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Cap600, the City based dental practice is bringing the smile of confidence back to the City. Cap600 is an independent dental practice providing intellectual solutions and ongoing support for patients’ dental health, function and aesthetics.

How often are you embarrassed that your smile might betray your age or undermine your professional confidence? Regain that confidence to maintain your position or win that promotion by converting your smile into a powerful image and communication tool. Following a comprehensive consultation, Cap600’s dentists spend considerable time, effort and thought in formulating a thorough analysis and a written treatment plan, which regularly incorporates a choice of financial, clinical and aesthetic solutions.

Cap 600 feels it is vital for the patient to be offered a three dimensional dental mock up in order to see which procedures would best suit them. The dental mock up supplied for all complex cases, allows the dentist to build temporary surfaces on to the patient’s existing teeth, using a composite dental putty that is hardened and polished to resemble tooth enamel. This reversible procedure then allows the patient to see and live with the changes before deciding whether to go ahead. Cap600 is unusual in offering patients this accurate dental mock up that is used as a three dimensional blueprint for the patient’s permanent restorations, as opposed to the two dimensional computer generated images sometimes used in other practices

Peter Cosgrove of Robert Walters, the UK management consultancy noted, ‘People who smile a lot are perceived to be more attractive, intelligent and successful.’ And in a recent Royal Mail survey 72% of people perceived those who smile frequently are more confident and successful. At least 65% of communication is non-verbal and people are automatically drawn to the face in meetings, so make sure you know what image you are projecting.

Are the stress levels at work beginning to show on your teeth? Night time tooth grinding is often an indicator that you are bringing the stress of the workplace back to your bed.

Habitual tooth grinding or ‘bruxing’ is frequently symptomatic of stress, and is another area Cap600 specialises in recognising and treating. This self destructive habit results in the loss of tooth structure associated with chipped and/or worn teeth that are prematurely aged. Because this habit is progressive it is often painless and goes ‘unnoticed’. This can be prevented by different treatment strategies; including wearing a customised tooth guard at night and restoring the damaged tooth substance for a more naturally youthful smile.

After many years of working in Australia and the USA, Dr Druttman has observed how many people in London would benefit from significant improvement in their smile aesthetics. He comments: “Cap600 not only believes that today’s individual can keep their teeth for life but also no one needs to accept anything less than a naturally beautiful, healthy smile.” This is important to the English who tend not to want to look too ‘Hollywood White’.

Cap600 continually invests in training and equipment, which together with the dedication and passion of the team, focuses on providing total comfort and trust for the patient, at every level of dental care – health, function and aesthetics.


For further information:

Dr George Druttman


123 Cannon Street

London EC4N 5AX Tel: +44 20 7621 0600

Fax: +44 20 7621 0030



Media enquiries:

Russell Elliott

Cassleton Elliott & Co T: +44(0)780 8403963


Notes to Editors:

Cap600 London City Dental is a private practice founded in 1997 by Dr George Druttman. The essence of Cap600 is in the team’s collective experience, training and approach in thinking laterally to provide solutions to clients’ conditions.

Dr Druttman BDS, LDSRCS, MS. Cert. Pros is the Principal in the practice and has had wide private practice experience over the past twenty years in the UK, Australia, the USA and Israel, prior to establishing Cap600. He is a registered prosthodontics specialist (reconstructive dentistry) and has extensive expertise in aesthetic dentistry (crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, as well as soft tissue enhancement).

Practice associates are: Dr David Nolte BDS, whose field of expertise includes problems associated with bite function and the jaw joint, together with implants. Dr Danuta Jankowska BDS focuses on preventative dentistry and problems associated with the gums (periodontics) and soft tissue treatments (Restylane fillers and Botox). The team is ably supported by a team of highly trained dental and managerial staff.

Convenience and expertise are the watchwords of Cap600. The potential client will have an initial meeting at the City of London office, to discuss their expectations. For extensive and complex cases, the team will discuss the findings and these with treatment options will be presented to the patient at a follow up consultation.

Over and above the regular check up necessary to maintain oral health and reduce the risks of mouth cancer, Cap600 is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry. Amongst other technologies, Cap600, uses Brite Smile, the most sophisticated US tooth whitening system, together with Laser Smile to offer gentle cosmetic reshaping of the gum margins. Soft tissue reconstruction techniques include the use of Restylane, soft tissue filler using non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid which is compatible to natural skin tissue.

The Cap600 team use as many diagnostic aids as necessary, including, x-rays, study models of the patients’ mouths, and photographs to find the solution to the patients’ conditions.

The majority of patients are not aware of the benefits a significant aesthetic improvement to their smile would look or feel like. They are unlikely to take a chance on expensive cosmetic dentistry when unsure of the ultimate outcome.

Traditionally, patients are shown photos of other patients’ teeth; the initial planned treatment is sculpted in wax, using impressions of the clients’ teeth. The planned treatment is then translated into two dimensional computer generated images.

Cap600’s technique of the dental mock up, involves placing tooth coloured composite material on top of the patients’ existing teeth in putty form, hardening it, shaping it and polishing it in situ. This reversible process temporarily bonds to the natural enamel, without affecting it, for two to ten weeks. During this time, the dental mock up can be altered to perfect the feel and appearance.

The result feels and looks natural and gives a close representation of the final restoration, which would be constructed from permanent ‘porcelain’. Once the patient has approved the treatment, the dental mock up forms the blue print for the final reconstruction. This process gives the patient the opportunity to road test their chosen treatment, with no obligation to have the final reconstruction completed.

The effects of stress on dentistry are increasing and the most common effect is nocturnal tooth grinding (bruxism). The jaw muscles exert more pressure during unconscious nocturnal tooth grinding, than in a conscious state. This results in the tooth enamel on both upper and lower front teeth being worn down, and the teeth becoming chipped, shorter, sensitive or worn flat. This process is not only damaging, but ages the patients’ smile. The signs of this functional condition can be stopped and the damage done can be corrected.

Cap600 is a practice that watches the patient’s case, not the clock in order to regularly achieve the best possible results. The City based location, offers the City based community, a Harley Street style practice within walking distance from the patient’s office.

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