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New Functionality Protects Business Systems in
Three Ways - Enforcing Policy Based Access, Scanning Remote Clients for Security Vulnerabilities, and Clearing up after Each Session

PortWise, Europe’s leading SSL VPN vendor today announced PortWise mVPN Device Security Control, a new Endpoint security solution that has the ability to intelligently scan every remote access client – including non-corporate owned resources – for security vulnerabilities such as open ports, viruses, Trojans etc. and consequently grant differing levels of access as a result. The security assessment is configurable and extendable to support companies’ current security policies. Available immediately, this functionality will be integrated into PortWise’s existing product suite to create the industry’s only complete end-to-end solution for secure remote access. PortWise is now unique amongst SSL VPN vendors by being able to provide three levels of security to protect business critical resources: strong authentication methods and policy based access; scans to ascertain the security status of a device; and the ability to clean up after each session.

"PortWise was the only vendor that could provide a breakthrough SSL VPN platform that had the usability, flexibility and functionality to ensure that the solution would be fully adopted by our customers and would enable us to deliver remote access in the real world" said Ingo Schulz, Senior Consultant, visionapp GmbH. "As a result of the PortWise's policy management and security capabilities, our customers can enjoy secure, remote access, regardless of time, place or device - and can rest assured that their business data is fully protected."

“This new functionality is set to revolutionise the SSL VPN marketplace,” said Kaushik Thakkar, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Development, PortWise. “Up until this point, security has not always kept pace with the availability of remote access solutions: end users have been able to log-on to business systems securely, but it was not possible to know if the device was safe or if sensitive business information had been left on it after a session. It was impossible to run policy authorisation engines on the client side – only on the server. With this announcement, PortWise fills a critical void and provides the security that enables SSL VPN technology to fulfil its full potential. Put simply, PortWise have provided the most secure, flexible and manageable solution available today.”

The new Endpoint Security Solution requests the end-user to agree to scan the device that is being used to gain remote access to business systems. The scan takes place within a few seconds and if the client fulfils the criteria, access is granted. If the client fails to meet the criteria, for example, if there is a Trojan present, access to corporate systems will not be granted, and the user will be informed why and thus empowered to take remedial action. As PortWise mVPN Device Security Control is active, it can guide the end-user to update the client and can even update the operating system. PortWise also has the functionality to grant limited access as deemed appropriate, for example, it can request that a user closes certain applications – such as a messaging service – before full access is granted.

“The PortWise solution is unique amongst SSL VPN products, in that it has the ability to grant differing levels of access as a result of the policy on different authentication methods,” said Tomas Ericsson, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, PortWise. “With this new functionality, the security status of the client can become a step in the authentication process. For example, it is possible to set a policy that if no anti-virus software is available on the device, then access will be denied to certain areas of the corporate systems.”

The PortWise product suite, shipped as both software and as a security appliance, is widely recognised as the most comprehensive and technically advanced SSL VPN solution on the market today based on its ability to address the key issues facing the next generation of SSL VPNs – scalability and policy management. Industry analysts consider PortWise to be a fourth generation SSL VPN solution based on its technical functionality. The company was recognised as a ‘value leader’ in an independent product test commissioned by Light Reading, and was recently cited as a visionary vendor in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant on the SSL VPN market, due to its innovative, real world solutions such as the use of mobile phones in the authentication process.

About PortWise
PortWise is European leader in the SSL VPN market, with a client portfolio including 150+ corporate customers, 500,000 users and some of the world’s largest implementations. PortWise’s mobile security solutions – PortWise mID (mobile authentication), PortWise mVPN Access Server (mobile secure access) and PortWise mVPN Management Server (mobile authorisation) – enable secure access to business systems regardless of time, place or device. The award winning product suite, shipped as both software and security appliance, is able to address the issues facing the next generation of SSL VPNs: scalability and policy management. Blue chip clients that are currently enjoying the benefits of the PortWise solution include: Ericsson, Toyota, HSB Bank and the Central Bank of Sweden. PortWise is a privately owned company, and its investors include Cazenove Private Equity, Four Seasons Venture and Scope. PortWise have offices in London, Sweden, the USA and India. For more information, pleas
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