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WebServices – labelled a security risk by analysts – can now be made safe for mission-critical deployment. That’s the message today from Web Application Protection innovator KaVaDo as it unveils the IT industry’s first application layer security protection module for SOAP & WebServices.

WebServices technology features self-contained modular applications that are invoked over the Internet by other applications. Using HTTP, XML and the new protocol SOAP, it promises to increase the speed of e-business by automating many of the processes that today require manual intervention. KaVaDo says the scheme poses a tougher security challenge than conventional server/browser architecture because it uses additional protocols and procedures that were designed to pass through standard security products, like firewalls, unexamined.

Moreover, WebServices, like current Web technologies, has almost no means of protection against application layer attacks – now the most common form of intrusion according to industry analysts. Existing security technology offers only a partial solution because it focuses primarily on XML encryption and user authentication. Ed Barlow, European technical director, says KaVaDo’s new module for its flagship product InterDo lets organisations protect themselves with a scalable, comprehensive solution against known and unknown forms of application-layer attack via SOAP and WebServices.

“WebServices is a tremendously exciting concept, but organisations looking to deploy it must not rush into roll outs without fully understanding where the easily exploited weak points are and how to protect them. They will need to implement a range of security measures and technologies, the most important of which is protection at the Web application layer.”

The world’s most advanced Web Application Protection technology, KaVaDo’s InterDo works at the business logic level, monitoring traffic flowing into and out of WebServices applications. It validates all message content against current security policy and prevents it from damaging or manipulating applications, back-end infrastructure or other critical IT resources.

In the WebServices environment, InterDo will:

· Provide an additional level of security to the carrier protocol, preventing HTTP vulnerabilities that have not been fully addressed.

· Compare messages to SOAP standard definition, preventing malicious or malformed structures from being passed to Web applications.

· Eliminate default-based WebServices and block the exploitation of known and generic vulnerabilities in common products.

· Eliminate vulnerabilities caused by misconfiguration of 3rd party applications.

· Prevent the processing of manipulated or malformed message content and block attempted namespaces and encoding manipulations.

· Secure against common application layer vulnerabilities like SQL injection, parameter tampering, buffer overflow, and session-based information manipulation.

· Protect against application language mismatches and requests that contain different data encoding standards.

KaVaDo provides next-generation Web application protection solutions and vulnerability assessment products for the corporate market using its patent-pending Protected Path technology. These solutions account for the various types of threats against Web applications and allow IT management to apply only the necessary protection against anticipated threats, known and unknown. KaVaDo offers a unique, effective approach to Web application protection with minimum strain on system resources, easy installation and management, and flexibility to handle a variety of applications under different environments.

The company is based in New York, with international research and development facilities. Its European operation is based in the UK. KaVaDo has secured funding from Banc of America Equity Partners, Neurone Ventures and 3i. More information on the company can be found at

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