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New Products, Technologies, Programs, Partnerships Further Company's Expansion into Fastest-Growing IT Market

High Wycombe, UK - BEA eWORLD 2002 CONFERENCE-Feb. 25, 2002-BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced a series of new product offerings and strategic corporate initiatives that leverage the company's market-leading application server position to extend its foothold into the burgeoning Application Infrastructure market. The fastest growing major sector in IT, this market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent to reach $57 billion by 2005, far outpacing the growth of the enterprise application and services sectors.

In order to develop, deploy, manage, integrate and secure their enterprise applications, corporations today rely on a disparate range of technologies that collectively provide the de facto foundation for their enterprise software. Until now, unfortunately, these technology areas have been addressed separately from each other, and thus the application infrastructure underlying enterprise applications has been made up of multiple layers of incompatible technology that have been prohibitively difficult to make work together. The fragmented infrastructure resulting from this situation causes the tremendous complexity, extensive delays and enormous expense that organisations face as they try to develop, extend or integrate the legacy, packaged and custom applications that are so essential to their operations.

To address customers' needs for a consolidated enterprise software foundation, the BEA WebLogic Enterprise PlatformTM offers a unified application infrastructure platform built around the core of the industry's leading application server that is integrated seamlessly with the functions of portal; integration; operations, administration, and management; security; development and deployment.

BEA is uniquely positioned to deliver the functionality of these six disparate technologies in one unified, simplified and extensible enterprise platform that delivers the scalability, reliability and security needed to run a global, networked environment. The BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform includes the market-leading BEA WebLogic Server 7.0TM at its core, the award-winning BEA WebLogic PortalTM, BEA WebLogic IntegrationTM, and the new BEA WebLogic WorkshopTM (formerly code-named "Cajun"), along with support for third-party applications built on BEA from more than 1,000 independent software vendors. BEA's platform provides an application infrastructure foundation designed to simplify the flow of information, increase productivity and responsiveness, decrease the costs of managing applications, and leverage current and future IT investments.

"The high-end application server platform is rapidly and powerfully evolving into an infrastructure suite with a foundation of three fundamental technologies: application server, portal server and integration broker suite, and with the promise of a common foundation for deployment, development, security and systems management," said Yefim Natis, vice president, research director, Gartner. "Modern software trends such as the Internet-distributed business transactions, Web services and the emergence of composite applications-all have added new requirements to the profile of a typical application infrastructure. The increasing degree of integration between these core components inside a software suite will help make a single-vendor based infrastructure stack increasingly attractive to the mainstream enterprise."

During his BEA eWorld 2002 keynote address, BEA Founder, President and CEO Alfred Chuang outlined the company's plans to cement its leadership position in the application infrastructure market and to leverage and grow BEA's existing foundation of developers, partners and technology innovations to meet customers' business demands to improve productivity, simplify management of resources and lower business costs.

"Today's announcements spell out BEA's strategy to build the most ubiquitous software platform for building and running enterprise applications and Web Services," Chuang said. "And to serve our customers best, our platform is truly standardised. It is based on open, non-proprietary industry standards that address the reality of heterogeneous hardware platforms in most major corporations, and thus it runs on a wide range of Unix, Linux, Intel and mainframe architectures. Given our market-leading position in application servers, this is the next logical move for BEA, and we feel confident in our ability to address this new industry sector with the same leadership and technological excellence that drove us to become the biggest player in the web application server market today."

Today's BEA eWorld announcements include (see related releases on each):

* BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0-This announcement marks the first time BEA's full platform offering in the emerging application infrastructure space has been available as a single, integrated product package. BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0 is a unified platform for developing and running enterprise applications and Web Services. Consisting of the industry's leading application server, award-winning portal technology, comprehensive integration services and easy-to-use Web Services and J2EE development framework, WebLogic Platform 7.0 provides a productive and cost-effective IT environment.

* BEA WebLogic Workshop, formerly code-named "Cajun"- BEA is driving the adoption of its BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0 and application infrastructure through its greatly simplified and flexible Web Services development framework, BEA WebLogic Workshop. BEA WebLogic Workshop will extend the power of J2EE to a possible 9 million more application developers worldwide to build enterprise-class Web Services.

* BEA WebLogic Server 7.0-This next major version of the world's number one application server reduces Java complexity and brings maximum power and productivity to the full development and deployment cycle. It is also the core of BEA's application infrastructure offerings.

* BEA dev2dev-This is an integrated and comprehensive developer community and program devoted to expanding development on the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform. BEA dev2dev is at the cornerstone of BEA's strategy to expand its reach to more than 1 million developers this fiscal year. Serving as a single entrance point for the BEA developer, dev2dev provides an integrated offering that includes education and training, online information and tools, support, and community programs for developers at all skill and experience levels.

BEA and Sun Drive Down the Total Cost of Ownership for I.T. Infrastructure

TCO of IBM Software and Hardware is 2.4 Times the Cost
of Comparable BEA and Sun Solution

High Wycombe, UK - BEA eWORLD 2002 CONFERENCE - Feb. 25, 2002 - BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), and Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), today announced that the combination of BEA and Sun products can offer businesses superior total cost of ownership compared to IBM. The results of a recently published, third-party analysis by Crimson Consulting Group demonstrate that the total cost of ownership of IBM software and hardware is 2.4 times higher than the comparable BEA and Sun solution, which translated into $32.1 million in savings for a customer relationship management (CRM) deployment. The results help substantiate the joint value BEA and Sun offer enterprise businesses - minimised complexity, high capacity for growth, low total costs and the ability to deploy applications quickly.

The major components of total cost of ownership (TCO) are labour, maintenance and support, and software and hardware. Understanding the yearly TCO figure can help businesses fully understand the ongoing costs associated with an application and make better budget projections. This point is further underscored by the fact that an average of 48 applications and 14 databases are deployed throughout the typical Fortune 1000 company, and businesses rely on application platforms for years.

"Sun and BEA are the basis for the scalable, reliable J2EE enterprise infrastructure we are basing our business on for the next 10 years," said Kevin Armstrong, associate vice president of the Technology Group at National Century Financial Enterprises. "This infrastructure has enabled us to deploy applications and portals to serve our customers, investors, employees, and partners better. Sun and BEA are a winning combination for us by giving us a lower total cost of ownership by providing superior technology, service, and support."

In further evidence of Sun and BEA's superior TCO, Crimson Consulting Group, a leading marketing consulting firm located in Los Altos, Calif., recently analysed IBM's TCO versus the TCO of the combined BEA and Sun solution. Crimson analysed three different, real-world e-business computing scenarios, all of which consistently demonstrated that the combination of BEA WebLogic software and Sun hardware provided a TCO advantage compared to IBM WebSphere software and IBM hardware. One scenario modelled a CRM application run across three computing data centres, and required high performance throughput and 100 percent availability. Crimson's analysis demonstrated that IBM's total cost of ownership was 2.4 times higher, or $32.1 million more, than the combination of BEA WebLogic(tm) software and Sun Enterprise(tm) systems.

The Sun and BEA alliance helps expedite and simplify e-business computing, as well as eliminate risk. BEA and Sun help minimise complexity, deliver higher capacities for growth and provide the ability to deploy applications quickly. These capabilities lead to significantly improved data centre efficiency and streamlined operating costs via a simplified, more manageable system environment. Through solution sets, Sun iForce Centres, and enterprise and professional services, Sun and BEA resources are well co ordinated to deliver fast results.

"BEA is one of Sun's most strategic partners," said Patricia C. Sueltz, executive vice president, Software Systems group of Sun Microsystems. "We collaborate extensively, across thousands of customer engagements in the field, and continue to demonstrate a lower TCO to customers for joint BEA and Sun solutions. This TCO analysis helps validate the point that Sun and BEA customers can expect significantly improved data center efficiency, streamlined operating costs and a less complex, more manageable system environment."

Further details about Crimson's TCO analysis can be found at

BEA Systems Acquires Appeal Virtual Machines to Bring Enterprise Java to the Intel Platform

Company Acquires Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to Satisfy Customer Demand for BEA Enterprise Software on the Intel Architecture

High Wycombe, UK - BEA eWORLD 2002 CONFERENCE-Feb. 25, 2002- BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced the stock acquisition of Appeal Virtual Machines AB, a leading Java Virtual Machine (JVM) software firm. Terms of the deal, a stock purchase transaction, were not disclosed.
A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a program that translates Java code into the machine code for a specific hardware platform. JVMs are what make Java portable-a Java application should be able to run on any JVM, though each JVM is written specifically for a single platform.

"With the increasing platform heterogeneity in the enterprise, the acquisition of Appeal's JVM is an important move for BEA," said Michele Rosen, research manager, IDC. "This is further acknowledgement that BEA is committed to providing customers with high performance technology on any platform."

Appeal's product, JRockit, is designed for large-scale, enterprise server side execution of Java applications and includes innovative technology around I/O, memory management and multi-threading, which results in industry leading scalability, manageability and performance. BEA will work to optimise this industry-leading JVM to run on multiple platforms, including Intel 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

"BEA's acquisition of Appeal's Java Virtual Machines is important to extending our ability to operate on any hardware platform," said Alfred Chuang, founder, president and chief executive officer of BEA Systems. "JRockit is an extremely high performance, industry-leading Java Virtual Machine optimised for every type of platform. In particular, with JRockit, we are able to offer very high performance Java-based technologies to our customers who are on Intel-based servers. Every major analyst firm already recognises BEA as the market leader in the application server space. Now that we can provide BEA technology with our own high-performance JVM, we are making it easier for our customers to deploy BEA WebLogic software in an even wider range of environments."

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