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From John O’Groats to Lands End, the Brits enjoy a good moan. The weather, public transport or just feeling under par is enough to bring on a heavy head. But when it comes to real pain, the experts at Anadin say where you live can map out where it really hurts.

According to two pieces of research carried out by the famous pain killer brand, we’re a nation divided by pain. Entitled the ‘Pain of Britain’ the Anadin studies surveyed over 2000 adults across the UK and assessed whether regional variations exist in relation to location of pain, pain threshold and treatment of pain. So whether you’re under the weather or suffering in vain, Anadin’s got pain all mapped out:

Location, location, location

With stress levels soaring in the capital, no wonder Londoners are the most likely to treat flu (23%)
If you can’t stand sore throats get out of the West Midlands - bantering Brummies the top the scores on the doors with 28%
If your postal address is South East beware creaky, aching joints as residents lead the nation in treating muscular aches and pains (38%)
It was revealed that 28 per cent of folk live with backache everyday - claiming it is almost unbearable to live with. Those worst affected include Wales (38%), East Anglia (37%) and Yorkshire and Humberside (37%)
Is it a northern thing? Bizarrely, the North (25%), North West (20%), Yorkshire and Humberside (20%) are way ahead of the other regions for stomach pain
And true to form, who else but the Scottish could top the hangover table - with 34% treating self-induced pain the morning after, is it just a coincidence they’re the least like to treat a sore throat (15%)

Zero tolerance - who can take the pain

It appears that individuals living in the capital really don’t have time to be ill with Londoners admitting to often taking painkillers at the first signs of feeling unwell - ailments that are mostly treated with painkillers include headaches (32%), colds (15.8%) and backache (12.9%). Headaches are often treated immediately (20.7%) or within half an hour (25.7%).
Londoners are also the first to seek a doctor’s advice for aches and pain - with 9.5% admitting they would visit the doctor at the first sign of stomach ache
In contrast, those living near coastal regions rarely pay the doctor a visit and will only occasionally reach for a painkiller: 29% of people living in the Brighton region will regularly take a painkiller for a headache compared to 47.6% in Aberdeen
Residents in Cardiff are particularly resilient with only 2.3% of residents claiming they would take a painkiller for stomach ache, toothache and any strains and sprains.
Interestingly the time taken to take a pain killer is often not equivalent to the type of pain e.g. only 29% take painkillers to dull backpain immediately - as opposed to the 41 per cent who rely on painkillers as a quick hangover cure

The sympathy vote
Londoners may think they are independent, successful souls who don’t need a helping hand but when it comes to searching for sympathy they are first on the waiting list for every type of pain. 25% of Londoners think they deserve sympathy for backache compared to Cardiff where only 9% think they require sympathy.
The pains which regions thought required the most sympathy included:

Birmingham - Toothache - 24%

London - Backache - 25%

Liverpool - Backache - 40%

Exeter - Migraine - 30%

Morecombe - Cold - 20%

Hung up on hangovers

The country is united - hangovers should be obliterated as soon as they arrive. Almost 50% of respondent in regions across the UK treat a throbbing head immediately. Popular methods include:
o Hair of the dog

o Painkillers

o Full English breakfast

o Fizzy drinks

Employers in the north beware. Drinkers in Aberdeen (33%), Newcastle (32%) and Leeds (28%) admitted to hangovers regularly affecting their work.
The Scottish certainly know how to party sporting the highest incidences of hangovers. 34% admitted to regularly having that throbbing head!

Says Kirstie Wainwright, senior brand manager for Anadin: “The results from the Pain of Britain study give us a snapshot of the health of the nation and we can see that different regions may be more prone to suffering from particular pains. If nothing else it gives us something to moan about!”

Anadin is one of Britain’s most well known pain killer brands with a range of products, each specifically formulated to target different types of pain: Anadin Extra, Anadin Ultra, Anadin Original, Anadin Extra Soluble, Anadin Paracetamol and Anadin Ibuprofen. Easy-to-understand descriptions clearly describing what each product is particularly effective at treating are clearly labeled on the front of all Anadin packs.

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