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New Reporting Capabilities Enable Collaboration with Partners at All Technological Levels

New Scenario Manager Maximizes Profitability and Accuracy of Sales Orders

J.D. Edwards, a leading provider of agile, collaborative solutions for the connected economy, today announced the general availability of Advanced Planning 4.0, a significant update of J.D. Edwards' supply chain suite with a host of new features and functionalities to drive the enterprise's bottom line and extend collaborative commerce capabilities to partners with diverse technological capabilities.

Significant enhancements available in Advanced Planning 4.0 include:

* New scenario simulation capabilities in the Strategic Network Optimisation application, empowering users to make highly-informed strategic decisions such as plant location, capacity allocation, and inventory pre-build to accommodate seasonality,

* "Profitable-to-Promise" and "Capable-to-Promise" Order Promising, allowing sales personnel to make financially and operationally optimal decisions about sales order commitments,

* A real-time Microsoft(r) Excel client and new Web enhancements for Production & Distribution Planning, which facilitates sharing of supply chain planning information with all trading partners, regardless of their level of collaborative software sophistication,

In addition, as part of the rollout of Advanced Planning 4.0, a new application called Demand Consensus, which supports forward-looking collaborative forecasting processes, will be available in January 2002.

Advanced Planning solution integrates J.D. Edwards' best-of-breed supply chain planning technology with its OneWorld fulfilment software. The company's comprehensive supply chain planning and execution solution includes such planning modules as Strategic Network Optimisation, Demand Planning, Production and Distribution Planning, Order Promising, and Production Scheduling for both discrete and process manufacturing on the planning side. These applications integrate in real-time with J.D. Edwards' fulfilment applications, including modules such as Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Shop Floor Management, Procurement Management and Product Data Management.

"J.D. Edwards' new Advanced Planning 4.0 software delivers new cutting-edge collaborative commerce capabilities in a solution that maximises visibility into the entire supply chain," said Bruce Thornburg, vice president of Business Processes and Technology at SalesLink Corporation, a supply chain management company specialising in the high-tech electronics industry. "We have seen a significant reduction in planning cycle time and inventory levels since implementing the Advanced Planning Solution. The Advanced Planning 4.0 collaborative enhancements in Demand Consensus forecasting and Production and Distribution Planning will further bolster our ability to make continuous improvements in the supply chain management needs of our customers."

Strategic Network Optimisation Supports Capital Asset Management

J.D. Edwards' Strategic Network Optimisation provides long-range strategic and tactical decision support regarding supply chain network configuration, asset rationalisation, material sourcing plans and capacity plans. Decisions reflect global objectives for costs, profits, and customer service levels and allow a company to visualise multiple what-if scenarios to determine the most effective way to structure their supply chain.

Strategic Network Optimisation enhancements include a new scenario manager, multi-currency profit optimisation, and several new views and reports. The scenario manager allows the user to quickly simulate the impact of adjusting supply chain variables and conditions and assess the effect of the changes on the supply chain in terms of cost, profit, margins, customer service levels, capacity and material requirements, etc.

Order Promising Offers Multi-site, Available-to-Promise, Capable-to-Promise and Profitable-to-Promise Features

Advanced Planning 4.0's Order Promising application now provides real-time Available-to-Promise, Capable-to-Promise and Profitable-to Promise capabilities. Order Promising supports enterprise-wide Capable-to-Promise by simultaneously supporting multiple order entry front-ends, including OneWorld Sales Order Entry, Customer Self-Service and CRM applications, as well as web storefronts. Promises are made to individual customers based on user-defined business objectives such as maximising customer service or minimising costs, allowing the customer service representative to immediately quote accurate delivery dates to the customer while they are placing their order.

Order Promising works in two ways. In Auto-Promise mode, orders are automatically promised in real-time, including pick, ship and delivery dates. In Scenario Manager mode, the user can evaluate multiple fulfilment alternatives and examine costs, margins and on-time performance for each alternative. The information can be used to support negotiation of price and delivery while the customer is still on the phone.

Since Order Promising is tightly integrated to OneWorld's execution system, all inventory-related transactions, including late purchase orders, scrapped material or cancelled sales orders, impact promises in real-time.

Production & Distribution Planning Extends Collaborative Commerce to New Partners

Production and Distribution Planning (PDP) enables development of a collaborative supply chain network in which supply chain participants share real-time, accurate and appropriate information.

A key enhancement to PDP allows customers to share supply chain planning information using Excel as an interactive reporting tool. To enable information sharing with a partner who only has Excel and e-mail capabilities, the software automatically extracts information into an Excel file, which can then be e-mailed to the partner. In reverse, Excel spreadsheets from a partner can be uploaded to PDP, automatically updating the necessary information.

"Advanced Planning 4.0 broadens the set of partners an enterprise can conduct collaborative commerce with," said Ed Sitarski, vice president of Advanced Planning at J.D. Edwards. Smaller suppliers that don't have expensive c-commerce capabilities can still be plugged into J.D. Edwards' real-time information capabilities. The result is unprecedented flexibility in business partner selection and collaboration."

About J.D. Edwards

J.D. Edwards is a leading provider of agile, collaborative solutions for the Internet economy. The Company's open solutions give organisations the freedom to choose how they assemble their internal applications and how they collaborate with partners and customers across the supply chain to increase competitive advantage. Founded in 1977, J.D. Edwards is headquartered in Denver.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Company via the Internet at or at 0118 909 1700.

Note to editor: J.D. Edwards recently announced its Advanced Planning Value Calculator, a user-friendly tool available on J.D. Edwards' website that is designed to allow a company to quickly benchmark their supply chain performance against other companies in their industry and to identify problem areas where the Advanced Planning Solution can directly improve their financial performance (See news release dated 1 November 2001).

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