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Kalimex announce a new gift pack containing three of their best selling
repair products

Plumpton Green, East Sussex, UK – April 29, 2004 -- For immediate release:

In time for Fathers Day on June 20th, 2004, a substantial cost saving of up to
twenty per cent may be made by purchasing three popular and essential repair
products for the home, motoring, marine and other applications, packaged into
one special offer gift pack by Kalimex, a UK distributor of world-leading repair

The gift pack offer comprises:
- - QuikSteel single pack Epoxy Putty,
- - QuikTape Self Bonding Silicone Tape
- - K-Seal Permanent Cooling System Leak Repair

The products, marketed by Kalimex, are available through a range of retailers.

The company believes that the special offer of three widely used products will
represent a useful and valued addition to the tool kit of motorists, DIY home
improvers, boat owners, gardeners and a great many other people who need a
quick, reliable, low-cost and simple-to-use method to repair a broken part, a
leaking cooling system, or to solve a related breakage or fixing problem.

"The application of QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty and QuikTape Self
Bonding Silicone Tape are almost limitless," said Mike Schlup, Kalimex's
Managing Director, "and not only fathers will find these two products and the
addition of K-Seal Permanent Cooling System Leak Repair an essential,
money-saving resource for emergency and other repair or improvement

Each product has an excellent shelf life and is ready to use as and when
required. A ten per cent saving over the usual retail price may be made by
purchasing all three products together for a price of £19.95 (plus delivery). In
addition, by ordering online, a further ten per cent price saving will be applied if
the pack is bought before Fathers Day, on June 20th, 2004.

The special offer gift pack may be purchased exclusively by mail order direct
from Kalimex, or ordered via the Internet from Individual
items may be purchased from motor accessory and hardware shops,
independent retailers or mail order direct from Kalimex, by telephone or from
the company's website.


About QuikSteel
QuikSteel is the world's leading single pack epoxy putty. The high strength,
quick setting material is used both by professionals and consumers for a vast
range of repairs. It is designed to save money and get things working again
around the house, on vehicles, in the garden, at work and for hobbies of all

Among the products it can be used to mend are batteries, car exhausts, fuel
tanks, cookers, radiators, baths, sinks, engines, caravans, mowers and tools.
Since it is a good insulator, it is also suitable for appropriate repairs to electrical

QuikSteel bonds to almost any solid material and is safe and easy to apply.
Users simply cut a piece of the right size from the stick and knead it. This starts
a chemical reaction that changes QuikSteel from soft putty into a material hard
enough to be drilled, sawn, ground, filed or milled. Before hardening it can be
moulded to any required shape or pushed into holes, leaks, breaks or cracks
that need repair. It can even be used to fill damaged threads for re-tapping.

QuikSteel sets in 5 minutes and reaches full strength within an hour. After this it
can, if required, be machined, sanded and finished with paint or lacquer. It will
set underwater and is resistant to solvents such as petrol and diesel fuel as well
as acids and other common chemicals. Once set, it retains its strength at
temperatures from -70oC to +260oC.

Home Users
More and more people are buying a stick of QuikSteel to deal with breakages
and repairs around their home. With QuikSteel they can quickly fix problems
ranging from leaking pipes and baths to broken picture frames and fireplaces.
For air and watertight repairs, householders can use QuikTape to tackle work
on hoses and cabling.

While screwing down some creaky floorboards, a QuikSteel customer
unfortunately drilled through an underfloor waterpipe which sprung a leak as
soon as the drill was removed. He needed to react quickly and so he mixed up
some QuikSteel and within minutes had stopped the leak and repaired the hole.
Weeks later the repair was still in place and will more than likely still be there for
many years to come.

Motor Repair Shops
Motor mechanics know the value of QuikSteel and Kalimex sealants when other
repair methods are too slow or expensive. With breakages to lightly stressed
castings and brackets, QuikSteel can often be used to make repairs that will last
the life of the vehicle. Kalimex Seal-Up too can make permanent repairs where
replacement parts might cost hundreds of pounds to buy and fit.

A specialist firm based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was reclaiming and
reconditioning steering racks. One stage of the process was especially time
consuming and costly due to the parts and labour involved. The company then
discovered that QuikSteel could be used to repair the section in a matter of
minutes saving them both time and money but still retaining the required quality.

Motorists and Motorcyclists
Running and replacing a car, van or motorcycle is a big expense in most
people's lives. Kalimex products help avoid the shock of garage repair costs
and can add years of life to a vehicle. Replacing damaged engine and gearbox
castings, for instance, or fixing coolant leaks can cost many hundreds of
pounds. But with QuikSteel and Kalimex sealants, thousands of people have
made quick, low cost repairs that not only got them home, they also lasted for

Transformations, a Sussex based gardening and maintenance firm had just
started trading in 2002. As they were on a limited budget they were only able to
afford an old and rather tired Ford Transit van which came with a number of
problems including a leaking head gasket. Unable to afford the hefty garage
bills needed to cure the fault they decided to treat the cooling system with K-
Seal. The effect was almost instantaneous and within a few minutes the white
clouds of steam, which had been billowing from the exhaust, had completely
disappeared. The van was then run for several months until a combination of
other problems, NOT the cooling system, forced them to scrap it. By that stage
they were in a position to upgrade to a more modern vehicle but they had still
managed to save hundreds of pounds in garage bills.

Breakdown Services
When vehicles breakdown, Kalimex products really prove their worth. QuikSteel
and K-Seal can get motorists going again in minutes when towing the vehicle to
a garage would cause days of inconvenience. Some of Britain's biggest
motoring organisations have seen how QuikSteel can save their members' time
and money, and made it standard equipment for their mechanics.

Vehicle Restorers
As the cost of making complex replacement parts for older vehicles rockets
upwards, amateur and professional restorers are realising the advantages of
QuikSteel. As well as repairing existing components it can be used to make new
ones. It is an engineering quality material that can be moulded to any shape
and sets as hard as zinc or aluminium castings. Once set, it can be machined in
a similar way to metal.

DIY Enthusiasts (This section could be combined with Home Use)
When making improvements in the house and garden, QuikSteel can handle
those problems that seem impossible to solve. In 101 jobs, from installing
bathrooms suites to securing fixings that have pulled out of brickwork, it is the
fast way to get the job done.

For sealing, strengthening and securing pipes and cabling, QuikTape is the
easy and safe answer. Because it's adhesive free and resistant to heat, water
and chemicals, it's a clean, simple way to make a strong repair.

Tradesmen and Tradeswomen
QuikSteel and QuikTape are valuable additions to the toolboxes of builders,
plumbers, electricians and many other trades. For temporary repairs and
difficult jobs where no standard item will help, Kalimex products provide the
strong, versatile material professionals need.

Modellers and Hobbyists
QuikSteel is the ideal material for moulding items that need to be strong and
damage resistant. From miniature figures and small-scale items of all types to
components for model engines, it is a high quality alternative to resin and
plaster, strong enough to be drilled or machined.

It offers an easy, non-toxic alternative to metal die-casting that is harder and
more durable than lead. For breakages, QuikSteel is also quick and simple,
providing a strong permanent repair where other alternatives would fail.

Outdoor leisure pursuits
As a versatile, fast setting repair material, QuikSteel is ideal for anglers,
caravaners and campers. For weighting fishing lines, it offers a useful, non-
poisonous alternative to lead. It is also approved to NSF61 for use in potable
water systems, so just one stick will serve to fix leaks, fill holes, secure
equipment and mend breakages, making a much stronger more permanent
repair than many specialised products. Like Quiksteel, Quiktape is simple and
quick to use, especially in an emergency when out in the field.

Seafarers, Sailors and cruisers
When a really strong leak repair is needed in a hurry, or gear breaks loose and
must be secured, QuikSteel could be the answer. Wise sailors always have a
stick aboard for times when vital equipment is damaged and cannot be replaced
immediately. For minor leaks, breakages and corrosion repairs, even
underwater, QuikSteel may be all that is needed for a long-term solution.

While attempting to drill a pilot hole for a transducer housing while moored at a
scrubbing grid (tidal mooring which allows access to the hull), the battery on the
cordless drill being used went flat leaving a hole in the hull. The tide was
coming in and there was no possibility to recharge the battery and not enough
time to get another tool to finish drilling the main hole and fit the housing. If the
hole could not be plugged then the boat would begin to take on water as soon
as it refloated. The yachtsman then remembered that he had some QuikSteel
on board and he realised that this could solve his problem. He quickly mixed
enough putty and within minutes had securely plugged the hole. The boat
safely refloated without any problems and the yachtsman was able to complete
the job the next day. Without QuikSteel he would have found himself in a very
tricky and wet position!

About QuikTape
QuikTape is an advanced high-performance self-bonding tape ideal for making
tough permanently resilient insulations or seals. Made of silicone rubber, it can
be quickly and reliably applied to save time and money around the house, in the
garden, on the car, on the water and at work.

Originally developed for the US military, QuikTape makes strong, flexible
emergency repairs that resist heat and chemicals. The tape simply bonds to
itself to give a seal that remains secure and flexible at temperatures from -50oC
to +200oC. Since it uses no adhesives, it is also clean, easy and safe to use.
The tape can also be quickly removed when no longer required and leaves no
messy residue.

QuikTape is ideal for emergency repairs to leaking car radiator hoses,
plumbing, and garden hosepipes. As well as this, it can replace worn or
damaged grips on tools and sports equipment and is ideal for boating use.
Because it is a good insulator, it is also suitable for use on electrical cables and

Quiktape starts to bond and cure immediately on contact with itself. Repairs
reach full strength within 24 hours at room temperature, or quicker at higher
temperatures. After this, they are fully water and weather resistant.

QuikTape is available in rolls of 35mm wide x 0.5 mm thick x 3000mm long.

QuikTape Anecdotes
- Hover Mower Handle Repair
The plastic casing on the handle of an old electric mower had begun to crack
and fall apart with age and use. This made the mower difficult and
uncomfortable to manoeuvre but other than this the mower worked perfectly

QuikTape was used to repair the handle, covering both the exposed metal
sections and also securing the remaining loose plastic casing. This simple and
inexpensive repair has extended the life of the mower.

- Flexible Car Aerial Repair
The flexible rubber roof aerial on an 8 year old VW Golf had become cracked
and was slowly disintegrating. As this type of aerial is bonded to the roof a
replacement would have required a relatively expensive repair.

QuikTape was instead used to encase the damaged lower section of the aerial.
This quick and inexpensive repair is only visible close up and has withstood
thousands of miles of motorway driving since.

- Heavy Duty Electrical Application
A specialist manufacturer was looking for a solution to secure electrical wire
bundles and connections on the components they supplied for use in railway
locomotives. The strength and flexibility of QuikTape meant that it was the ideal
product for their requirements.

About K-Seal
K-Seal is the new, quick, easy way to make permanent repairs to cooling
systems on all types of vehicles. Just shake the bottle and add the contents to
the engine coolant in any petrol or diesel engine. Once the product has entered
the cooling system it takes just minutes to make a high quality ceramic repair
after the engine reaches working temperature. This will stop leaks in radiators,
heaters, engine castings and gaskets, avoiding the need for new parts and
labour that could cost hundred of pounds. K-Seal will even cure 'porous' engine
blocks, a problem which previously required a replacement engine costing

K-Seal is safe and simple for vehicle owners to use and can be mixed with all
types of antifreeze. Using K-Seal is as easy as topping up the coolant level.

K-Seal's mix of ceramic micro-fibres and copper particles make a far better
repair than traditional sealants. Not only is the seal guaranteed to last as long
as the engine while the system remains treated with K-Seal, it also conducts
heat so there are no hot spots in the repaired system.

The unique K-Seal formula seals pores and cracks from 0.75mm wide down to
ones so small they can go un-noticed. The product is compatible with engine
and radiator materials including copper, brass, and aluminium as well as iron
and steel. Because of this, it can be left in the engine permanently, ensuring
that any future leaks are prevented. K-Seal can be used in all makes and
models of private and commercial vehicles. The special formulation will not
block or interfere with the normal functioning of the cooling system.

K-Seal Anecdotes
- Ford Transit
In July 2002 an aging Ford Transit van developed a serious head gasket
problem resulting in a constant white steam cloud from the exhaust. It was
simply not viable to try to repair the problem mechanically but the van was
needed daily as it was the only transport for a sole trader.

The cooling system was treated with K-Seal and within minutes the head gasket
had been sealed. The van was then used daily for over six months without any
further coolant leaks until the sole trader was in a position to upgrade to a
newer vehicle.

- Range Rover 3.9litre V8
The owner needed a quick and cost-effective solution to a persistent coolant
leak problem. K-Seal was applied and this was the owner's reaction:

"Immediate stop of water loss, daily mileage 120 miles/day. Friday 04/04/03, set
off for drive / holiday to the French Alps. Approx 950 miles each way. Spent
most days driving from Mirabelle resort 1550 metres to Courchevel resort 1850
metres. Coolant at time of writing still stable - Amazing Product!"

- VW Camper Van
The owner of this van was considering scrapping the whole vehicle because he
could not afford the time and money required to fix the coolant leak. K-Seal was
applied and this was the owner's response:

"This product sealed the water jacket of the L/H/S cylinders of my camper.
Without this, I would have had to strip the engine with the likely outcome being
a replacement engine or scrapping the whole vehicle"

- Vauxhall Nova
The car was losing 1 pint of coolant every 7 miles and a solution was needed
urgently. The age and high mileage meant that a traditional repair was simply
not cost-effective so K-Seal was added to the cooling system. The leak was
stopped and owner was "very well satisfied with positive result".

About Kalimex
Kalimex is a British company and the official importer and distributor for a range
of high quality innovative repair and anti-friction compounds.

Based in Sussex in the South of England the company distribute their products
through all good automotive, hardware and marine suppliers. Kalimex provide a
next day delivery service to trade customers and also offer a mail order service
to the general public.

For a trial sample of QuikSteel, or to arrange samples for a reader offer; or to
download more information (including product anecdotes); or to download
photographs, please register via the press section on the website at using the following login:

Username: editor
Password: kraka

For further information contact:


Editorial Enquiries
Michael Schlup
Managing Director
Kalimex Ltd.

Tel. 01273 891162

Stockist Enquiries
Freephone: 0800 783 3717

Issued by:
Leslie Mitchell
Pattison Mitchell & Associates

Tel: 020 7924 7700

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