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Brightmail Anti-Fraud defends companies and customers from online crime including 'brand spoofing' and 'Phishing'

London - October 1, 2003 - Brightmail, the anti-spam market leader, today unveiled Brightmail Anti-Fraud, a revolutionary service to help companies protect themselves and their customers from the growing threat of fraudulent email spam - including 'brand spoofing' and email identity fraud, or 'Phishing.' that direct consumers to fake websites that mimic legitimate websites to steal financial and other valuable personal information.

Fraudulent Email Is A Massive Problem

Spam, which accounts for 50 percent of all email messages sent over the Internet, is increasingly being used for criminal activity in the USA and Europe. Law enforcement agencies are becoming concerned. The UK National Criminal Intelligence Service has highlighted website spoofing in its UK Threat Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime 2003. The FBI has reported a steady increase in complaints that involve various forms of unsolicited email that direct consumers to phony websites. According to Jana Monroe, Assistant Director of the FBI's Cyber Division, "Bogus emails that try to trick customers into giving out personal information are the hottest, and most troubling new scam on the Internet." (FBI, July 21, 2003).

"Instead of getting easier, the problem of spam has grown more complex. Several enterprises have had their e-mail addresses publicly spoofed," said Arabella Hallawell, senior analyst at Gartner Group. "Some of them have started legal proceedings or investigations against spammers. Consumer giants feel they must fight back to combat customer fraud and because of the risk spamming poses to their brands."

Fraudulent email is a new form of criminal spam that threatens the integrity of companies that do business online. Brightmail Anti-Fraud was created to attack this new form of spam by recognising fraudulent email as it enters the Internet, alerting customers to the fraud, and blocking criminal email before it spreads widely.

Brightmail has developed an exclusive three-step process to address this emerging spam threat through the Brightmail Anti-Fraud service:

1. Fraud Detection: Brightmail's patented Probe Network of 2 million decoy email accounts sees fraudulent email spam as soon as a criminal spammer sends it to the Internet.

2. Fraud Alert: Brightmail Anti-Fraud customers are notified immediately of fraudulent email messages posing as messages being sent from their company.

3. Fraud Blocking: Brightmail provides specific rules to block fraudulent messages for the 275 million email users within the company's existing customer and partner base.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of Brightmail's Anti-Spam technology over the course of our long relationship," stated Rick Holzli, General Manager, MSN and Hotmail. "Brightmail Anti-Fraud is an important innovation and will be a significant help to protect MSN and Hotmail email users from online brand identity theft and fraudulent email spam."

Fraudulent email are messages that appear to be sent from a legitimate company's website or domain address, but are not. They are sent by sophisticated criminal spammers that are intent on defrauding the company they have impersonated-and to steal financial and personal information from the recipients of their messages. Once the recipients realise that they are victims of a scam, they complain directly to the company that has been spoofed. The defrauded company is then flooded with thousands of angry complaints, severely straining their IT resources, as well as damaging their brand value and customer relationships.

Benefits of Brightmail Anti-Fraud

Brand spoofing and email Phishing can cause irreparable harm to the value of a company's brand and customer relationships. Through the implementation of the Brightmail Anti-Fraud service, companies will realise the following benefits:

· Protect company brand and reputation

· Preserve customer trust

· Reduce support cost incurred from user complaints

· Protect employees and customers from criminal email fraud

Why Brightmail Is Uniquely Qualified To Launch An Anti-Fraud Service

Brightmail launched the anti-spam market over five years ago, and is the largest and most experienced dedicated anti-spam provider in the industry. Brightmail has seen and blocked more forms of spam than any other company and as such, is uniquely qualified to create the world's first service for fighting fraudulent email spam. Brightmail filters over 65 billion email messages every month, blocking over 1 billion spam messages each day. Because Brightmail filters over 10% of the world's email traffic-with over 275 million users now protected by the Brightmail Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraud software-it has the most statistically relevant sample available on worldwide email traffic trends.

First Line of Anti-Fraud Defense: The Probe Network

Brightmail's exclusive, patented Probe Network is a collection of over 2 million decoy email accounts spread around the globe. Brightmail has configured the Probe Network to automatically identify suspicious messages and provide an early warning system for emerging fraudulent email spam attacks. The Probe Network of decoy email accounts are designed to identify fraudulent spam messages as soon as they hit the Internet-allowing Brightmail Anti-Fraud to filter those messages before they ever reach the networks of corporate customers and Internet service providers.

Brightmail provides the most sophisticated solution for fighting new forms of spam when they emerge- through the combination of the Probe Network, Brightmail's 'Complete Spam Defense' 'rules technology, and the industry's only 24/7 spam fighting team, known as the BLOC (Brightmail Logistics and Operations Centers). Continuously updated spam blocking rules are automatically sent out by Brightmail to customer sites approximately every ten minutes, 24 hours a day.

"Spam scams are earning criminals millions. Although the problem is growing, it can be tackled. As the industry founder and leader in anti-spam technology" noted Enrique Salem, Brightmail president and CEO, "we are uniquely qualified to lead the fight against fraudulent email spam and to officially launch this new category of spam protection. Our patented Probe Network delivers an exclusive early warning system against email attacks. With the unveiling of our new Brightmail Anti-Fraud offering, now we can protect consumers and companies from the damage inflicted by criminal email fraudsters."

Brightmail's anti-spam software now protects over 1,200 companies around the globe, as well as the world's top Internet service providers.

About Brightmail

Brightmail, the anti-spam market leader, delivers anti-spam technology that makes messaging environments secure and manageable. For over five years, Brightmail software has protected the email networks of businesses, government agencies, and service providers with superior accuracy and effectiveness blocking unsolicited bulk email, or 'spam'. Brightmail Anti-Spam software protects over 1,200 of the world's leading enterprises, including Avaya, eBay, Bechtel, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco, Cypress Semiconductors, Deutsche Bank, Eastman, John Hancock, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Motorola, SAS, Williams-Sonoma, and Terra Lycos. Brightmail also provides spam protection for the leading Internet service providers, including AT&T WorldNet, EarthLink, MSN, TelstraClear, and Verizon Online. Brightmail now protects more than 275 million service provider customers, and 4 million enterprise email users worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, California,
Brightmail is a private, profitable company backed by world-class investors and partners. For more information, visit .

Brightmail® is a U.S. registered trademark. Brightmail Anti-Spam, Brightmail Anti-Fraud, BLOCK, Probe Network are trademarks of Brightmail Incorporated.

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