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Reveals the Latest Technology Behind the New Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme

Electronic monitoring systems integrator On Guard Plus Limited (OGPL) has officially launched a new voice verification application to complement its electronic monitoring technology for criminal offenders . Part of the VerQuis™ suite of applications, Vqvoice™ uses Keyware’s LBV server to confirm identity of the caller, plus sophisticated telephony rules to ensure they are at their designated address.

Voice verification, together with electronic monitoring or ‘tagging,’ are supervision options for the Youth Justice Board’s new Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP), a community-based programme for persistent young offenders. OGPL technology is being used by Securicor Custodial Services Limited, the supplier of electronic monitoring services in the Northern region. Securicor provides additional services to Youth Offending Teams in support of the ISSP programme such as a 24-hour help desk and tracking visits.

The ISSP was developed after research showed that three per cent of young offenders commit around 25 per cent of all youth offences. The whereabouts of all ISSP offenders will be checked at least twice daily with the facility for surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week where necessary.

“Thanks to this biometric technology the courts now have greater options for sentencing and supervision,” says Mark Griffiths OGPL General Manager. “This solution is also extremely cost-effective.

“Voice verification can be used on its own but, for the most effective control, should be used in conjunction with traditional tagging for home curfew, offering considerable flexibility for controlling and monitoring the movement of subjects throughout the entire day. Personal schedules for each subject on the scheme can be created depending on specific need and degree of security required.”

For example, the system can be set to expect a call for verification from the subject at predefined times or can randomly telephone the subject to ask them to call back the system within a defined period for verification.

Vqvoice™ can also be tailored for each subject enrolled offering general and specific rules as defined by the administrators. These could include rules based on the type of programme, the day of the week, the time, the type of failure and also grace periods. Sophisticated measures to detect and counter known means of circumventing the system have been built into the design.

As supplier of technology to Securicor, OGPL is already known as one of the pioneers in the UK electronic monitoring programme introduced in January 1999 as part of the government’s Home Detention Curfew (HDC) scheme and as a sentencing option to the courts. The HDC scheme has already seen considerable success with 95 per cent of subjects completing the curfew period successfully.

Notes to Editors

About VerQuis™

VerQuis™ (from the Latin verus and quis, verify and who) is a suite of applications designed to complement and enhance OGPL’s currently available solutions. Vqvoice™ is a stand-alone voice verification platform capable of providing a combination of regimes
and restrictions designed to offer any agency the opportunity to implement a range of schemes requiring different conditions. Easy to use with graphical user interface (GUI) it
has an ODBC compliant database and uses ISDN30 for increased capacities. Scalable from 1 – 10,000 subjects, it also fully configurable, using ‘best of breed’ biometric algorithms.

About Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of measuring the unique physical characteristics of a person, such as a voice, a face or a fingerprint. These personal features are analysed and stored as “bioprints” in a reference database, on a smart card or an embedded chip. They are used to verify the identity of the person by comparing them to the previously stored bioprints.

About On Guard Plus Limited

Based in Manchester and founded in 1994, On Guard Plus Limited (OGPL), is a systems facilities integrator specialising in the provision of offender electronic monitoring equipment, computer hardware systems, software and expertise in criminal justice applications world-wide. Further information on OGPL can be found online via

About Securicor

Securicor is a leading provider of global security solutions, specialising in security, distribution, communications services. Founded in 1935, Securicor has an annual turnover of £699.4 million (excluding Distribution), and employs 121,000 staff in over 40 countries worldwide.A leader in the provision of electronic monitoring services, Securicor Custodial Services provides a full spectrum of offender management solutions to Government including offender tagging, prison design, construction, management and financing, prisoner transportation and tailored services for specialist populations such as juveniles. Further information can be found at

About Keyware

Founded in 1996 and quoted on NASDAQ Europe (NASDAQ Europe: KEYW), Keyware is one of the world’s leading providers of a broad range of authentication solutions for real-world business applications, and a pioneer in the field of biometrics, the technology of verifying an individual by means of personal characteristics such as voice, face and fingerprints. Keyware’s centralised authentication server (CAS) with LBV-technology allows companies to manage multiple authentication techniques, including biometrics, from one central server. CAS optimises security and convenience for physical locations, e-commerce, network, smart cards and telecommunications applications. Keyware’s award-winning technology is sold globally through an extended network of OEMs, system integrators and VARs. Co-headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and Woburn (Mass., USA), you can find more information about Keyware at

About ISSP

ISSP is a highly structured intensive programme tackling the needs of young offenders combined with close community surveillance by the police and other agencies. Surveillance may include electronic tagging, voice verification, tracking – ancillary staff accompanying young offenders in person – and intelligence led policing. The programme takes account of the risks of offending outside regular 9-5 pm hours and will ensure, where necessary, that young offenders are engaged during the late evening and at weekends.

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