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'You Can Change Your Life’ – the psychological detox with
The Hoffman Process by Tim Laurence

How many of you are stuck in a rut, and feel that you can't relate to your family or friends as you used to? You feel stressed out at home and burnt-out at work. You can't afford weekly therapy, the doctor suggests Prozac, and meanwhile you worry that your life is falling apart. If there was a book for under £10 that could stop the downward spiral and allow you to take control of your life, then this is it.

You Can Change Your Life, by Tim Laurence, is released in paperback this week. Based on the methods of the Hoffman Process, an intensive week-long therapy that has taken the UK by storm, this book is an easy-to-read guide on how we can let go of the past, heal the present and create a better future.

In a world where we're bombarded by how to change the way we look, be it Botox, breast enhancement, redesigning your wardrobe or even your house, more and more people are asking the question, 'Shouldn't change come from within?'

Endorsed by therapists, health professionals, life coaches, business people and celebrities, this method has helped thousands of people, whether they are single or divorced, parents or teenagers, overworked or under-employed, indeed anyone wanting a better life.

'In the world of personal development…the Hoffman Process is the next big thing' Amy Jenkins, creator of cult TV series 'This Life'

The Hoffman Process has the power to free you to re-evaluate your life. I would say it’s the equivalent to about a year’s good weekly psychotherapy’ Derek Draper, former aide to Peter Mandelson

'I have no doubt that the Hoffman Process was my salvation' - Ruthie Henshall, Actress and singer
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‘You Can Change our Life’ tells the story of how Tim Laurence, a former cab driver in San Francisco, followed a path of self discovery from English public school, via India to Mexico, and on to California searching for a way to overcome long-term depression and a fear of relationships. In 1995 he returned to England, bringing with him the programme that helped change his life. He now runs the Hoffman Process in the UK, is married to 'Bond' actress Serena Gordon and has two sons. Tim wanted to make available to everybody the techniques and methods that brought about this change in his life.

This easy to read book is divided into two parts: firstly, the theory of this internationally renown work is supported by personal stories, anecdotes and testimonies. Then, the reader is given some practical exercises to help them diagnose current problems, heal and resolve them, and equip them with 'tools' that will help them sustain a new life.

The Hoffman Process is now available in fourteen countries and has some 5,000 participants each year. For those who cannot afford the £1800 fee, or can't take a week out of their lives to do the course, this book allows them to take the Hoffman Process at their own pace, but with the knowledge that they are not alone.

Tim Laurence commented: “I came across the Hoffman Process at a time in my life when I felt very stuck, despite years of searching for solutions. Fifteen years on, I still consider that week to be the greatest turning point in my life. Again and again, people tell me that it has a profound effect on them – even if it is something as simple as waking up with a sense of joy in the morning.”

'The Hoffman Process is the equivalent of a psychological detox' - Patrick Holford, author of The Optimum Nutrition Bible

‘You Can Change Your Life’, is available in paperback from 1 March,2004, (Hodder Mobius - £7.99).

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Notes to Editors/ more details:

Tim Laurence - author of, You Can Change Your Life was once a taxi driver in San Francisco, Tim’s own life changed forever when he enrolled for The Hoffman Process in 1989.

Tim had spent ten years on a personal inner journey trying to solve the constant low-grade depression he lived with, feeling that there was more to life, he was ‘coping’ rather than living. He travelled widely in search of answers, living in the US (1981-1995), also significant amounts of time in France, Australia, Mexico and India. He had become a cynical adult with a distrust of relationships - stemming from his parents’ divorce when he was very young.

Tim was born in 1956 and educated in the UK – Wellington College and Exeter University. His quest for answers to his problems led him to do a degree in psychology study at California's Berkeley Holistic Health Centre which in turn led him to teach at the University of California, in the 80s. Whilst living in California he participated in just about every personal development workshop he could find, from Anger Management to Zen meditation, singing, T’ai Chi and dancing. He also read hundreds of books, but still found himself depressed, a workaholic and unable to hold down a relationship.

Then, in 1989 he came across The Hoffman Process and met Bob Hoffman, its founder. The Process finally allowed him to clean up his issues from the past, especially behaviour patterns that he had taken for normal in his own family - like the dangerous cocktail of guilt, low self-esteem and bottled-up anger.

He trained with Bob Hoffman and taught The Hoffman Process internationally before returning to the UK in 1995 to found The Hoffman Institute in Sussex. He then went on to introduce the work in Ireland in 1998 and South Africa in 2000. On the death of its founder in 1997, Tim Laurence became Chairman of Hoffman International, for the first four years, overseeing The Hoffman Process in 14 countries and sees teaching the process as his true life’s work. He is now a Director of Hoffman International. Tim speaks half a dozen languages - which he finds key to understanding other cultures.

A few years ago Tim had to cope with his brother’s suicide. He had been a ‘manic’ depressive and threw himself under a London tube train. Tim believes that he would not have been able to grieve and let go if he had not learnt how to deal with his past.

In 1995 Tim married the beautiful Bond actress Serena Gordon, star of Aristocrats and Other People's Children (they first met on a cookery course in 1980 and as a result still cannot cook!). Serena has also experienced the Process, and has spoken about her own background and the changes that the course had on her life in the media. They have two young sons, Ben and Alfie. Without the experience of living with a partner and family over the last ten years, he could not have written You Can Change Your Life.

The Hoffman Process, founded in 1967, is currently based in the following countries:
Holland (is it based here, as I now the book is being distributed there?)
United Kingdom
United States of America

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The University of California has just released an independent study highlighting the long-term positive psychological benefits of the Hoffman Process. ~This is available on our website or alternatively we can send you a copy.

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