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Venation set to transform enterprise networks with radical approach to content distribution

- World-beating British technology offers huge efficiency gains

- Breakthrough tackles causes, not symptoms of network congestion and challenges conventional wisdom on bandwidth

Ipswich, UK - 16 October 2001. Venation has come to the rescue of major companies suffering from under-performing, sluggish networks with a range of products that tackles everyday frustrations and paves the way to exploit advanced applications currently beyond their grasp.

Venation, backed by BT and Softbank Europe Ventures, today unveils ground-breaking technology that provides a compelling, cost-effective alternative to disruptive network upgrades and the narrow scope offered by 'point' solutions to date.

Venation's approach also challenges conventional wisdom that simply buying extra bandwidth will solve the multiple problems caused by congested networks.

By fundamentally changing the way content is distributed, Venation frees up bandwidth, supercharging the network and enabling the delivery of multiple applications over a single platform.

Companies can improve business critical functions across a wide area network - combating the delays, poor latency and system downtime that lead to a frustrating user experience and reduced productivity. Enterprises can also take full advantage of advanced applications such as streaming, video-conferencing and video-on-demand that are beyond the capabilities of today's networks.

The combination of increased efficiency and scope for new applications is achieved by deploying Venation's network server solutions, which are installed as an overlay to the existing network infrastructure.

Venation CEO Ralph Cochrane said: "Venation technology heralds a new era for corporate networks. Our technology represents a real breakthrough that sweats the assets and unleashes maximum possible capacity from the network infrastructure.

"We're confident that companies deploying Venation will recoup their investment in less than a year."
Venation, as an independent company, was spun off from BT earlier this year to develop its revolutionary approach to content distribution. With £7m backing from Softbank Europe Ventures, the company was launched in February 2001 by co-founders Ralph Cochrane and Paul Evans.

The potential for Venation to add a new dimension to an enterprise's IT capability has already been recognised by some of the UK's largest enterprises. In the last few months, Venation technology has delivered a 400% increase in network capacity for a leading high street bank.

Exploding the bandwidth myth

Because it frees up bandwidth by distributing content efficiently, Venation technology is set to challenge conventional wisdom that bandwidth is the panacea for companies whose networks are struggling to cope with increasing demands.

Venation CEO Ralph Cochrane, said: "It's a myth that simply buying more bandwidth will solve all your network problems - it won't. But that's as sophisticated as the debate got until now. If your shower lacks pressure you don't buy a bigger showerhead, you invest in a shower pump. Likewise, if you have an inefficient network you need to get to the heart of the problem and look at when and how content is distributed across it.

"Buying bandwidth means you have bigger pipes, but any improvement will soon be redundant as traffic expands to fit the space - with the same problems lurking just around the corner. Bandwidth cannot differentiate between different types of content or priorities. Venation not only cuts out redundant network traffic, but also means business-critical content can be 'fast-tracked' - providing the intelligent dimension to bandwidth that has been missing to date."

Introducing Venation's technology

With data traffic doubling every six months, networks will continue to come under increasing pressure as they try to meet demand for faster access and richer content. But those relying on traditional 'one-to-one' principles of content distribution will become increasingly paralysed by the unnecessary duplication of traffic this produces.

In contrast, Venation-enabled networks push content to the edge of the network once, with changes sent only as and when needed. This significantly reduces the amount of redundant traffic crossing the network at any one time, freeing up bandwidth and allowing for the efficient distribution of other applications typically deemed too 'hungry' to be relayed effectively.

For example, imagine a branch office of an enterprise, each with 100 end users, wanting to distribute new virus software. Using traditional 'one-to-one' distribution, a file update would be sent from the centre to each of the 100 PCs, sequentially. With a Venation enabled network, the same file updates are sent as one data stream to a branch level server, which distributes the content simultaneously to its 100 end-users. This reduces the bandwidth required for the task to a small fraction - just 1% - of that previously required.

Venation's patent-protected technology is the first to offer optimised content distribution at network infrastructure level - very different in scope and impact to more tactical solutions such as compression technology, or web acceleration tools.

A hardware platform is the foundation of Venation-enabled networks. Venation patent-protected technology is built into a series of powerful servers, V1000, V3000 and V9000 that are deployed at network 'hot spots' - at branch, regional office and data centre levels respectively - to create a transport layer. These servers incorporate application adaptors that enable content in any application to benefit from improvements generated by Venation. A domain controller manages the Venation-enabled network.

Venation expects most demand will come from businesses looking to use a series of servers equipped with their software distribution, web cache acceleration, media streaming, and database replication adaptors.

Paul Evans, Venation co-founder and CTO said: "Venation's brainpower has cracked a problem that has plagued network managers and vexed businesses - how to stop the upwards spiral of technology investment needed to deliver a robust corporate network."



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Introducing Venation's products

A Venation-enabled network will comprise:

Venation Hardware platform - Designed around three servers, specially designed for specific parts of the network:

V1000: Small, freestanding hardware device suitable for branch offices and front end networks, serving 100s of end clients.

V3000: Midrange server for regional offices and backbone networks, capable of serving 1,000s of clients. Rack mounted.

V9000: 4U rack mounted server suitable for data and host centres and core networks with capacity to serve 100,000s of end clients.

Venation adaptors - the interface between transport layer and any application. Venation has developed four generic adaptors:

Software Distribution Adaptor: Sends only one copy of each software files over each network line -cutting out duplication and speeding up distribution. Example: efficient distribution of virus software upgrades.

Web Cache Acceleration Adaptor: Drastic reduction in network traffic to deliver instant access to 'always' fresh content. Compatible with all Internet Caching Protocol (ICP) compliant caches.

Database Replication Adaptor; Monitors central databases for changes and mirrors database to local servers.

Media Streaming Adaptor: Provides cost effective streaming by sending only one copy of content over each link in the network - ensuring rapid file distribution. Compatible with leading media players.

Venation Domain Controller - manages the Venation-enabled network, distributing system updates and providing statistical reporting for all Venation-enabled applications.

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