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New User Interface, Delegation of Administrative Roles, and Load-Balancer
Integration Provides Greater Efficiency and Flexibility

Marimba, Inc., a leading provider of systems management solutions built for
e-business, today announced an enhanced version of its Server Management
product family. The new features and functionality provide large enterprises
and service providers with a centralised and automated solution for
deploying content and applications to enterprise-wide server environments.
Specifically, Marimba has added a new, streamlined user interface (UI),
which allows support for multiple administrators sharing administrative
tasks, support for the XML-based SOAP interface, and extensible modules that
integrate with existing IT infrastructure components.

"The increasing demand for 24x7 access has made server management
substantially more difficult for IT staff who can no longer count on periods
of downtime for system updates," said Neal Goldman, director of Internet
Computing Strategies at the Yankee Group, in Boston, MA. "Server management
tools, particularly those that can handle orderly upgrades without
disruption of service, will see growing demand in the near term."

"No company in today's e-business environment can succeed when their servers
are down," said Rich Wyckoff, president and CEO of Marimba. "The
enhancements to Marimba's Server Management product family give customers
greater flexibility and control over their server-based applications and
content, while reducing downtime. Our server technologies allow users to
easily move thousands of files of content, while maintaining precise control
of the delivery mechanism. This functionality is invaluable to enterprises,
which require around the clock uptime to stay ahead of the competition."

Server Management Extends Support For Greater Server Flexibility

Marimba is the first major systems management vendor to ship a product that
supports XML-based protocol, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Endorsed
by Microsoft Corp., IBM and Ariba Inc., SOAP is rapidly becoming the
standard for connecting disparate e-commerce and business systems, and
allows for the exchange of data in a decentralised, distributed environment.
In today's e-business environment, enterprise management tools need to be
able to communicate with current and emerging business systems.

A new user interface (UI) has been implemented that makes the tool more
flexible. The new UI is designed to support large numbers of servers and
multiple administrators by allowing the user to separate, organise, and view
necessary pieces. In conjunction with the role-based administration, the UI
offers a personal view of the specified functions for each administrator.

Marimba's Server Management product family now includes integration with
Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) for the distribution,
installation, and management of complex server applications running on top
of IIS. Currently, these applications are so complex and change so
frequently that they typically require manual installation and updating.
Marimba's Server Management product family streamlines the delivery,
installation, and update process.

Organisational Flexibility and Ease of Management In this enhanced release.
Marimba's Server Management product family offers users added organisational
flexibility and ease of management:

* Delegation of administrative roles - Enables large
enterprises to delegate administrative roles and responsibilities to
different individuals within an IT organisation. Managing operational tasks
and server deployments can be determined through integration with existing
LDAP or Active Directory user and group information.

* Hierarchical folder model - Provides corporations and
service providers with the ability to arrange objects (server groups,
command groups, deployments) into a folder hierarchy. Hierarchical folders
allow corporations to segment their content based upon roles and
responsibilities within an IT organisation. In addition, service providers
can create and maintain separate customer environments on a single machine,
which helps to maximise their computing resources and efficiency.

* Client-side controls - Allows administrators to insert
conditional control logic into a server deployment. Conditional controls
allow a corporation or service provider to build a series of commands that
execute based upon real-time data gathered during the deployment.

* Reduced Downtime Associated with the Management of Clustered
Servers Marimba's new Integration modules provide streamlined integration
with existing IT infrastructure components. Marimba's Integration modules
help to achieve high server availability by coordinating server maintenance
or updates with existing infrastructure elements.

* Load Balancer Integration module - Allows IT staff to
elegantly notify and remove their servers from the load balancer pool. Once
removed from the pool and updated, servers are placed back into the normal
rotation - all with little or no impact on end users. This industry-unique
capability allows corporations and service providers to increase
availability within a clustered server farm. Out-of-the-box, the new Load
Balancer Integration module integrates with Nortel Networks Alteon Ace
Director Series and F5's Big IP load balancers.

* Cache Synchronisation module - Synchronises server
application and content updates with cache and edge content devices. The
initial module provides support for the CacheFlow device. CacheFlow
integration provides customers with an end-to-end content management
solution that allows dynamic and changing content to be efficiently and
transparently delivered from the application server to distributed caching

Platforms and Availability

Marimba's Server Management product family is available now and continues to
support Windows NT, Windows 2000, HP, Solaris, Linux, and AIX platforms. For
additional information on all of Marimba's products, please contact Marimba
sales via phone at 1-888-800-5444, or via email at

In a separate press release issued today Marimba also announced, "Marimba
Enhances Desktop/Mobile Management Product Family; Helps Reduce Total Cost
of Ownership for Enterprise Customers Managing Windows 2000 Environments."

About Marimba

Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA)
provides systems management solutions built for e-business. From change
management to performance management software, Marimba's extensive Internet
expertise allows Global 2000 companies to better manage their resources,
increase efficiency and reduce costs. For more information, please call +44
118 949 7060, or visit our Web site at

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of
Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the safe harbors created by these
sections. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding: the
functionality and benefits expected to be provided by Marimba's new version
of its Server Management product family, including providing customers with
new features and enhanced functionality (including a streamlined user
interface, support for the SOAP interface and extensible modules that
integrate with existing IT infrastructure components), increased efficiency,
flexibility and control over server-based applications
and content, the ability to move thousands of files of content easily, and
reduced downtime and costs. Those results are subject to a number of risks
and uncertainties, including: technical challenges customers may face in
implementing and deploying the new version of Marimba's Server Management
product family, which could limit the benefits expected to be provided by
such product family; the rapid pace of technological change and other
development, marketing and sales challenges faced by Marimba, which could
limit the ability of Marimba to make its new products generally available on
schedule or with the functionality described; potential increased
competition for Marimba in the change management and related markets; and
general economic, technological and market conditions, which could affect
the level of demand for systems management solutions in general and
Marimba's products in particular. Actual results may differ materially due
to these and other factors. The matters discussed in this press release also
involve risks and uncertainties described from time to time in Marimba's
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In particular,
see the Risk Factors described in Marimba's most recently filed Annual
Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, as submitted to the
SEC and as may be updated or amended with future filings or submissions.
Marimba undertakes no obligation to release publicly any updates or
revisions to any forward-looking statements contained in this press release
that may reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this
press release.

Marimba is a registered trademark of Marimba, Inc. in the U.S. and/or
certain other countries. Other product, trademark, company or service names
mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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