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February 26th 2003. As part of its goal to provide complete solutions and support to meet all the very demanding requirements of BluetoothTM module customers, Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has introduced the MBH7BT09 and MBH7BT02A Bluetooth specification version 1.1 compliant modules.

The MBH7BT09 is a Power Class 2 SPP Bluetooth module that operates in the 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) band and provides an output of +4dBm max, and a receiver sensitivity of -70dBm. The module integrates a UART hardware interface, a high rank protocol stack (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM) and serial port profiles (GAP, SPP) to reduce the burden on the host CPU compared with existing HCI interface Bluetooth modules. This design enables significant savings in software development time to be achieved, reducing time to market and cost.

Housed in a miniature surface mount enclosure, measuring just 26mm x 16mm x 2.67mm typical, the MBH7BT09 may be operated from a 2.8V to 3.3V d.c. supply and offers a maximum current consumption of 130mA in data transfer mode.

A version of the MBH7BT09 with a PCM hardware interface is also planned.

The modules are ideally suited to computer printer and monitor communication, and a host of other applications including wireless communication with security systems, industrial process control data acquisition, monitoring and maintenance equipment, utility meter reading and vehicle fault diagnosis.

Samples of the MBH7BT09 are available now. Mass production started in Q32002.

Fujitsu’s MBH7BT02A Power Class 2 Bluetooth module is based on the HCI software interface standard and provides multiple USB, UART and PCM hardware interfaces for the utmost flexibility. Both USB connection types, OHCI and UHCI are supported.

The module allows changes to the Bluetooth stack software to be easily made, providing a very flexible solution where frequent application reconfigurations and upgrades are demanded. It is suited for use in a wide range of equipment and size critical mobile applications including PDAs, digital cameras, portable industrial control, test, instrumentation and fault diagnosis systems, wireless equipment set-up and many other handheld environments.

The MBH7BT02A supports connections to the host via USBv1.1 delivering full-speed 12Mbits/sec performance. The USB interface conforms to section H:2 of the Bluetooth specification. Furthermore, it integrates a Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) facility to support the field upgrading of firmware over USB.

The module also supports H4 (UART) host connectivity. The HCI UART transport layer interface conforms to section H:4 of the Bluetooth Specification. The module also implements RS232 hardware flow control. When using the UART a PCM interface for voice functions is available. The PCM interface allows data to be transmitted and received, using a 13-bit linear PCM data format, via synchronous (SCO) connection.

The module is capable of operating as a master at an output clock frequency of 256kHz or as a slave with an input clock operating at frequencies between 128kHz and 512kHz. In slave mode, support for SSI standard communication enables multiplexed bi-directional audio channels on a single physical connection. The receiver offers a typical sensitivity of -80dBm.

The MBH7BT02A is housed in a 24-pin micro-miniature surface mount package measuring a mere 18.0 x 13.0 x 2.2mm. It operates from a 3.3V d.c. supply and typically offers a current consumption of 65mA (ACL data transfer, 115.2kBps UART). Power conservation is provided via standby and deep sleep mode facilities.

The MBH7BT02A module, which is Bluetooth enabled by simply adding an external antenna, has been in mass production since the end of 2002.

A development kit for the MBH7BT02A module, the MIYABI-BT02A, is also now available. This consists of a main board, a daughter board hosting the specific Bluetooth module, cables, antenna, a.c. adapter, all required UART, USB, GPIO, Test and CODEC connectors, and an external power supply (power supply via USB is also implemented).

A similar kit, the MIYABI-BT09 is available for the MBH7BT09. Fujitsu is also currently evaluating additional software and tools for use with the MIYABI kits.

TM Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA and licensed to Fujitsu Limited.


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