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Nottingham, UK, 5 October: BitArts Labs, the UK based secure electronic software delivery (SESD) and digital rights management company has launched a spin off service called ChargeKey which will operate as a separate organisation. ChargeKey will offers software publishers and vendors the simplest and cheapest means for electronically distributing their software and protecting their license agreements. The ChargeKey service is powered by BitArts Labs technology and as such is able to provide the world’s strongest license protection as standard.

As a separate organisation, ChargeKey will provides full professional and support services to its customers and a simple and intuitive portal from which any application can be protected and e-commerce enabled within 24hours withat no upfront charges either through subscription fees or service entry charges.

Once e-commerce enabled and protected through ChargeKey, a vendor is then able to distribute its software through whichever medium it chooses whether via a package CD or through downloads from its own or the ChargeKey wWebsite. Only when a purchase is made does a transaction charge from the ChargeKey service take place costing only 6% or 7% of the total transaction for each individual purchase depending on the ChargeKey level of service chosen by the vendor.

ChargeKey delivery services will fall into three distinct bands depending on the type of customer. ChargeKey customers range from individual developers to SME’s and large corporate enterprises.

The three bands offer, at one end, ChargeKey enabled Trialwrap protection as a basic utility aimed at developers and small users, or Softlocx protection aimed at users and SME’s who want to build in protection and distribution into their own software including ActiveX controls. Both Chargekey enabled Trialwrap and Softlocx are available at 6% of the total transaction cost to the vendor including all credit card payment and processing fees.

The third band and highest specification offers ChargeKey enabled Titanium protection – the strongest protection available in the industry - with customisable license management at a 7% transaction cost, aimed at enterprise and high end users.
Competitors offering online software distribution normally charge up front or entry fees as well as much higher transaction percentage costs, as much as 40% of the total transaction, on each purchase.

Analysts IDC reckon that by 2003 online software delivery will have grown to an estimated billion. Online distribution provides several advantages including the ability to implement secure try before you buy options for applications as well as the resources saved by not having to keep an inventory of stock.

Summary of Benefits for the ChargeKey Service:

* No need for vendors to obtain merchant ID as it is already provided in the protective software.

* Proven “Trial before you buy” technology.

* No up front costs through entry or monthly fees – only cost occurs if the software is bought. At 6 or 7% (depending on the level of protection required) it is still the lowest transaction cost offered in the industry.

* World’s strongest anti-piracy protection as standard.

* ChargeKey protection and transaction services are not tied to any particular distribution medium it is only the unlocking process that must be done online. Once protected the protective software wrap stays with the application and can be distributed packaged on a CD or downloaded from any vendors Web site over the Internet.

* Automated fulfilment, flexibility and secure online access 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Visit and take the tour.

About ChargeKey

ChargeKey is a subsidiary service of BitArts Labs created to provide sophisticated yet user friendly access to secure online distribution of applications for software publishers and developers. Chargekey utilises BitArts powerful and secure transaction and license protection mechanisms. Online distribution and transactions through ChargeKey ensures a secure automated online credit card payment service and is available with no entry or monthly fees and at the lowest percentage transaction costs in the SESD (secure electronic software distribution) industry.

About BitArts Labs

BitArts Labs (formerly BitArts) is a software development company that is focused primarily on the development of protection, security and encryption software providing solutions for the secure delivery of software applications and digital content, digital rights management and license management over the Internet. BitArts Labs’ suite of products incorporate the functionality for the successful management and distribution of secure and protected software and digital content, copyright and licensing protection as well as the collection of royalties from such content.

The company was founded in 1998 by Chief Technology Officer, John Safa and now boasts an impressive management line-up which includes Danny Chapchal as CEO and Dr Cheryl Shavers, former US Undersecretary of Commerce for Science and Technology in the Clinton Administration, as Chairperson. BitArts Labs is headquartered in Nottingham, UK with customers in more than 65 countries.

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