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Santa Clara, CA, May 15, 2001 — Auspex Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASPX), a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, today announced a new NS3000 series of enterprise data servers offering the industry’s highest scalability, fastest performance, and richest range of data management tools for maximizing end user productivity.

The new servers will scale up to 68 TB of storage on a single device and offer file serving power of at least 18,000 I/Os and 55 MB per second for a single node for Unix and Windows environments, respectively. Sequential NFS writes have been measured at more than 70 MB per second.

The accompanying software suite includes high availability and data replication capabilities ranging from server clustering with automatic failover to high-performance NDMP-based backup and restore, point-in-time snapshots, flexible RAID and file system configurations, and heterogeneous file sharing. Fibre-based LAN-free tape backup, usually associated with Storage Area Networks (SANs), is also offered as a first step in converging NAS and SAN capabilities on the same device for smooth access to all enterprise data assets.

Prices will begin at $119,000, positioning the line as the market’s most affordable high-performance storage and data delivery solution.

“We are seeing impressive speed gains with the NS3000, and we are also impressed by the system’s ability to easily share files between Unix and Windows clients,” said Mark Zimmer of Affiliated Computer Services, a contracting firm that is deploying the new Auspex servers for the offshore division of the Mineral Management Service. “We have a large base of geo-scientist customers who frequently require the sharing of multiple 3D seismic data sets, which means that the data has to be delivered to more than 70 workstations at an optimum rate without having server and network processor cycles get bogged down. The NS3000 is doing the job very well .”

“Our performance requirements are very demanding, and the NS3000 is delivering better than any NAS machine we have evaluated,” said Ian Batten, IT Director of Fujitsu Telecom. “With this performance edge and Auspex’s robust software offerings, we can pursue a strategy of consolidating our storage on Auspex.”

“The market for NAS products continues to exhibit double-digit growth and is expected to top $8 billion by 2004,” said Robert Passmore, an analyst with the Gartner Group. “Auspex has been overshadowed by other vendors in recent years, but the NS3000 entry and roadmap signal an intention to re-establish the company’s competitiveness in the NAS market that Auspex invented in the late 80s.”

Scalable up to 68 TB: The NS3000 will be able to store, serve and manage between 500 GB and 68 TB of consolidated UNIX and Windows data on a single device, offering eight times the storage capacity of Auspex’s earlier servers and by far the largest single-server capacity in the industry. Achieved through a modular architecture based on the addition of I/O nodes to a given server, this scalability helps lower storage costs and simplify administration.

Industry-leading performance: Single-node NS3000s are currently serving files at 18,000 I/Os per second for UNIX files and 55MB per second for Windows data; speeds in full three-node configuration are expected to reach 45,000 IOPS and 160 MBPS. Substantially faster than competitive appliances, this performance makes it possible to support a greater number of users on the same server without slowing response times. Application and user performance can be managed using the load balancing capabilities and a “throttling” feature that allows administrators to prioritize tasks in order to minimize the impact of remote data replication or other non-urgent operations.

Fibre-based LAN-free tape backup: Traditionally known as a supplier of NAS storage devices, Auspex has begun executing a strategy of incorporating the best features of the SAN storage architecture on its data servers. The new fibre-based LAN-free tape backup functionality is the first phase in that strategy, allowing data to be quickly backed up over fibre. Users can therefore enjoy one of the key advantages of the SAN topology — that is, eliminating the performance degradation that can occur when backups are performed over the LAN — while still reaping the data sharing benefits of the NAS architecture.

High availability with a projected 99.999% uptime: Maximum uptime is achieved through high availability strategies that include server clustering with automatic failover and support for Microsoft Cluster Server, simultaneous writes to segregated disk farms, and hot pluggable and N+1 features. Auspex also provides a unique parallel local backup capability that greatly reduces the time required for data backup to tape; support for both hardware and software mirroring implemented with Raid 0 or 5; and the ability to allow systems to replicate data to other Auspex network servers without the use of additional computers over separate or common network connections.

High-speed backup and replication: In addition to the new SAN tape backup support, the company’s servers offer very fast, parallel local and remote backup; a replication utility that creates point-in-time snapshots of entire file systems or individual directories by copying them to remote NS3000 servers at high speeds without third-party backup software; and the unique ability to support any combination of RAID 0, 1 and 5 to protect against data loss. These and other features provide the industry’s fullest range of backup and replication capabilities to maximize productivity and data security.

Fast cross-platform file sharing: Fast, transparent file sharing between UNIX and Windows clients maximizes user productivity in mixed computing environments. Native UNIX and Windows support eliminates the need to route files through intermediate software, preventing performance delays. Restricted file permission prevents unauthorized users from accessing protected UNIX or Windows files across platforms, facilitated by a “one-world” view that synchronizes security and permissions on both platforms. Administrative functions are expedited through native UNIX and Windows administration tools.

The Auspex NS3000 series will be available in limited quantities through the end of the quarter.


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