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LONDON – May 17, 2004 – The first global media jobs service was launched today by Mediabuddies, the only worldwide reunion and networking club for media professionals, in cooperation with RealContacts, the social networking pioneer. By connecting journalists, broadcasters, advertising, marketing and public relations executives through their trusted extended network of past and current colleagues, Mediabuddies and RealContacts have made finding media staff and jobs faster, easier, and more reliable.

David Davis, founder of Mediabuddies said, “RealContacts is the answer for people looking for a new job who have industry contacts but are tired of interrupting them and trundling around recruitment firms and scouring through employment advertisements. It also perfectly suits employers who are being blitzed by CVs and still can't find the right person - and when they do, the headhunting fees are disproportionately high.”

RealContacts is a free exclusive service for Mediabuddies’ members who are jobseekers, and employee members pay just 4 per cent of contract or annual compensation as a success fee only when they successfully hire someone.

A web and email service, RealContacts is based on the evolving science of "Small World Networks” and the proven premise that most jobs are found through personal contact. It helps people communicate with their extended personal and business network of contacts and accomplish things while preserving privacy.

The service is simple to use. Mediabuddies’ members click on a RealContacts link once they have signed up at, and can immediately start building their own network of people with whom they will post and share job opportunities.

If someone they come across is already a member they instantly tap into their existing network as well as rapidly expanding their own network and those of their own contacts

Davis says, “In effect, it models conversations at a pub or coffee shop, or in gossip sessions on the phone. On the site you identify yourself as someone looking for a job, looking for staff, or just helping out. In real life you will consider seriously a job that is mentioned by a friend because they know you. We’ve taken that online and made it systematic – it’s no longer necessary to be at the pub on Friday afternoon for job reasons alone.”

“RealContacts is proud to be associated with Mediabuddies, the leading global media professionals’ reunion site, said Gary Franklin, Chief Operating Officer of RealContacts Ltd.

“RealContacts is a natural extension of our everyday behavior because we all rely on trusted word of mouth to filter and share information. Mediabuddies members don’t want mountains of irrelevant CVs or jobs they can’t trust - they want a jobs service that connects them to quality jobs or candidates through people or a network they know and value.”

About Mediabuddies
Mediabuddies has created a venue for the practical promotion and support of a global and networked media community, with shared vision and respect for free and professional media. Launched at year-end 2003, Mediabuddies already has thousands of members in 38 countries, primarily in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, but with important and valued members from 34 other countries, ranging from Argentina and Australia to Tanzania, Turkey, and Zimbabwe.
For more information, visit http:/

About RealContacts
RealContacts Ltd. is a pioneering social software services provider, with its RealContacts Jobs employment service launched in New Zealand in early 2002, and now in use in 66 countries. RealContacts allows useful information to flow within extended networks of contacts while minimizing time and effort and protecting privacy. The unique and patents-pending RealContacts online jobs service connects employers and job seekers through their mutual extended networks of trusted contacts. The company is now developing the RealContacts.Net services platform for third party and partner development of social software applications, and the Eurekster social networking powered search engine ( is the first service released on RealContacts.Net. Patents are pending on the RealContacts.Net platform, Jobs service and additional applications. RealContacts Ltd. is privately held, with offices in Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, visit

David Davis, Mediabuddies, +44 7831 558 745
Gary Franklin, RealContacts, +64 3 577 2106

Jobs Research
In 1973 Mark Granovetter, Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, US published a classic paper called, "The Strength of Weak Ties," that analyzed how people found jobs. He found that most people - about 56 percent - found their job through a personal contact.

The most surprising results were:
• Only 16% of people found jobs through a contact they saw "often" (close friend or family)
• 84% got their job through a contact they saw "occasionally" or "rarely"
A key reason for these results is that the people you know well are likely to also know each other and therefore know about the same opportunities. It is the people who you interact with infrequently who are likely to know about different opportunities, and hence be the most valuable contacts for finding a job. This research highlighted that the weak ties between people are very important in linking people within larger social networks.
Mediabuddies and RealContacts have captured this most valuable of approaches for finding jobs or staff, because:

• There is none of the social stigma attached with online dating. The fear of being seen to be job-hunting is overcome through tight protection of privacy and identity.

• People know that finding a great job or staff often happens through networks of contacts and both employers and jobseekers are strongly motivated

• Companies currently pay significant sums of money to recruiters and our service is a fraction of the price, so we have a strong business model

• People are happy to be involved in a job network because they intuitively understand that even if they are not looking for work or staff now that by building a network it can be of use in the future

• Social networks reach across countries and even across borders, allowing employers to reach out to jobseekers they could never afford to reach through traditional media campaigns.

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