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MetaDyne, a developer of component infrastructure software, today announced
in London, UK, its first product - ComponentDNA. The company provides
adaptive technology to organisations developing and deploying
component-based applications and Web services. MetaDyne helps businesses
to improve time-to-market and developer productivity by reducing
application complexity and making change easier.

According to recent Cutter Consortium Business Technology Trends and
Impacts Service research, 80% of organisations develop applications with
component-based technologies.* Gartner predicts that by 2003, at least 70%
of all new applications will be primarily built from components. **

MetaDyne ComponentDNA

MetaDyne's ComponentDNA is an infrastructure software tool for developing
component-based applications for the Java Platform. It includes a
framework for fine-grained components that are highly maintainable and
reusable, and adaptive component technology that delivers dynamic discovery
and soft-wiring of components in a plug-and-play environment.

A Framework for Pluggable Components

ComponentDNA provides a coherent structure for fine-grained components and
component-based applications. The AppContext is an in-memory
communications mechanism that enables pluggable components. The Content
Model handles the in-memory representation of application data (e.g. image,
text, message). The Connection Model performs data transfer between
in-memory content and external sources using pluggable protocols (e.g.
HTTP, JDBC and POP) and pluggable data format components (e.g. PNG, HTML
and XML). The Actor model provides a generic mechanism for implementing
application-specific functionality.

Dynamic Component Assembly

The 'softwiring' mechanisms provided with ComponentDNA can be used to
connect existing components as well as pluggable components. This allows
new functionality to be added to running applications. Softwiring replaces
the complexity of program 'ifthen' statements with a simple contract
specification. This is not only consistent with 'design by contract' best
practice, but provides an easier way of adding new functionality into
existing components and component-based applications. The runtime
configuration of softwired components is managed through a Policy Model.

ComponentDNA models implement the MetaDyne Metanix component lifecycle
architecture for distributed applications, and are expressed in UML.
MetaDyne filed patent GB0031821.2 in December 2000 to protect its
intellectual property in Metanix. ComponentDNA is 100% Java compliant and
components based on it can be deployed as Beans, EJBs or Web Services.
ComponentDNA is available now from leading component distributors at a cost
of $495 per developer.

"This looks like extremely promising technology in a space which has
suffered lots of false dawns and disappointments," said Robin Bloor, CEO of
Bloor Research.

"MetaDyne's technology represents a real innovation in the software
development technology market. It codifies 'best practice' in
component-based engineering processes, in a novel and lightweight way, and
brings the potential to help developers build more adaptable Java code,
with less effort," said Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director,
e-Infrastructure, Ovum.

The world's major dedicated component distributors have entered into
agreements to distribute ComponentDNA.

"As the market leader in software reuse solutions, Flashline is committed
to enabling companies to successfully achieve and leverage the ROI and
productivity benefits of software reuse," states Gary Baney, Chief
Technology Officer of Flashline. "Component DNA helps organizations develop
highly reusable components and strengthens our growing collection of
components and development tools available in the award-winning Flashline
Software Component Marketplace."

"ComponentDNA offers some exciting breakthroughs in rapid development
environments. IntellectMarket sees this new technology as providing a
critical bridge to improving adoption of our own advanced technology
development infrastructure tools, and we are pleased to play a role in
helping MetaDyne bring ComponentDNA to the technology community," said
Chris Lamela, CEO of IntellectMarket.

"Every developer of components and component-based applications is going to
be excited about this technology", said Giffin Lorimer, Marketing Director,
MetaDyne. "ComponentDNA is going to revolutionise the way we deliver
applications, and wireless services are going to be a major driver for
adoption of this technology. The time and cost of downloading an
application upgrade where 99% of the code is same becomes unnecessary when
users can simply download the components that have changed."

About MetaDyne

MetaDyne Ltd ( is based in Uxbridge, Middlesex. The
founders, who started the company in 1996 while still undergraduates at
Middlesex University, have invented a unique, patent-pending technology for
building flexible applications based on a reusable software component
framework. It enables developers to build dynamic, adaptive applications
by softwiring fine-grained components in a plug-and-play framework. The
company has a heavyweight management team, somewhat unusual for a company
at the pre-VC funding stage, that includes former managers from Apple, IBM,
Oracle, NeXT and Sun.

For further information, please contact:

Giffin Lorimer
Marketing Director
Tel: 01895 254 254
Mobile: 07799 891 299


Eric Leach
Managing Director
Eric Leach Marketing Ltd
Tel: 020 8758 7587
Mobile: 07836 275 278

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** See

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