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Industry's Only Automated Code Deployment System Increases Security, Adds
Integration With
myLoudcloud Customer Portal and On-Demand Back Up and Restore

London, January 14, 2001 -- Loudcloud today announced the new
version of Loudcloud Code Deployment System(tm) 2.0, the industry's only
automated solution for updating Web site application code. The company,
which manages the Web operations for large enterprise customers, introduced
CDS 2.0 to give customers more security and control over their Web site code
deployment. The system also includes on-demand back up and restore of "safe"
code, mitigating risks associated with poor change management procedures.
Powered by Loudcloud's Opsware(tm) automation technology, the Loudcloud Code
Deployment System 2.0 is a Web-based application that makes it easier,
faster and safer for customers to deploy new application code and content
for their Web sites.

The average Loudcloud customer makes over 100 changes to their site
every year, and many customers, like Atriax, the world's leading foreign
exchange portal with over 70 member banks and over 7,500 registered users,
make changes on a daily basis. To keep pace with business demands, customers
need to make these changes quickly and authorize certain users to make those
changes. Loudcloud CDS 2.0 is the only technology-based system that solves
these challenges. Now, through the integration of Loudcloud CDS 2.0 with
myLoudcloud(tm), Loudcloud's award-winning customer portal, customers get a
Web-based, self-service interface for controlling complex code deployment.
In addition, customers can authorize specific users to perform certain tasks
and restrict access to unauthorized users, improving security.

Code changes are one of the most frequent causes of site outages and
instability. Deploying new code or content typically involves hundreds of
steps, and without automation, the process is complex, error prone and time
consuming. If the new code doesn't work, customers must undo, or "rollback,"
the changes that have just been applied. Loudcloud CDS provides easy
deployment and rollback, dramatically cutting the time and effort to deploy
new code. Customers like StatementOne, the leader in enterprise financial
data consolidation and performance reporting, can also use the new Loudcloud
CDS 2.0 on-demand back up and restore feature to designate a version of code
and content as the "last known good" version to be used for restore
purposes, ensuring that "safe" code always exists in the event of an

All Loudcloud customers can use the Loudcloud Code Deployment
System. Loudcloud customers such as Atriax and StatementOne consider this
system a critical solution for managing their Internet infrastructure and
have seen specific benefits that have dramatically improved their Web site
maintenance and management.

"Loudcloud manages an immense server farm for Atriax, and making
changes across the entire environment could be quite complex and time
consuming. The automation of Loudcloud CDS lets us make accurate and
consistent changes simultaneously," said Stephen Epstein, Chief Technology
Officer at Atriax. The world's leading foreign exchange portal backed by
Citibank, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Reuters, Atriax has over 70 member
banks and over 7,500 registered users.

"StatementOne manages a rapidly growing data flow, currently
consisting of over billion in assets, representing more than 17,000
financial advisors, over 1,450,000 investors and 3,300,000 individual
accounts. In a fast-paced business environment, I have to be able to
maintain control over our code deployment. With Loudcloud CDS, a dramatic
time-savings is achieved and I stay in control," said Larry Greenberg, CTO,
StatementOne, which uses its Internet site to deliver consolidated
securities data to financial advisors and their clients. Adds Greenberg,
"Because of CDS 2.0's tight integration with the 'myLoudcloud' portal, we
get the benefit of an automated code deployment process, and yet maintain a
proximity to our application that is critical to our success."

The new features in Loudcloud CDS 2.0 are:

* Complete Integration with myLoudcloud: Integration with the
myLoudcloud portal provides role-based access control that allows customers
to authorize users tasks appropriate to each individual, increasing
security. This integration also provides self-service control over the code
deployment process determining how and where code is deployed. In addition
to the Web interface, a command line utility is also available if customers
prefer to "script" their code deployment.

* On-demand Backup and Restore: Customers can designate a
version of code and content as the last "known good" version to be used for
restore purposes, ensuring that "safe" code always exists in the event of an

* Incremental Update: By only deploying code and content that
is different from the existing code and content, customers can update large
and complex sites in minutes rather than hours.

* Extensible Framework: Customers can customize the behavior
of the Loudcloud CDS 2.0 to meet the unique needs of their environment by
writing plug-ins that can be executed before or after any operation. For
example, Windows customers can update their registries after new code is
deployed. Or, scripts to update configuration files can be executed before
or after new code is pushed.

* Code and Content Verification: Loudcloud CDS 2.0 verifies
file changes between staging and production server directories before
applying changes, providing another safety check for potential code

"One of the largest pain points for customers is updating code and
content on their site. This is a complicated and risky undertaking that
requires detailed tracking and coordination," said Tim Howes, CTO and EVP of
Development. "Loudcloud CDS 2.0, powered by Opsware technology, automates
these tasks, reducing human error and mitigating the risk of site problems
and downtime that occur due to poor code or content. The ease of use of the
system also gives customers the control they desire over the updating

Loudcloud, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of managed services
that allow enterprise corporations to outsource their complex Internet
operations. Loudcloud deploys, manages, secures, scales, and monitors
e-business systems using its unique Opsware technology, which automates
functions otherwise done manually, delivering customers higher quality, cost
savings, and increased flexibility. Customers maintain control over their
systems via myLoudcloud(tm), Loudcloud's award-winning customer portal.
Customers also enjoy the peace of mind of high-quality, 24x7x365 operations
backed by Loudcloud's award-winning service level agreement (SLA).

About Loudcloud, Inc.

Loudcloud is the leading managed services provider, offering a
complete solution to enterprise customers for outsourcing global Internet
operations. Loudcloud deploys, manages, secures, scales, and monitors
e-business systems using its unique Opsware technology, which automates
functions otherwise done manually, delivering higher quality, cost savings,
and increased flexibility. Loudcloud manages its systems via a worldwide
network of data centers and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) located in
North America and Europe.

For more information on Loudcloud, please visit
our Web site at

Loudcloud and Opsware are service marks and trademarks of Loudcloud,
Inc. All other product names, service marks, and trademarks mentioned herein
are trademarks of their respective owners.

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