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"Workshare Synergy will change the way people collaborate on documents," according to Barry Hadfield, CTO of Workshare Technology

Workshare Technology, the market leader in comparative software development, has announced the release of its latest product, Workshare® Synergy™2.0, an innovative software application allowing organised and secure document collaboration between a managing author and multiple contributors. Workshare Synergy allows internal and external parties to collaborate on documents with multiple contributors without losing the control and integrity of the original document.

Under this collaborative process, the manager author of a document uses Workshare Synergy to send a replica of their original document to contributors, not the document itself. By sending only a copy, the managing author maintains complete control, as the document never leaves the security of the Document Management System (DMS). Additionally, there is no danger of hidden metadata or the inclusion of unwanted macros or foreign styles into the original document. Workshare Synergy strips out all the metadata so there is no hidden information contained in the replica of the sent document.

“There are many problems surrounding document collaboration today,” explained Barrie Hadfield, CTO of Workshare Technology. “Current methods of collaboration are insecure, lack control over the process, allow document proliferation and use many disparate systems that must be brought together.”

Using Workshare Synergy, a replica of the document is transmitted via email (which can be password protected and encrypted) to contributors who review and edit the document using the Workshare® Synergy™ Contributor. This utility is freely distributed and can be downloaded for free from Workshare Technology’s website at The Workshare Synergy Contributor allows contributing authors to review and edit the replica of the document sent from the managing author.

In addition to the unprecedented security and control benefits, Workshare Synergy also manages the process of document collaboration with multiple contributors in an intuitive and organised manner. When the managing author receives an edited replica of the document from a contributor, they can easily view the proposed changes and incorporate them into the original document. The product features a three-window display, which shows the evolving, document, a comparison generated from the contributors’ changes, and a list of redlines (by person, type, or section) from all contributors. These changes from contributors can be sorted and viewed in multiple ways allowing easy management and version control of all changes.

“Workshare Synergy will change the way people collaborate on documents,” added Hadfield. “It provides an organised, efficient and secure vehicle for document collaboration. I am very excited about the new product and the benefits it will provide to business professionals.”

About Workshare Technology

Workshare Technology (WT) is a legal industry leader in developing and bringing collaborative software to an international market. WT is known for its innovative tools that enable people to effectively collaborate on the content of documents. The privately held company, with offices in San Francisco and London, is committed to innovation and quality in development, complete customer satisfaction and business integrity. The core proprietary technology of WT's products enables their unique approach to collaboration on the content of documents. With Workshare DeltaView now as the accepted standard in redlining software and the Workshare Synergy 2.0 release, WT is the company to watch as a producer of innovative collaborative software.

To learn more about Workshare Synergy or Workshare DeltaView, visit the website at

Notes to Editors

Workshare Synergy follows Workshare® DeltaView®, WT’s highly successful redlining product, which is now the industry standard in document comparison tools. Workshare Technology recently released a new version of its redlining tool, Workshare DeltaView 2.6. Workshare DeltaView 2.6, includes more innovative new features designed to make the process of comparing documents even easier. Both products in this suite of collaborative tools were developed with the specific needs of information professionals in mind.

Workshare and DeltaView are registered trademarks of Workshare Technology. Synergy, Workshare Technology and the Workshare logo are trademarks of Workshare Technology. All other marks are of their respective holders.

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