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Uploading the Key Marks the Successful, Major Breakthrough in Overcoming Interoperability Problems with Secure Email

Dublin Ireland – 10 December, 2001 – Renowned cryptographer Phil Zimmermann today announced he successfully uploaded his PGP public key to the Hush Key Server Network using the HushTools ( facility. Hush Communications (, a leading global provider of managed security solutions and encryption key-serving technology, now has effectively tried and tested its interoperability and support for the OpenPGP standard.

The support for OpenPGP marks a major advance by breaking down the divide that exists between secure digital technologies, thus creating a universal interoperable platform. The success of the project allows for the clear communication between the robust PGP technology and Hush encryption key-serving technology with its unrivalled roaming and digital signature capability. OpenPGP is the most widely used email security protocol and this interoperability opens up Hush users to an estimated 8 million PGP users worldwide.

Phil Zimmermann, Chairman of the OpenPGP Alliance ( said, "This is a really cool development. Hush's Web based encrypted email has always been simpler for non-technical users than PGP, and now it has made a major advancement in interoperability with the rest of the OpenPGP community. PGP users can upload their public keys to the Hush Key Server Network, enabling Hush users to encrypt and send messages to PGP users or other users of the OpenPGP standard.

Not only that, but the public keys are vetted to see if they really belong to the person with the email address attached to the user's key. Hush has implemented an automated email verifier and certification mechanism that eliminates a lot of bogus keys from consideration. This makes life easier for the average user who does not want to be bothered with all the key certification complexity that PGP power users like to use.

Of course, the power users can still get their keys signed by anyone they want. OpenPGP implementers have talked about the need for this approach to vetting keys for a long time, and now Hush has succeeded in doing it. This automated email verification approach is the wave of the future for all OpenPGP implementations."

The Hush Tools service allows powerful encryption and digital signature operations to be performed from any computer on the Internet, anywhere in the world. Services are offered for users of Hush Communications products such as, HushMail Private Label, and HushMail Professional, as well as users of other products based on the OpenPGP standard.

The user set of tools allows Hush users to sign in and encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify text and files. It also allows users of OpenPGP systems to upload and download public keys, providing an easy means of secure communication between Hush users and all other OpenPGP users.

"The project shows the close co-operation between Hush Communications and the OpenPGP Alliance," said Ben Cutler, of Hush Communications. "Hush has a plan to advance secure communications worldwide through the provision of reliable, easy to use, messaging solutions for secure data exchange over the Internet. It is committed to developing and providing PKI-enabled complete solutions and services for both personal and business sectors without sacrificing ease of use."

The OpenPGP standard has provided a welcome alternative to security infrastructure standards. Compared to existing standards, it has been rigorously tested, provides a more flexible trust model, has a larger user community, is cheaper to implement and more user friendly for its adopters. The breakthrough in meeting this standard has widened the appeal and usability of Hush solutions immensely.

Ben Cutler concluded, "We aim to better meet the requirements of users for secure on-line communication and transmission of critical messages and time-sensitive documents. HushTools will help Hush maintain its competitive edge in today's digital world and give added impetus to the overall growth of secure communications."

To upload a PGP public key to the Hush Key Server Network, follow these steps:

1. Go to HushTools (

2. Go to 'Upload a Public key'

3. Copy and paste your public key into text area.

4. Click 'Upload'

5. The key will be stored on the Hush Key Server Network, but not yet signed by the Hush CA.

6. You will shortly receive an email asking that you confirm that you have uploaded your key.

7. Follow the hyperlink in the email.

8. The Hush CA will sign your public key, and you will be able to communicate securely with all users of the Hush Key Server Network.

As a member of the OpenPGP alliance (, Hush products offer OpenPGP compliance. Additionally, Hush is offering the chance to review recently released new products. The features and benefits of HushMail Version 2.1, among other Hush products, are available for review.

About Hush Communications

Hush Communications is the leading global provider of managed security solutions and encryption key-serving technology. It was awarded the full five stars for secure messaging product by Secure Computing Magazine, the Best Internet Security Freeware Award from and voted best Webmail service for travelers' mails by the Net Internet magazine. Hush distributes its solutions to the financial, medical and legal markets, and to general portals and enterprises. These solutions include encryption products and management services in the secure communications industry. The company's SDK (Software Development Kit) allows other Web-based infrastructure companies and application providers to design product and service offerings that utilize the Hush Key Server Network. Hush develops e-security solutions to suit personal privacy, SME's and corporate enterprises. Hush has strategic alliances with NetNation Communications ( (Nasdaq:NNCI), and Security Portal (

Hush Communications Corporation is incorporated in the U.S. with operating subsidiaries in Dublin, Ireland, Salt Lake City, Utah, Vancouver, Canada and Anguilla, BWI. Hush is the provider of HushMail.Com and HushMail Private Label, the worldwide standards in secure messaging.

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