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Budget issues that are important to kids and teens

SwapitShop, the marketplace and virtual currency for kids and teens, has given members a pre-voting voice, allowing them to have their say on the issues for this year’s Budget. What do kids and teens think of the way the government spends public money? How would they like the money to be spent?

Today SwapitShop announces the results of this national survey, conducted from the responses of 800 eleven to seventeen year old members of SwapitShop, providing a valuable insight into what is important to today’s kids and teens.


Ø Budget spend: The majority think the most important area to spend money on is the NHS and health.

Ø Budget tax: Over 87% think cigarettes should be most heavily taxed.

Ø Education spend: The majority think that their schools have enough money for books, but not enough for after school events.

Ø Transport spend: 41% believe transport budget money should go towards creating cheaper fares.

Ø Making a difference to their lives: By providing both town and countryside dwellers with out of school activities in a safe environment.

Ø Swapping the Chancellor: 24.5% would swap the Chancellor for a pop star. Robbie Williams and Elton John coming top of the list.

Jonathan Attwood, CEO of SwapitShop said, “Kids and teens are rarely asked their opinion on important issues effecting the whole country. We received a fantastic response to our survey with hundreds of kids and teens eager to have their point of view heard. We will be presenting our findings to the government to give them the opportunity to take note of the thoughts of the future voting generation”.

Summary survey findings available upon request – contact Jonathan Attwood tel 020 7610 1575,

1. Budget spend: What do you think are the most important areas money from the budget should be spent on?

Environment – 17.5%

NHS – 46%

Education – 19%

Crime – 12%

Transport – 4%

Other areas that were important: defense, homelessness, leisure facilities for kids.

2. Taxation: Let us know what you think should be taxed the most?

Petrol – 6.5%

Alcohol & cigarettes – 87%

Food – 3.5%

Clothes – 2.5%

“Because then less people will buy them therefore less people will die of smoking and alcohol related illnesses.”

3. Your school: Do you think that your school has enough money to spend on the following items?

Details available up request

“Provide my school with buildings rather than falling down leaking mobiles.”

“If more money was spent on after school events it would help keep young people off the streets so reducing crime.”

4. Transport: If the budget provides more money to spend on public transport (trains, buses & the tube), what should it be used to do?

Details available up request

The biggest complaint about fares is that school age kids have to pay adult fares even though they are not in full time employment.

“Our bus company charges school kids adult fares on the way to school no matter what their age. This is mad and they taking advantage of us. I am appalled at the fact that now I'm 16 I have to pay adult fares on everything even though I can't earn adult wages; unfair or what?”

5. Your life: How could the government use the budget money to make a difference to your life?

Details available up request

The most popular choice of providing things to do is seen as something that will reduce the crime and obesity problems of today’s youth by providing somewhere safe and rewarding for kids and teens to hang out away from school.

“By setting up some youth centres in my area which would do many things, it would bring people off from off of the streets and would also teach people things and new skills.”

“Spend it on more activities available for teenagers to do especially in crime areas because then kids which are getting involved with crime will have better things to do.”

6. The Chancellor: If you could swap the Chancellor for someone else, who would you choose?
Details available up request

Top 4 reasons for choosing someone other than a politician as Chancellor:

Ø Someone they could trust.

Ø Someone they could relate to, who understands what real people want and in particular what kids want.

Ø Someone who does what they say they are going to do.

Ø Someone already highly respected by the public.

“A normal public person who has the right values and does not lie.”

“Anyone who understands that rural life is different to urban life with a lot less opportunities available and they would be able to help people in the rural communities to have options to travel to work or to learn. As transport is few and far between and expensive.”


SwapitShop is a dynamic trading community for kids and teens where they can trade their own items and bid for new items using Swapits.

Swapits are a virtual currency for the youth market that allows kids and teens to trade the things they want for the things they don’t safely and without the need for cash.

Swapits can also be collected from brand products and from a range of interactive experiences through SwapitShop and partners. Swapits appeal to kids, teenagers and youths with a wide range of ages and interests – they simply trade different items.

SwapitShop provides a safe, educational and empowering environment for the youth market. Members are given their own SwapitShop bank account where they can monitor their Swapits statement and manage their swaps and offers. The site is built on high capacity, high security infrastructure; members swap using nicknames; under 14’s need signed parental consent; each swap is vetted; and swapped items are sent to members via our logistics facility.


SwapitShop is owned by Webswappers Ltd, which was founded by entrepreneurs Jonathan Attwood and Emily Elton in 1999. Webswappers Ltd purchased SwapitShop in 2001. Webswappers boats influential backers including Nicholas Negroponte, founder and director of the MIT Media Lab and founder of Wired Magazine.

More data available on request

Contact Jonathan Attwood:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7610 1575

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