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London, October 25 2001 – Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has announced the MB90V390, the cornerstone of a new MB90390, 16-bit microcontroller series in 0.35µm process technology, which combines Fujitsu’s proven 16LX processor core with a wealth of peripheral functions. This new series represents just the latest step in Fujitsu’s on-going technology evolution.

Apart from reducing the chip size, the smaller geometry of the MB90390 series results in higher operating frequencies and an improved performance/power consumption ratio compared with the preceding 0.5µm technology families. The series offers a reduced CPU cycle time of just 50ns.

The typical higher noise emission peaks associated with increased CPU frequencies have been significantly reduced in the MB90390 series through the integration by Fujitsu of a patented clock modulator circuit. This feature makes the MB90390 series ideally suited for use in applications where high performance combined with low EMI emissions is essential.

Just such an application which is ideally suited to the MB90390 series is automotive dashboard controls, where EMI emissions are a major problem due to the inability to shield the dashboard and the close proximity of the radio aerial to the dashboard. The MB90390 series is equipped with an array of dashboard specific peripherals, including a sound generator, an 18-bit time-base timer and high current output ports for directly driving 6 stepper motors. However, the major part of the MB90390 family’s silicon is dedicated to its 384kB to 512kB Flash memory macro, which requires no additional programming voltage and offers a write/erase life of 10,000 cycles.

The first device now available is the MB90V390 evaluation chip, which is designed for use in the emulator and is equipped with even more peripherals. These peripherals will be integrated into future members of the MB90390 series.

A complete development environment is also available for this new series of microcontrollers.

The first device for volume production is the 16LX-based MB90F394 family member. As the 16LX CPU is extremely efficient with C-Code, it is highly economic in utilising memory, enabling significant die size reduction and cost savings to the customer. Whereas typical 32-bit CPUs may need 512kB to store a specific functionality, the MB90F394 needs by comparison just 384kB of Flash for this purpose.

The complex timer structure of the MB90F394 includes 6 channels of programmable pulse generators, 6 input capture units, 8-channel output compare and 6 additional PWM channels with slew rate control for the high current output ports. The MB90F394 interfaces to off-chip peripherals through two full CAN interfaces, one serial I/O and three UARTs, one of which is a special LIN UART. The device provides 96 I/Os overall.

The MB90F394 will be available in sample quantities during the first quarter of 2002.


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