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Presenting the Complete Picture of Internet Usage

NetValue expands Internet measurement to cover work and university access:

- 8 million Brits access the Internet from work

- UK high street shopping sites attract biggest spenders

- British workers conduct online banking and food shopping while on the clock

NetValue introduces BPItm, the only index which measures online buying power of websites visitors:

- WHsmith online customers have the highest purchasing power of all UK shopping sites

- Visitors to TV websites most likely to shop online

NetValue, a global leader in Internet intelligence, today released its first report which includes information on Internet access at work and the unique Buying Power Index, which measures online purchasing power of Internet visitors. Reflecting the company¡¦s new capabilities based on Megapaneltm, NetValue now provides home, work and university Internet information, giving a more complete picture of the UK population¡¦s online behaviour.

NetValue found that a quarter of the UK workforce is connected to the Internet ¡V with 7.8 million people having access and regularly using the Internet at work - representing 25 per cent of the 31.4 million UK workers . 14.75 million British people have home Internet access currently.

Home vs. Work access:

NetValue also reports that people spend more time on certain websites at work than at home. Online visitors to Tesco, Egg and Lloyds TSB spend much more time on those sites at work than at home.¡¦s customers, for instance, visited the website on average 10.7 times per month while at work, whereas home visits amounted to only 4.1 times per month.

Duration per user

(minutes per month): (home)/(work)

- 11.7/26.9

- 16.7/22.5

- 16.9/57.2

Non-work related websites accessed at work

NetValue also reports that British workers are accessing a large number of websites with non-work related content from their desktop PCs. experienced 2.3 million visitors from work during October 2001, 1.5 million visitors and had nearly 1.5 million people access their websites while at work.

Duration per user

(minutes per month): (home)/(work)

- 11.7/26.9

- 16.7/22.5

- 16.9/57.2

Top 10 UK At Work websites

As with home Internet access, leads the work access table, with 4.7 million people accessing the portal from work in the UK.

Domain/At Work unique visitors 2,388,000 1,516,000 1,438,000 1,280,000 966,000

NetValue's unique BPI

NetValue's unique Buying Power Index (BPItm) measures the online purchasing power of visitors to websites. It is a revolutionary way to accurately measure the actual online buying power of a website's audience relative to the Internet overall.

UK high street shopping sites attract the biggest spenders

Britain¡¦s high street shops have been attracting the most business, as nine of the top ten websites with the highest BPI belong to established retail brands.
WH Smiths, Argos, Comet, Currys, Littlewoods and Woolworths lead the index. and were the only pure-play Internet retailers to make the top ten.

In October 2001, recorded a BPI of 612, demonstrating that the domain's visitors purchased six times as much online as the average Internet user, while showed a BPI of 517 during the same period.

Top 10 BPI - UK Shopping Sites

Domain: BPI

- 614

- 516

- 424

- 381

- 307

- 291

- 257

- 253

- 231

- 221 visitors are the most active Internet shoppers in the TV sector

NetValue research showed that visitors to have the highest purchasing power over other leading British television websites, ahead of, the Granada and Boots joint venture, and This is a clear indication that visitors to these websites are active Internet shoppers.

Top 5 BPI UK television websites

Domain: BPI

- 526.0

- 265.1

- 137.9

- 103.8

- 103.1

*** Please credit all data to NetValue ***


Internet user

A NetValue Internet user is an individual who has connected to the Internet at least once during the reference period.


A NetValue session is the length of time the Internet is used without a break of more than 10 minutes.


The BPI tm measures the average purchasing power of visitors to a given domain as compared to the average purchasing power of Internet users. The BPI tm is based on the top 100 e-commerce web domains in the UK market.

About NetValue

NetValue, a global leader in Internet intelligence delivers unprecedented insight into online user behaviour, e-business, Internet trends and activity, by incorporating its superior technology and pristine research methodology.

NetValue provides online and offline insight to consumer behaviour which help companies to improve their strategy and maximize their revenues. NetValue is the only global company to offer the complete picture of Internet usage

NetValue's technology provides us with the unparalleled flexibility and scalability to customise our offerings and tailor our products to meet clients' specific business needs. It delivers the greatest depth and breadth of protocol measurement, capturing all Internet protocol activity including: web, email, chat, audio, video, games, instant messaging etc.

Founded in France in 1998, NetValue has operations in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, US, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan. NetValue clients include AOL, Freeserve, BBC, Tesco, NatWest, Mastercard, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.


The NetValue Megapaneltm is a worldwide resource which benefits from comScore¡¦s massive sample size, the largest on the Internet. Through its partnership with the American company comScore Networks, NetValue now has the ability to measure all types of universes (home, work, university) and to monitor all secured activities, including e-commerce transactions.

NetValue can be reached at:

Press contacts

Joshua Van Raalte or Becky Hitch, Le Fevre Communications
Tel: 01865 202666

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