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Wick Hill launches three products in security field

Guildford, Surrey: April 11th 2002 - Wick Hill is launching three products in the security field which can defeat DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks, secure your internal network, and speed up your VPNs and firewalls. They are Webscreen's business friendly DDOS solution, RedHand's internal network security tool, and RapidStream's super fast VPN and firewall appliance.

Ian Kilpatrick, managing director of Wick Hill Group commented: "Companies today are keenly aware that security needs to benefit their business. These solutions provide not only easy to use security, but also significant return on investment. They all make a key contribution in helping users keep their networks functioning efficiently and continuously."

Charming Webscreen

DDOS attacks are something most companies know about, but which few are tackling. Yet the potential is there to cripple a business or even to close it down, as happened recently with the ISP Cloud Nine.

The disadvantage of DDOS solutions is that they close down the system while the attack is being dealt with. Your infrastructure is secured but your regular customers would be refused entry. Webscreen is an innovative new tool for dealing with DDOS attacks, which, unlike other solutions, allows you to carry on trading while it repels the attack.

Webscreen uses unique patented 'CHARM' technology which assesses the trustworthiness of those using ecommerce sites and web sites. Each IP packet passing through Webscreen is assigned a CHARM value and only IP packets with a CHARM rating greater than a specified threshold are allowed through during an attack.

Webscreen is also very useful for companies whose web sites suffer extreme peaks and troughs. During very busy periods, Webscreen gives priority to known customers with higher charm ratings.

Price and availability

Webscreen is available now from Wick Hill accredited resellers priced at £15,000

RedHand - a tool for internal security

Many companies are still not aware that internal security is the cause of 70% of all security problem (FBI stats). It is the biggest security headache for organisations yet it is usually the most neglected area. Wick Hill is launching RedHand Version 8, a completely redesigned version of the versatile, multi-purpose tool which tackles the issues of internal network security management head on.

RedHand, which was originally written to prevent pupils in a Somerset school from hacking into the school's computers and stealing or spoiling other pupils' work, has
four main functions - security, auditing, monitoring and reporting.

On the security front, RedHand helps configure and implement high-level security policies right down to the individual desktop and subsequently audits performance to ensure compliance. It can also lock down any PC instantly, manually or automatically, preventing alterations by users.

Essential to effective internal security is a knowledge of what is happening at the desktop. RedHand can continually monitor and analyse how PCs are being used. It can record all keystrokes, take regular screenshots, record open windows, files accessed, Internet usage, email traffic and much more.

RedHand can also integrate with most anti-virus, firewall, Internet access control and email filtering applications, producing a range of comprehensive management reports based on the application logs. These help keep up-to-date with security risks and measure security policy performance.

On the audit side, RedHand carries out a continuous software and hardware audit, including laptops. This allows managers much greater control of their computing environment and helps

Price and availability

RedHand is available now from Wick Hill accredited resellers from £1750.

RapidStream - breaking new ground in VPN and firewall performance

RapidStream's revolutionary new hardware firewall appliance delivers exceptionally fast VPN-1/Firewall-1(* performance. It provides a highly effective, cost-efficient solution for medium sized enterprises and ISPs needing to secure branch offices with firewalls and VPNs.

The exceptionally fast performance is achieved with RapidStream's own ASIC-based RapidCore
processor, using unique patented technology. The RapidCore processor accelerates all security processes in a cut-through mode, bypassing the CPU and system bus bottlenecks of traditional appliance architectures.

Many companies are now deploying multiple VPNs, placing a heavy burden on networks and potentially slowing them down significantly. RapidStream is particularly beneficial in speeding up the operation of VPNs using encryption and authentication, automatically negotiating the strongest possible encryption and data authentication algorithms available.

RapidStream's ASIC speeds up key exchange and IKE session set-ups, and uses 56-bit DES and 168-bit Triple DES data encryption with maximum, wire-speed, performance.

Price and availability

RapidStream is available now from Wick Hill accredited resellers from £3900.


* RapidStream "Secured by Check Point" appliances run Check Point VPN-1/ Firewall-1 NG( from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. RapidStream appliances also run on RapidStream's own firewall.

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