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..Best of Breed Web Script Development Environment Becomes
First Product to Support NetObjects Proposed ECMA JavaScript
Script Components Standard..

NetObjects, Inc. this week announced NetObjects
ScriptBuilder 3.0, a powerful scripting environment for
creating dynamic, customisable Web sites. In addition to
significantly enhanced functionality, NetObjects
ScriptBuilder 3.0 becomes the first product to support the
proposed ECMA Script Component standard, bringing the power
of an object oriented component architecture to script
developers. The standard currently being reviewed by ECMA
(, an international, Europe-based industry
association founded in 1961 that is dedicated to the
standardisation of information and communication systems,
was proposed by NetObjects, International Business Machines
(NYSE: IBM) and Netscape.

As the Internet matures, Web sites are evolving from static,
billboard-like displays to dynamic and interactive entities.
In order to deliver dynamic functionality such as
sophisticated animation effects and advanced transaction
capabilities, developers rely on client and server side
scripts. While scripting languages such as Perl, JavaScript,
JScript, VB Script etc. have been readily adopted and
utilized, there is a glaring lack of products designed
especially to aid script development. Therefore, developers
are compelled to use text editors to write complex scripts.

The new NetObjects ScriptBuilder 3.0 builds on the initial
success of NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.0 and fills this void
by providing developers a comprehensive script development
environment that supports all the major scripting
technologies from vendors including IBM, Sun, Netscape and
Microsoft. Additionally, support for components provides
scripters with the latest advancements in component

"NetObjects ScriptBuilder's comprehensive support for all
major scripting technologies and robust feature set have
succeeded in establishing the product as a frontrunner in
the market for scripting tools," said Bernard Desarnauts,
vice president of product management and marketing at
NetObjects. The latest version of the product delivers
several user-requested enhancements and pushes the envelope
on the technological front by introducing technology
standards like the script components, which increase the
scope of Web script implementation and provide impressive
productivity benefits."

About Script Components

Script Components are a new technology standard introduced
by NetObjects in cooperation with Netscape and IBM, which
provide script authors the ability to create components
using standard ECMAScript (JavaScript) and XML. By following
simple conventions, script authors can encapsulate their
scripting code into a component wrapper. Any scripter can
then easily reuse these components in their Web pages and
server-side applications, working with the component
interface instead of dealing with the underlying
implementation details increasing programming efficiency and
making code reuse and management easier.

Script Components provide the only open scripting component
solution in the market and are based on a de facto industry
standard (JavaScript include files) and can run in the
popular client and server environments today.

"In our software development and prototyping efforts, we
have been using NetObjects ScriptBuilder for work with Java,
HTML, ASP and JSP files. Its built-in support for a broad
range of scripting languages including Java, plus its full
set of reference documentation and the ability to create and
store script libraries has made it an invaluable tool," said
Oliver Muoto of San Francisco-based startup Epicentric.

NetObjects ScriptBuilder New Features and Benefits

- Colour syntax highlighting and syntax checking: NetObjects
ScriptBuilder visually identifies pieces of code to speed
and ease development and debugging.

- Automated tasks: NetObjects ScriptBuilder speeds
development and reduces errors through one click access to
AutoScripting, automatic tag insertion, and user-definable
code templates.

- Document/Object Map: Using NetObjects ScriptBuilder
developers can simply navigate complex Web pages or object
code by visually browsing embedded functions and scriptable

- Support for multiple scripting languages: NetObjects
ScriptBuilder allows scripters to develop in the language
most familiar to them, while having the flexibility to use
other technologies without changing their development

- Internal Preview: Through integration with the major
browsers, NetObjects ScriptBuilder allows developers to more
effectively test and debug their scripts without leaving
their development environment.

- Script Inspector: The Script Inspector helps developers
maximise the audience for their Web pages by both detecting
and suggesting solutions for client-side browser/version

- XML Architecture: NetObjects ScriptBuilder's XML
architecture enables efficiency and flexibility by allowing
you to create your own customised language references.

- Complete integrated Language References: For easier access
to references NetObjects ScriptBuilder offers built in
access to major language documentation.

- Script Components: NetObjects ScriptBuilder's
implementation of Script Component increases scope of Web
scripting implementation by introducing object-oriented
programming principles to scripting. NetObjects
ScriptBuilder also imports JavaScript for easy component
creation and provides Components Gallery for code

- Script Library: Scripters can use the product's Script
library to access frequently used or previously created
scripts to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Notes to editors

Pricing and Availability

A trial version of the product is available immediately for
download from the NetObjects Web site at
The product is expected to ship in November 1998. NetObjects
ScriptBuilder 3.0 will be available for an estimated street
price of £109 with a competitive rebate for users of Allaire
Homesite, Silverstream, Microsoft Visual Interdev, Microsoft
Visual Basic, Microsoft Script Debugger, BBEdit, UltraEdit,
Microsoft Visual C++/J++ , Symantec Visual Cafe. Registered
users of NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.0 will be able to
upgrade. For upgrade information, please call 0118 982 98222
or e-mail The product will be
available through a large network of distributors and
resellers as well the NetObjects online store

About NetObjects

The NetObjects product family consists of NetObjects Fusion
Personal Editor, NetObjects Fusion, NetObjects Authoring
Server Suite, NetObjects ScriptBuilder and NetObjects
BeanBuilder. NetObjects develops and markets award-winning
Web site building software for businesses.

(c) 1998 NetObjects, Inc. All rights reserved. NetObjects,
NetObjects Fusion, NetObjects Authoring Server, NetObjects
BeanBuilder, and NetObjects ScriptBuilder are trademarks of
NetObjects, Inc. All other brand and product names may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

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