The smartcards can be used for
such as Single Sign On (SSO), digital signatures and encryption.
Utimaco will also demonstrate CryptoServer 2000, offering high-end
encryption and digital signature technology for m- commerce within GSM

Ubizen - Stand 386 - Ubizen joins Qualys, Inc. for a Media Event at
US Embassy in London Ubizen is a featured partner and speaker at the
Qualys gathering featuring several of the top security vendors
throughout Europe. The event will take place during InfoSecurity
2001, and will be held in London at the Embassy of the United States
America, in the heart of the city, on Wednesday, April 25, at 18:00 -

VIGILANTe - Stand G234 find out how to ensure your Internet Security
learn how to eradicate network vulnerabilities and eradicate the
A live simulation of a hacker attack will be conducted by VIGILANTe's
Security Experts, several times each day, to show how easy it is to
into Companies systems.

VASCO - Stand 226 is demonstrating its strong authentication solution
digipass. VASCO has recently announced that digipass is newly
on a secure smartcard platform. This adds to the hardware token and
software members of the digipass family, providing dynamic passwords
one time access, verifying identification and authenticating financial

Vordel - Stand 762 - Rainbow's iKey, has been integrated into Vordel's
Talk XML product suite to provide industry with a portable solution
secure, encrypted XML communications for use with laptops, PCs, and

WICK HILL - Stand 540 will show 3 new security products - the
ServerLock, for protecting web data internally and externally;
SSL accelerator, for speeding up secure transactions which use the SSL
protocol; and Radware's new SynApps architecture, which adds more
functionality to Radware's high availability and load balancing

5GM Limited - Stand 179 secure Internet communication specialists,
be exhibiting its secure email solutions, 5GM-Mail OpenGateway and
Mail Enterprise. The 5GM solutions are the first BSI PD5000:1999
compliant e-security solutions, encompassing encrypted transmission,
that will enable businesses of any size to safely transmit documents
across the Internet, making them legally admissible.


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