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New system tackles Intellectual Property fraud running to tens of billions of dollars annually

A new system launched today allows content creators, for the first time, to automate the process of identifying and addressing intellectual property abuses on the Internet - losses that today run to tens of billions of dollars annually. Envisional, the UK-based Internet search specialist, and exelum, the e-business implementation arm of consulting firm Arthur D Little (ADL) Group, have co-developed the system based on a successful joint anti-piracy project for the music industry. This breakthrough technology - called AAPS (Automated anti-piracy system) - combines state of the art technology that firstly searches out infringing material and then automates the workflow processes required to address them.

AAPS is based on Envisional's Discovery Engine software - a highly effective weapon in the fight against Internet piracy that allows precise matching of Web-based content against specific search criteria. exelum brings considerable anti-piracy experience in business process and technical consulting and powerful workflow technology. AAPS trawls the Internet against search criteria tuned to the particular sector in which the client operates and returns all instances of abuse. The system then uses workflow processes to, for example, automate the generation and approval of cease and desist letters, thereby rapidly accelerating response times. AAPS is targeted at any group concerned with tracking intellectual property abuses on the Internet: these include publishers of music or books and the legal and trade bodies that support them.

Spokesperson, job title, Envisional, said, "Piracy is taking more out of the Internet economy than e-commerce is creating and this new system addresses the pressing need for a solution to the problems of intellectual property abuses. The AAPS we have developed with exelum has automated a discovery process that is simply beyond human endeavour and, for the first time, puts it in the hands of end-users with no requirement for any technical expertise. The systems integration and user interface expertise provided by exelum is critical to AAPS usability."

Envisional and exelum previously worked together in the implementation of a Discovery Engine system implemented by a global music industry client. This was an automated, web-enabled, secure anti-piracy system for the music industry - the AAPS technology builds upon the experience gained in this project.

Mark Whitehead, Programme Director, exelum said "This particular project for our global music industry client provided tremendous experience in adapting Envisional's software to the internal systems of clients and AAPS builds on that experience. Firstly, it reduces the mountains of information currently available through conventional search engines to the manageable number of abuses that are genuinely relevant to the client's interests. Secondly, our workflow technology allows organisations to take action against these abuses in the minimum time possible. We believe our combined technology is a genuine breakthrough in the fight to protect intellectual property holders against Internet fraud."

About the Discovery Engine

Envisional uses an advanced, rules-based language to automate a discovery process beyond the scope of human capability. It helps businesses find out what is being said about them, their clients and competitors or a particular field of research.

It aims to help organisations in three distinct ways:

- Revenues - For content publishers, the Internet has enabled intellectual property theft - of the spoken word, still and moving images and music - on an almost unimaginable scale. The discovery engine identifies breaches of intellectual copyright, enabling organisations to take appropriate action.

- Reputations - For global brands, the Internet is the world's biggest rumour mill. Many of these rumours are generated by individuals with axes to grind and are extremely damaging. Last year, a rumour started spreading that KFC had created a GM chicken without a beak or feathers for use in their restaurants. If this kind of misinformation is left unnoticed and unchecked, it can bring a company to its knees.

- Research - the Internet is a vital source for those involved in research of any kind. However, the thousands of different URLs being returned by search engines for any query wastes huge amounts of a researcher's time and money. They need to automate the drudgery of ploughing through these URLs in order to improve their productivity.

Traditional search engines cannot provide any real precision in information retrieval, making it difficult, expensive and time consuming for organisations to address these problems. Envisional's Discovery Engine technology addresses precisely these shortcomings.

About exelum

exelum is the e-business implementation arm of the Arthur D Little Group. exelum provides e-business technology consulting, implementation services to clients ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. Formed last year from existing expertise within ADL Europe and Cambridge Consultants (UK), exelum works collaboratively with ADL's industry and functional practices
to build scaleable solutions based around exploitation of new and emerging technologies. The addition of exelum to the overall Arthur D Little portfolio, means that the Group has the capability to offer its clients end-to-end e-business solutions.

About Arthur D. Little

Arthur D. Little is one of the world's premier consulting firms, with offices and laboratories in more than 30 countries around the world. Founded in 1886, the company and its people have continually set the standard for excellence in management consulting, technology & innovation,
and environment & risk consulting.

Cambridge Consultants Ltd

Cambridge Consultants Ltd designs and develops innovative new products, processes and systems. CCL enable clients to turn business opportunities into commercial successes, whether launching first-to-market products or expanding existing markets through the introduction of new technologies.


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