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London – 24th July 2001 – Transacsys, the UK AIM-listed leader in internal transaction management, today announced that it has purchased for 1 million CHF (£400,000) the Internal Transaction Management system developed by CERN*, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and birthplace of the world-wide web (WWW). This system, which has been cited by Oracle as ‘the blueprint’ for building large-scale e-business systems, will be launched commercially in the Autumn of 2001.

Internal Transactions are the actions people take, and the processes they use in the course of doing their job. Internal transactions need managing because organisations need to know – and control – the way in which their people commit and expend corporate resources.

The CERN software works by, on the one hand empowering individuals to transact, but on the other hand, by controlling the limits of such transactions, in accordance with the rules of the organisation. It has been designed to be totally flexible so that users themselves can create new processes, and implement and change them at will, with no programming required. CERN has an annual budget of more than US$ 500 million (600 million Euros), and more than 6,000 regular users in 500 institutes in 50 different countries – and they support the system internally with just two people!

‘Permissioning’ is the name Transacsys has given to this enterprise-wide process which enables people to gain speedy authorisation to execute all their daily tasks and organisations to control these processes without the need for extensive administrative resources.

Robert Cailliau, Co-Inventor of the World Wide Web and an enthusiastic user of the system for eight years, says, “I am delighted that this world-class business application will now find a global market. The web empowered people as individuals but its adoption for the internal business process waited for killer applications – this system has solved this ‘permissioning’ issue very cost-effectively.”

“Computer systems and associated processes are only as good as the organisation’s ability to give the right people access to the appropriate permissions and resources at the right time. The system has reduced our administrative costs significantly and proved extremely flexible and scalable as we have changed and grown.”

In 1990 CERN developed the World Wide Web to help empower its user community of more than 6,000 physicists around the world to share information across remote locations. Soon after CERN began to develop the ‘permissioning’ system which would allow them not merely to share information, but actually to run their organisation. The system functionality has been progressively extended over more than eight years of constant development to become the most sophisticated such tool in the world. Two years ago, it was completely rewritten in J2EE to run on Oracle, up to and including Oracle 9i.

Unlike other workflow technologies the system not only maps the routing process for work but enables organisations to build the ‘permission’ processes themselves which link into other existing vertical or functional applications.

Under the agreement Transacsys and CERN have formed a long term Joint Steering Group to cooperate on the further development of the system and its interfaces with other business critical applications. CERN will, of course, continue to use the system and it will be free for use by other particle physics laboratories associated with CERN.

Transacsys has also announced today a worldwide partnership with Oracle, to co-operate in the marketing of the software to public and private sector organisations. When launched the system will be sold direct to Transacsys customers and through consultancies, systems integrators and technology partners. Transacsys has over 3,500 customers worldwide, including BAA, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds TSB and Marks and Spencer, with 4 million users of its internal purchasing and access control cards.

Paul McGrane, Group Chief Executive of Transacsys, comments, “Transacsys and CERN share a vision of an enterprise-wide web-based ‘permissioning’ database that empowered users to ‘self-manage’ transactions and enabled organisations to control which staff had permission to commit and acquire resources and information. We now plan to take that vision and CERN’s visionary product, into the global marketplace.

Ramon Ferrer, Chief Executive of Transacsys subsidiary Transacsys Workflow that will market the system, comments, “At last here is a product which uses the web to address fundamental business critical issues and breaks the mould of implementing vertical applications by instead looking at a business and its resource horizontally across the whole organisation. ”

The Generics Group has reviewed the Transacsys strategy and the product prior to the announcement. Mick McLean, Director and General Manager, Technical Investment Services, Generics Group, “In our view Transacsys leads the field in recognising that a horizontal focus is key to finding the administrative efficiencies that have been promised, but not achieved with the multitude of deployed vertical applications. Transacsys is ideally positioned to capitalise on the increasing realisation that efficient and effective administrative IT requires an employee-centred holistic approach based on permissioning. ”

About Transacsys

Transacsys plc is the leading provider of internal transaction management solutions – the application of technology to the management of day-to-day internal transactions in large, complex organisations.

Founded over 20 years ago as GiroVend, Transacsys has an installed base of 3,500 blue-chip organisations and companies in the UK and Europe, with bespoke systems accessed by some 4 million users. Its core focus has always been to use technology to create efficiency and reduce costs – a focus which is winning over customers across Europe, disillusioned with the way in which new technologies seem inexorably to add costs without providing identifiable sources of revenue.

Originally Transacsys specialised in off-line applications, using smart card and chip technologies to empower and control movements and privileges. More recently, it has moved its capabilities on-line with the administration and payment systems for corporate benefits, linked to existing off-line systems.

In July 2001 it took a giant leap forward with the acquisition of the world’s most advanced internal transaction management software from CERN – the birthplace of the World Wide Web.

*CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, has its headquarters in Geneva. At present, its Member States are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Israel, Japan, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, Turkey, the European Commission and UNESCO have observer status

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