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Recent studies show that inner city pollution such as vehicle and factory exhaust fumes render allergies far more potent. A further study conducted with general practitioners in London showed that consultations for allergic rhinitis (hayfever) increase with levels of pollution. In children a 10th-90th percentile increase in sulfur dioxide levels 4 days prior to consultation was associated with a 24.5% increase in the number of consultations. A 10th-90th percentile increase in average ozone concentrations on the day of consultations was associated with a 37.6% rise. Out of a further 500 people surveyed at Waterloo station, 78% commented that their hayfever symptoms worsened when traveling into the city.

Most hayfever treatments work by suppressing the production of histamines. Histamine production is the body’s response to the presence of allergens. It is these histamines that are responsible for the sneezing, runny nose and streaming eyes that make hayfever the bane of many people’s summer. However, there is now a completely different treatment available – one that doesn’t suppress the body’s natural reaction, as anti-histamines do, but works with it to prevent the production of histamines in the first place.
NASALEZE is a unique, natural product that works with your body’s own defence
mechanisms to strengthen your resistance to airborne allergens such as pollen, animal dander and dust mites.
Studies show that by naturally enhancing nasal mucus, it’s possible to filter out allergens
so that only clean air reaches the lungs. NASALEZE works by forming an invisible, mucus-like gel lining in the nasal tract that acts as a filter. Tests show in most hayfever cases symptoms are controlled in just 3-10 seconds by using NASALEZE.

Clinical evidence
A study was designed to determine whether NASALEZE could prevent the classic hayfever attack from occurring amongst volunteers who had suffered for some years. The activity of Nasaleze was compared by volunteers against other mainstream anti-histamine brands that they had used before. One hundred and two volunteers were recruited and, using a simple five-point scoring system to grade their general well-being and severity of any hayfever attacks, the overall average score for NASALEZE was 3.85 (a significantly better result than that achieved by many market leading brands), indicating that NASALEZE was able to control hayfever very well. Rapid relief of symptoms was also demonstrated, sometimes within minutes after inhalation. Overall 77% of volunteers reported a significant reduction in the number of challenges throughout the study period and most graded NASALEZE as more effective and reported fewer side effects than with a wide range of chemical treatments, many of them high street brands.

More information
NASALEZE is available from all good health food stores and independent pharmacies. Alternatively you can call 01923 205704 for information about your nearest stockist.

A 500mg pack (200 sprays) costs £6.95

For press information please contact Jackie Fletcher – 0870 2430758

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