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Brunettes Beat Blondes And Blokes Like Blue-Eyed Babes – Official...

Glasgow, 9th February 2003. The long-standing belief that blondes have more fun has been overturned by a major study into what we look for in our ideal partners, conducted by Saw-You, the company which has created one of the fastest growing Internet communities in Europe.

When users sign up for the Saw-You system, they can create a 'Weemee' a cute and cuddly cartoon image of themselves. They can also use the system to create a version of their ideal partner, their 'Hotbabe'. Saw-You have analysed the data from over 25,000 users and have come up with some bad news for blonde bimbos and blokes with beards. If you haven't got a Weemee yet, create your own at

The study shows:

Staggeringly, gentlemen prefer brunettes – by a mile! A whopping four guys to one – four out of every five guys – created a Hotbabe with dark hair.

The girls had similar tastes. They obviously prefer tall dark strangers (no surprise there). Four out of every five females prefer dark hair. But that's not all; football players, rockers and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen beware - they like it short and spiky too. Is it fair to blame it all on Peter Andre?

What Women Want...


• 40% of women want their better half to be interested in Music.

• 15% want their guys to be interested in Football

So you are nearly three times as likely to pull if you know the lead singer of Coldplay is as opposed to the captain of Spurs.


• No Beards please – 80% of women don’t like them.

• Only 7% of women will tolerate their guy with stubble.

• Even that trendy Goatee has got to go – only 2% of women like them.

Sorry Mr Gervais, even with the two BAFTA's it might be tough going out there...

The Eyes Have It

Females prefer blue eyes but it's green for the guys. In a close contest, brown eyes don’t rate so high, clocking in at a preference rate of 12% for the guys and 20% for the ladies. So the deep dark pools are not big on the shopping list.

Not So Smoking:

It's just not cool any more. 90% of non-smokers want a non-smoking partner. So smokers, you're going to find it four times harder to find a partner than your clean living counterparts! But wait, it gets worse: 50% of smokers want a non smoking partner too!

Face it – you're going to have to give up the fags if you fancy a lumber.

Footballer's Lives:

The national game doesn’t do too badly with the female half of the population. 15% of the ladies want their men to be active football fans. However guys, this means fit and playing as opposed to sitting with beer can poised on gut in the florescent glow or pie in hand in the stands on a Saturday afternoon...

Are you hot or not?

So what do the two most attractive Hotbabes look like? These two wonderful specimens are the dream dates made up from the most popular features chosen. If you like look like either of these two – you’re red hot property out there. We'd suggest a polo mallet to fend off the opposite sex.

Notes To Editors:


Founded by Mike Kinsella and John McGuire in March 2000, Saw-You is pioneer of advanced mobile messaging services. The company has patented a number of key technologies relating to messaging based on physical descriptions. This allows Saw-You users, to search for specified characteristics and exchange messages (SMS, MMS etc.) with people seen in in social environments such as clubs, pubs, gigs etc. Accessed online or through mobile phone handsets, Saw-You promises to revitalise the SMS market and kick start interest in the advanced new MMS technology. The Saw-You service breaks down one of the greatest factors limiting the growth of mobile messaging, the requirement for each party to know the others phone numbers.

Saw-You has been recognised by a number of leading publications and services as one of the most exciting new services for mobile phones in the world today. Fortune magazine recently awarded the company the 'Coolest International Business' award. Saw-You also won the 2001 Winners At The Web awards in Scotland.


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