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Marimba enables ISVs to distribute, update, and manage software over the

15 October 2001 - Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA), a leading provider of
systems management solutions built for e-business, today announced "ISV
Solutions," a management solution for independent software vendors (ISVs),
such as InterVideo, Intuit, KANA, MusicMatch, and Selectica. Marimba's ISV
Solutions, an extension to Marimba's core Change Management products,
provide consumer and enterprise software vendors with the necessary tools to
create self-updating applications. By embedding self-update capabilities
into their applications, Marimba is able to provide ISVs with a competitive
edge in terms of reduced support costs and delivering new products and
features to market.

"Both consumers and enterprises benefit when ISVs are able to self-update
their products," said Neal Goldman, research director at the Yankee Group.
"Consumers like the process to be simple and transparent, while enterprises
can spend less time worrying about pushing out updates internally or to

"With the advent of the Internet, software users have become accustomed to
getting the latest, most feature-rich software at the click of a button.
That trend toward instant service will continue, and ISVs may soon find that
the competitive landscape for their software includes its ability to be
seamlessly delivered, updated, and managed," said Fred Broussard, senior
research analyst at IDC in Framingham, Massachusetts. "ISVs that don't
recognise the value of this functionality could soon find themselves losing
deals on the basis of serviceability and supportability. Marimba is
bringing to market a solution set that provides ISVs with the ability to
embed self-managing and updating functionality into their applications.
Those that take advantage of it could quickly differentiate themselves from

As ISVs compete in their respective markets, the ones who are able to
effectively update and manage their software in the field will establish a
competitive advantage. ISVs are always looking for ways to reduce their
time to market and reduce support costs. Marimba's ISV Solutions provide
software vendors with a transparent delivery mechanism for application
updates that will allow them to transition their business model to a
subscription-based, software-as-a-service model, where new features and
services are delivered regularly over the Web.

Reduce Support and Media Duplication Costs

ISVs are constantly looking to automate their software updating process and
replace manual intervention. Marimba's built-in self-healing virtually
eliminates the painful and oftentimes cumbersome process of self-service
updating, a practice that requires users to locate and download the
application update from the ISV Web site. Another method of updating is to
physically create and mail out a CD or diskette to the end-customer.
Marimba's ISV Solutions reduces the need to create these physical CDs or
diskette's, reduces human error in a failed manual update, and ultimately
reduces support calls by facilitating a better end-customer product.

"Having the ability to virtually eliminate the shipping of thousands of CDs
to enterprise customers is a significant cost savings for us," said Fabio
Angelillis, executive vice president of engineering at KANA. "In addition,
we expect the proactive delivery of updates by Marimba's ISV Solutions to
greatly increase our user-adoption success rate."

Speed Products to Market

Marimba's ISV Solutions can speed time to market in two ways. First and
foremost, the Marimba updating solution allows a software vendor to focus on
their core product line instead of designing, developing, maintaining, and
enhancing an update management solution as robust and scalable as Marimba's.
The second manner in which Marimba speeds time to market is by allowing an
ISV to release their solution and updates earlier. Rather than extending the
development cycle to include every key feature, Marimba allows a vendor to
deliver a product to market quickly with a core set of features. Once in
the field, an initial update will bring the application up to the most
current revision. Then, over time, additional new features and services can
be delivered in a seamless and transparent manner.

Improved Quality of Service

Marimba's ISV Solutions increase customer retention by seamlessly providing
new features and services to the end-user. The customer/vendor relationship
is enhanced, because the product can be customised and continually refreshed
throughout the lifecycle of the relationship. Continual delivery of new
features and services also enables the ISV to react quickly to competitive
pressures and to reduce the potential loss of a customer to a competitive

Successful Customers

"Marimba's ISV Solutions allow us to perform automatic and seamless updates
to our customers," said Bill Caid, vice president of engineering for
MusicMatch. "As a result, MusicMatch can deliver enhanced services to all
MusicMatch Jukebox customers with the latest version of our software, and
can support the Web-based delivery of new personalised services that improve
their music listening experiences."

"Initially, we considered developing a management infrastructure to update
our software," said Raul Diaz, vice president of business development at
InterVideo. "However, we needed to scale to millions of users and focus on
our strengths to get our products to market faster. With Marimba's
market-proven products that encompass Internet-standard security technology
and byte-level differencing capabilities into one solution, they saved us
time and money in the engineering process and enabled us to scale to our
user base which is growing by about one million installations every month."

"With over 14 million WinDVD users, InterVideo is providing the world's most
popular way to watch DVDs on a PC," said Dr. Honda Shing, chief technology
officer at InterVideo. "Because of the extraordinary high demand for
InterVideo products, and because all of InterVideo's audio and video
software is available via our Web site, Marimba's tools allow us to
effectively scale to meet a demand that is growing by over one million users
per month."

"As a leader in Change Management products, it's a natural progression for
us to extend our core competency with our ISV Solutions," said Rich Wyckoff,
president and CEO of Marimba, Inc. "In today's market, we are able to
differentiate ourselves by growing and adding targeted products for ISVs and
device/appliance vendors, products that leverage our existing Change
Management expertise in the server and desktop/mobile markets."

Platforms and Availability

Marimba's ISV Solutions are available now and support Windows NT, Windows
2000, HP, Solaris, Linux, AIX, and QNX platforms. Pricing varies based on
number of end-points and network configuration. For additional information
on all of Marimba's products, please contact Marimba sales via phone at +44
118 949 7060, or via email at .

About Marimba

Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA)
provides systems management solutions built for e-business. Marimba's
Server Management, Desktop/Mobile Management, and Embedded Management
product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT
resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs.

For more
information, please call +44 118 949 7060, or visit our Web site at

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of
Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the safe harbors created by these
sections. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding:
the functionality and benefits expected to be provided by Marimba's ISV
Solutions, including allowing consumer and enterprise software vendors to
speed time to market, reduce support and media duplication costs, improve
quality of service and increase customer retention. Those results are
subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including: technical
challenges consumer and enterprise vendors may face in implementing and
deploying Marimba's ISV Solutions, which could limit the benefits expected
to be provided by such products; the rapid pace of technological change and
other development, marketing and sales challenges faced by Marimba, which
could limit the ability of Marimba to make its new products generally
available on schedule or with the expected functionality; potential
increased competition for Marimba in the change management and related
markets; and general economic, technological and market conditions, which
could affect the level of demand for systems management solutions in general
and Marimba's products in particular. Actual results may differ materially
due to these and other factors. The matters discussed in this press release
also involve risks and uncertainties described from time to time in
Marimba's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In
particular, see the Risk Factors described in Marimba's most recently filed
Annual Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, as submitted
to the SEC and as may be updated or amended with future filings or
submissions. Marimba undertakes no obligation to release publicly any
updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained in this
press release that may reflect events or circumstances occurring after the
date of this press release.


Marimba is a registered trademark of Marimba, Inc. in the U.S. and/or
certain other countries. Other product, trademark, company or service names
mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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