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ImageStore Launches Multi-Function Firewire & USB DVD Burner ,
The `Red Kite` Portable All-in-One DVD/CD Storage Solution

ImageStore Limited today unveiled its DVD Burner (The Red Kite) the next-generation combination DVD/CD drive that takes the confusion out of buying a Recordable DVD drive. ImageStore R&D engineers have added value to a basic Panasonic (EIDE) ATAPI mechanism to offer more portability/flexibility with firewire, USB and SCSI options.

Meeting DVD Multi specifications, the new DVD Burner builds on the success of Panasonic's currently available DVD-RAM/R DVD Burner by extending the drive's capabilities to include read/write support for all Recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs. Universal and affordable, the DVD Burner II offers higher write speeds, faster playback, broad compatibility and the convenience of being able to switch between formats and capacities.
ImageStore`s Red Kite offers a cost-effective solution for home video, personal computing and data storage/archiving. With the new drive, users now have an all-in-one DVD/CD storage solution that provides write-once security, rewriteable flexibility, broad compatibility, and the ability to choose between 9.4GB, 5.2GB, 4.7GB, 2.6GB or 650MB capacities."

With read/write support for all DVD Forum approved recordable DVD specifications and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs, Red kite will have broad appeal amongst consumers, businesses and professionals. The DVD Burner will also provide customers with the flexibility to achieve substantial savings in choosing the most appropriate media for a backup or storage archival application.

What about Standards for DVD`s

ImageStore`s Red Kite DVD Burner II (based on a Panasonic mechanism) is fully compliant with the DVD Forum's DVD Multi specifications. The specifications ensure disc compatibility for all recordable DVD formats established by the 210+ member DVD Forum - both for consumer electronics products and personal computers. In addition to reading and writing DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW discs, the DVD Burner II will also read/play almost all other CD and DVD formats.

How fast is it ?

When writing to a 4.7GB DVD-R General disc, the new drive achieves speeds of up to 2x, with DVD-R playback at 6x. Reasonably priced and readily available, the write-once DVD-R is considered the most compatible of all DVD formats. The discs can be played back by most of the DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives in use throughout the world today. With huge storage capacity, robust data management and rewritable up to 100,000 times, DVD-RAM discs are optimally suited for PC applications. The DVD-RAM write speed is 2x, equivalent to at least 18x CD rate.
Smaller files can be stored on low-cost 650MB CD-R’s at up to 12x speed or on CD-RW discs at up to 8x speed. CD playback is at 32x. To ensure error-free CD recording, Imagestore`s Red Kite new multifunction drive includes buffer under-run technology.

Product configuration, Price, Availability

The Panasonic DVD Burner II (LF-D521) includes:

1x piece of 4.7GB DVD-R media;

1x piece of 4.7GB DVD-RAM media;

DVD-MovieAlbumSE 3, (for video editing, including VR format as used in DVD-RAM based consumer DVD recorders);

MyDVD 3.5 (authoring software for DVD video creation);

WinDVD 4, (for DVD video playback);

B’ Recorder Gold5 Basic (for creation of data CD’s and DVD’s and audio CD’s);

B’s Clip5 (Packet writing software for CD-RW and DVD-RW);

Filesafe (Backup utility for DVD-RAM).

Product Costs

Hardware (Complete solution price including software, discs etc.)

Internal IDE £214

Internal SCSI £240

External SCSI £307

External Firewire £267

External USB 1&2 £260


4.7Gbyte DVD-R general write once £3.33

4.7Gbyte DVD-R general write once printable £3.75

2.6Gbyte DVD-RAM (type 2) single sided £7.87

4.7Gbyte DVD-RAM (type2) single sided £5.61

5.2Gbyte DVD-RAM (type1) double sided £9.35

9.4Gbyte DVD-RAM (type1) double sided £9.19

Costs exclude VAT & delivery. Suggested Retail Price in sterling shown.

* type 2 means media is removable from caddy shell – ideal application is data distribution.
** type1 means media is not removable – best for data storage applications

About ImageStore

Established in 1993. ImageStore Ltd. is an international business specialising in Optical disk computer data storage, media and products for the secure archival of large amounts of data. Based in Kingsclere near Newbury (UK). The team share more than 50 years experience in the data storage market. Products are sold through a secure web-site, a direct sales office or through specialist VAR`s. Some prestigious market sectors utilising Imagestore technology include Hospitals, Government departments, Scientific and financial companies. Customers include Lloyds-TSB, The Stock Exchange, Unilever, TRW, Ford, Panasonic & BT.

Press contact:

Pete Wood



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