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Virata's UPnP with NAT Traversal Solution Will Enable Gateways to Deliver Services Such as Messaging, Online Gaming and Windows XP's Remote Assistance

Virata® Corporation today announced the full integration of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Internet Gateway Device specification for NAT traversal into its leading Integrated Software on SiliconTM (ISOSTM) platform, which has been deployed in over 7 million installations worldwide. As the only broadband semiconductor company to offer this support, Virata can provide its licensed customers with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Incorporating UPnP into ISOS will allow any Virata-enabled gateway or router to be auto-detected by PCs running Windows Me and Windows XP. Once detected, an end user can automatically set-up their gateway through simple, interactive point-and-click responses, a huge improvement over today's method of entering complex network and port details manually.

Integrating NAT traversal into ISOS through UPnP will simplify networking applications, such as online gaming, video conferencing and instant messaging, by eliminating the user's need to configure port mappings on a gateway or router. This will allow a user to simply plug-in any new UPnP-enabled device and have it automatically work on the network. "Microsoft recently identified UPnP in the "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP" Application Specification, as a technology that network dependent applications are required to implement to receive the "Designed for Microsoft WindowsXP - Optimised" status.

An application that complies with the specification will earn the right to carry the Designed for Microsoft WindowsXP logo," said Alex Popoff, product manager of Windows division at Microsoft. "We believe these technologies will help create intelligent home networks where PCs, applications and connected devices can automatically communicate within the home network and with the outside world."

"Integrating UPnP and NAT traversal into ISOS creates an advantage for Virata's 170+ customers as it should enable them to automatically communicate with the applications and network devices being designed for Microsoft Windows Me and Windows XP," said Duncan Greatwood, vice president of marketing for Virata. "Given that UPnP Forum Members, such as Microsoft, Cisco, GE, and Kodak, support UPnP as the leading home networking and auto-configuration architecture, Virata is strongly positioned as the only broadband semiconductor company with a fully integrated UPnP-based NAT traversal solution on silicon."

What is UPnP

UPnP is a networking architecture supported by Windows Me and Windows XP that enables network devices of all forms, such as PCs, PDAs, printers, broadband routers, consumer electronics, etc., to be truly plug and play on the home network. It is expected that UPnP devices will be able to seamlessly connect and communicate with each other over any TCP/IP network, without the need for user configuration, centralized servers, PCs, or product-specific driver software. What makes UPnP even more appealing is the fact that it builds upon existing standards and technologies, such as TCP/IP and HTTP, and is anticipated to simplify consumer-service activation for a wide range of service types. UPnP is positioned to become a powerful networking technology and is capable of enabling a truly intelligent home or office, where smart devices communicate, self configure and bring a wide array of services and information to the users' fingertips.

By integrating UPnP into ISOS, Virata is able to provide its 170+ customers with immediate UPnP support for their home routers and gateways. When these routers are connected to the home network, users will be greeted with an icon that automatically appears in the network folder of the Windows Me or Windows XP system. The user then simply clicks on this icon and is instantly connected to the gateway's web interface, being powered by EmWeb Server, a HTTP 1.1 compliant embedded server, when the Virata solution is used.

What is NAT Traversal?

By interfacing NAT software with UPnP in ISOS, Virata-based gateways will be able to accommodate applications needing to seamlessly "traverse the NAT" and should eliminate the users' need to manually configure gateway ports when setting up a connection to external PCs or servers. For example, if today's broadband Internet user wishes to participate in online gaming with a friend or as part of a multi-player environment, they typically must manually configure the port mappings in their gateway or router to allow for a direct connection to take place. NAT Traversal enabled by UPnP can completely automate this process by allowing applications or devices running behind the gateway to use UPnP to detect a compliant gateway and request port assignments for the duration of the session, thus making the process entirely transparent to the end-user and reducing or even eliminating NAT related tech support calls to carriers, ISPs and gateway manufacturers.

About Virata

Virata provides communications software and semiconductors to manufacturers of DSL, wireless, satellite and other broadband networking equipment. Virata's suite of processor-independent software products provide developers with complete, field-proven implementations of networking
functions, including MPLS and web servers, removing the need to write and validate new software code.

Virata also pre-integrates its extensive suite of communications software with its powerful and cost-effective communications processors to create ISOS products. These ISOS solutions assist customers in developing a diverse range of broadband wireless and wireline equipment including DSL modems, gateways, routers, and integrated access devices targeted at the voice and high-speed data network access and customer premises markets. Virata's products also help equipment manufacturers to simplify product development, reduce the time it takes for products to reach the market and focus resources on product differentiation and improvement.

Virata is a principal member of the ATM Forum, Bluetooth SIG organization, the DSL Forum, HomePNA, ITU, MPLS Forum, WC3 consortium, OpenDSL consortium and UPnP Forum. A publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Stock Market, Virata was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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