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Filer Centralizes Data from Genomic Service Company’s Sequencing Center;
Auspex’s NS3000 Topped Competitors in Scalability, Secure Cross-Platform Access

Santa Clara, CA, July 31, 2001 — Auspex Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASPX), a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, announced today that Agencourt Bioscience Corporation has deployed an Auspex NS3000 enterprise data server to serve as a central repository for DNA sequencing information produced by a bank of specialized computers in Agencourt’s sequencing facility. The installation marks Auspex’s debut in the thriving biotechnology market, which has exploded on the strength of developments like the Human Genome Project.

Agencourt purchased a 1.3-terabyte Auspex system after an in-house evaluation revealed shortcomings in the ability of most competitive filers to securely handle file sharing across Windows and Linux platforms. Other servers evaluated failed to enforce privileges between operating systems, potentially compromising the integrity of Agencourt’s data.

The Auspex system’s concurrent native file locking routines prevented unauthorized users from manipulating protected files across platforms. Auspex’s unique performance load-balancing feature also ensured smooth file access between Windows and Linux users, and the system’s native UNIX and Windows support prevented performance delays by eliminating the need to route files through intermediate software.

Other deciding factors in Agencourt’s selection of the Auspex NS3000 included the system’s scalability to 68 TB on a single server, its 99.999% uptime, and Auspex’s ability to provide the 24x7 service and support required for Agencourt’s round-the-clock operation.

“All of the storage systems we evaluated were supposed to support heterogeneous operating systems, but most could not handle the restricted file permissions that are critical in our Windows/Linux environment,” said Steve Shannon, Agencourt CTO. “We can’t have users accidentally erasing files that cost tens of thousands of dollars to create. The Auspex NS3000 handled our cross-platform security requirements without incident, met all our other technical criteria, and offered the support package we need to ensure continuous data availability.”

Agencourt provides contract DNA sequencing and genomic services designed to help the biotech and pharmaceutical industries develop improved prescription drugs. The company is using the Auspex system to consolidate data from a large number of Windows-based DNA sequencers, which are used to map the exact sequence of the chemical compounds contained in discrete sections of DNA.

Data from each DNA sequencer is stored locally and then transferred to the Auspex system within 10 minutes of being saved to hard disk. This provides critical backup as well as allowing authorized Agencourt employees to access files from the Linux-based network that serves as the company’s back end system.

Agencourt’s sequencing facility produces approximately 1 million sequence reads representing well over 200 gigabytes of data per month. The need to store and serve increasingly large volumes of data makes the industry-leading scalability of the Auspex NS3000 an important consideration for the company.

“The data consolidation and ease-of-management capabilities of Network Attached Storage offer an ideal solution for Agencourt’s data needs, but the company’s bakeoff proved that all NAS systems are not created equal,” said Mike Sutkowski, Vice President Sales, Eastern Region, for Auspex Systems. “The fact that the Auspex NS3000 prevailed in Agencourt’s test should serve as a sign to other genomics firms, and to companies in other industries, that Auspex servers can meet the most stringent file-serving requirements in any business environment.”

Auspex file servers are used by industries and enterprises around the world to optimize storage management infrastructures and provide fast, reliable access to multi-terabytes of consolidated UNIX and Windows data. Auspex’s new NS3000 series scales up to 68 TB of storage on a single server and offers file serving power exceeding 19,755 I/Os and 55 MB per second for a single node for UNIX and Windows environments, respectively — the highest scalability and fastest performance in the industry. The NS3000 series also offers a rich range of data management tools for ensuring high availability, high-speed backup and replication, and maximum uptime.

About Agencourt BioScience Corporation

Agencourt Bioscience Corporation is a provider of genomic services and products to the life sciences industry. Agencourt provides genomic solutions that help biotech and pharmaceutical companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their drug development pipelines. Several of Agencourt’s founders have worked at the Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research and have significant experience in marrying the chemistries and instrumentation for high-throughput genomics. Agencourt is located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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About Auspex

Auspex introduced the world’s first NAS server a decade ago and is the network storage server of choice for Global 500 companies, including customers in the software development, oil and gas exploration, semiconductor, manufacturing and Internet industries. Auspex’s enterprise-level, multi-terabyte solutions are designed for storage applications requiring secure Windows and UNIX data sharing from a single data image, server consolidation or continuous data availability.

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