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Powerful digital video software with built-in DVD/CD authoring for professional results at a consumer price; optimised for Intel Pentium 4 for maximum performance; certified by Microsoft as ‘Designed for Windows XP’

MGI, a leading global provider of visual media software and infrastructure solutions, today announced the launch of MGI VideoWave 5, a new edition of the world's most popular consumer video editing package. Featuring advanced new video technologies and high performance, yet still remaining exceptionally easy to use, VideoWave 5 is the first ever integrated video editing and DVD authoring program available for the home and business user. The software is designed to give users unprecedented functionality and control for creating DVD, Mini DVD (DVD on CD) and VCD (video CD) movies, as well as providing all the tools required for publishing to the Web. MGI VideoWave 5 will be available from leading software retailers from mid November 2001 at £89.99 inc VAT.

Stephen Mold, MGI’s European managing director, said, “With VideoWave 5, users of all levels of PC and video experience can make their own high quality movies and then put them on a DVD that can be shared by family, friends and business associates. Once again, MGI is bringing technology that was previously only accessible at a professional level to the home video hobbyist, enthusiast or small business user – at a phenomenal price. "

In addition to DVD Authoring, MGI VideoWave 5 includes many new features and enhancements, including:

- Microsoft Windows XP certification – VideoWave 5 meets the quality standards of Microsoft Corp.’s ‘Designed for Windows XP’ logo programme

- Pentium 4 optimisation – VideoWave 5 is optimised for the Intel Pentium 4, taking advantage of the processor's new architecture for improved speed and performance

- New MGI MPEG decoder – developed by MGI, VideoWave’s new MPEG encoder allows the capturing and producing of both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 videos

- 4GB file limit solved! – VideoWave 5 enables users to capture video clips in excess of the 4GB Windows file size limitation

- WMA audio support – users can now include audio tracks in the Microsoft Windows Media Audio format within their videos

John Frederiksen, general manager of Windows marketing at Microsoft, said, “Microsoft has been working closely with MGI to ensure that VideoWave 5 helps to provide the best possible computing experience with the Windows XP operating system. Through programmes such as the Designed for Windows logo, hardware and software quality standards are brought under a single logo, allowing customers to easily recognise the products that are designed to deliver a great computing experience with Windows XP.”

Seamless DVD Authoring capabilities

Unlike other video packages that offer DVD authoring as a plug-in, the DVD authoring capabilities in MGI VideoWave 5 are seamlessly integrated as part of the core application, making the process of creating a DVD or VCD of their final video extremely easy. Through VideoWave 5’s intuitive interface and workflow, the user can drag video clips in any format into the preview window, customise menus using an extensive library of background images and navigation buttons, and add complex features such as chaptering and multiple menus.

Once the user is happy with their final production, VideoWave 5 works behind the scenes to generate broadcast-quality MPEG-2 video and the associated DVD navigational files. With a DVD writable drive, the user can then ‘burn’ discs that can be played in their living room on a standard DVD player. MGI’s own software DVD player, SoftDVD Max, is also included in the package to enable smooth playback of DVDs created by VideoWave 5 on a PC or laptop.

Support for all DVD standards

Supporting all commercially available DVD burners, VideoWave 5’s integrated CD, VCD and DVD authoring solution enables users to create professional-looking DVD titles complete with menus, chapters, background images and audio, which can then be written directly to any DVD drive, including DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD+RW or conventional CD writers. VideoWave’s DVD authoring capability supports multiple output formats: standard DVD for a consumer electronics player, or DVD for playback on any computer equipped with a DVD player or VideoCD.

DVD Authoring: how it works

In VideoWave 5’s DVD Authoring mode, the user's existing video and audio clips automatically appear in the Content Library. The user simply drags clips to create a customised menu with multiple titles (or chapters) and links to various scenes in the overall movie. A broad selection of buttons and thematic backgrounds are included, and users also have complete control of the menu layout, including the background image, buttons shapes and sizes, and can add music and text using any Windows font. A snap-on grid aids the user in laying out the menu uniformly. Users can also add their own images, or select a still image from a video clip to become the button-face. When complete, VideoWave 5 creates the necessary files required for the DVD, then directs the user to ‘burn’ the content.

Once the DVD has been created, it can be played back on a home DVD player for viewing on TV, and all the menus and chapters can be navigated using a standard remote control.

Fast, fun and easy video production

MGI VideoWave 5 includes a host of technologies to make the video editing and publishing process easier, including:

- Scene Detection for easy video management – ‘Scene Detection’ scans each video clip to automatically find scene changes – based on adjustments in lighting and colour in the footage – saving each scene as a separate video clip for easier editing.

- SmartDV – SmartDV only decodes and re-encodes the parts of a video that have actually been changed as a result of editing, which is typically a small part of the total production. Parts of a clip that have not been altered are simply copied to the final output. By avoiding the extra step of decoding and re-encoding unaltered segments, SmartDV produces DV video much more quickly.

- Slow and fast motion – VideoWave 5’s unique ‘TimeWarp’ function produces incredibly smooth fast or slow-motion video effects. Based on DynaPel’s patented PelKinetics technology, the program mathematically calculates additional frames and fills in the gaps between frames, or converts videos from one frame rate to another.

- Video streaming for the Web – MGI VideoWave 5 allows users to create movies in the most popular web video streaming formats (Windows Media and RealVideo). A single-click ‘Publish-to-Web’ feature automatically posts the clip to a portal community, with 10MB of free web space provided for registered users to share their videos with family, friends and colleagues.

System Requirements for MGI VideoWave 5

Desktop or laptop PC running Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP, minimum Pentium III 500MHz, 64MB RAM, 110MB available disk space for program, 1GB workspace, Ultra DMA, SVGA video card with at least 4MB video RAM, 1024x768 minimum display resolution at 16-bit colour. 24x CD-ROM drive, mouse, DVD re-writable drive to create DVDs and CD-R/RW to create mini DVD and VCD, 16-bit stereo sound card with speakers recommended. TV tuner or video capture board required for analogue capture (video or TV out required for output to tape) or OHCI compliant IEEE-1394 (FireWire) card for use with DV camcorders.

Pricing & Availability

MGI VideoWave 5 will be available in PC World, Electronics Boutique, Game,, Jessops and other leading software stores from mid November 2001 for £89.99 including VAT.

Notes to Editors

For further information, box and screen shots, products for review or competitions, please contact: Jenny Hodge, communications manager Europe, MGI Software, tel: +44 (0)1908 278106 / +44 (0)7775 897360, email:

MGI contact information for publication:

MGI web site:

Customer enquiries and sales: 0800 973830

The DVD market

With the recent emergence of sub £600-priced DVD re-writable drives, DVD authoring is set to become the ‘next big thing’ in home computing and entertainment. According to US-based market research firm, IDC, worldwide shipments of CD/DVD-R&W devices are expected to grow from 35 million units in 2001 to 124 million units by 2004. Of these, DVD-R&W devices are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 221%. Furthermore, worldwide shipments of DVD-ROM units (devices used for DVD playback on a PC) are expected to grow from 24.7 million units in 2001 to more than 58 million units in 2004 (CAGR of 46%). IDC also predicts that in early 2003, production of DVD players will surpass that of conventional video recorders, marking a significant shift from analogue to digital video in the consumer domain.

About VideoWave

MGI pioneered the consumer video editing software category with the introduction of MGI VideoWave 1.0 in 1997. It was the first product to use a storyboard versus the traditional timeline approach to video production. The industry hailed VideoWave as the world’s first ‘word processor’ for video, and it received over 160 awards for technical innovation. MGI has since shipped more than 5 million copies, ranking MGI as the world’s leading supplier of video editing software for non-professionals, according to market analysts.

About MGI

MGI is a leading global provider of visual media software and infrastructure solutions that enable individuals and businesses to maximise their use of digital images and video. MGI’s flagship PhotoSuite and VideoWave products are distributed in more than 40 countries through traditional and online channels, and its image server technologies and web tools are used by leading commercial web sites worldwide. The Company’s products include proprietary technologies supported by more than 90 patents and patent pending applications. With headquarters in Richmond Hill, Canada, MGI maintains branch offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. MGI is a public company whose shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol 'MGI'. MGI is ranked among Canada’s top ten fastest growing technology companies based on the percentage of growth in revenues from 1996-2000.

More information may be obtained on the Company at or

In the UK, MGI is a member of the British Photographic and Imaging Association (BPIA), the Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) and The European Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA).

© MGI Software Corp., 2001. MGI, VideoWave and PhotoSuite are registered trademarks of MGI Software Corp. All other company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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