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Hush Communications Announce Availability of the Hush Software Developers Kit (SDK) for Application Service Providers (ASPs)
Hush Communications have today released the Hush SDK for Application Service Providers giving them the ability to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enable their offerings quickly and easily.

Dublin, Ireland, 5 March 2002 Hush Communications ( a leading global provider of managed security services and key serving encryption technologies announced the availability of its flexible secure Software Developers Kit (SDK) tailored for the Application Service Providers (ASP) market.

One of the major barriers facing acceptance and proliferation of Application Service Providers (ASP’s) has been the customer’s reluctance to trust a third party with the hosting and storage of their enterprise data. The majority of customers today hold legitimate concerns that their data may be exposed to any number of threats once it leaves their network. To answer these concerns requires a facility that can:

- encrypt all data being transmitted and stored,

- allows only the data owners to have access

can operate seamlessly, in a user-friendly manner with 100% portability.

Hush Communications is leading the way by providing the solution to all of these problems via the Hush SDK. The Hush SDK is the underlying security technology that has been used in the development of HushMail ( and HushDrive (, both market leaders in the online security applications market. ASPs and Web-based infrastructure companies can now take advantage of this core technology to PKI enable their own offerings providing maximum security with absolute, minimum effort and cost.

“The security provided by the Hush software is invisible to the user. The user never has to interact with the security subsystem and can always be assured that their data is being transmitted and stored securely,” explained Donough Tierney, VP of Sales & Marketing at Hush Communications. “There's no prompting for algorithm types or key lengths - it's automatic. This provides the end-user with a degree of usability rarely seen in high-security products.”

“We are pleased that Xdrive Technologies can utilize the Hush SDK, one of the leading and more easily adapted security components, to demonstrate our leadership in information storage security,'' said Karl Klessig, President and Chief Executive Officer for Xdrive Technologies ( “Security is the number one priority of CIO’s worldwide. Our next-generation solutions can now empower organizations to safely and securely store data. This is key to enabling those CIO’s to leverage the Internet for their businesses.”

With the Hush SDK it’s easy to design product and service offerings that utilize Hush's patented Hush Encryption Engine™. The patent gives Hush exclusive ownership of a process that brings roaming capability to PKI while still allowing complete end-to-end security.* Integrating the Hush SDK and key server network into your security architecture will give your user base a totally transparent PKI solution.
Unique advantages offered by the Hush SDK include:

· Private key is never stored in the clear on the local machine or the remote server giving assurance to the key holder

· Open Source client which is available for peer review giving confidence that the private key is never transmitted in the clear

· 100% mobile - Accessible through any internet connection

· No dependency upon hardware tokens such as Smart Cards or their related infrastructure

· Sophisticated but easily managed PKI security

· Rapid, comprehensive and scaleable security deployment

· Cryptographic algorithms completely encapsulated

· Modular design allows for integration of emerging standards

· Expert-managed security solution

· Uses the most common strong signature and encryption algorithms (RSA, DSA, AES, CAST5, Blowfish, El-Gamal etc.)

· Standards based (OpenPGP, IMAP, etc)

The Hush SDK is designed so that the client side of Hush’s core technology can be easily integrated into third-party software applications, allowing access to the Hush Key Server Network and the unrivalled managed security solution that Hush Communications offers. Some of the benefits you will gain by integrating the Hush solution into your security architecture include:


· High level intuitive API

· Modular software components

· Test Hush Key Server access provided

Hush SDK includes the following component modules:

· Key-generation and storage

· User authentication

· Encryption and decryption

· Digital signing and signature verification

· Secure electronic forms

To get more information about the Hush SDK, related products and white papers, please visit the corporate site at or e-mail

About Hush Communications

Hush Communications is the leading global provider of managed security solutions and encryption key-serving technology. It was awarded the maximum five stars for secure messaging product by Secure Computing Magazine, the Best Internet Security Freeware Award from and voted best Webmail service for travelers' mails by the Net Internet magazine. Hush distributes its solutions to the financial, medical and legal markets, and to general portals and enterprises. These solutions include encryption products and management services in the secure communications industry for personal, SME and corporate enterprises. The company's SDK (Software Development Kit) allows other Web-based infrastructure companies and application service providers to design product and service offerings that utilize the Hush Key Server Network. Hush has strategic alliances with NetNation Communications (, and Security Portal (

Hush Communications Corporation is incorporated in the U.S. with operating subsidiaries in Dublin, Ireland, Salt Lake City, Utah, Vancouver, Canada and Anguilla, BWI. Hush is the provider of HushMail and HushMail Private Label, the worldwide standards in secure messaging.

For more information, visit the corporate site at .

*Note: Although the process itself is proprietary, the implementation uses open standards, and the source code is published for review at

Note to editors: Hush product names and logos are trademarks of Hush Communications Corporation. All rights reserved.

Contact information:

Ciara Hudson
Hush Communications
12 Lower Hatch Street
Dublin 2
+ 353 1 4357 831

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