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Do you tend to feel down once summer is over? We’ve all heard of the ‘winter blues’, but perhaps not taken it to mean anything more than feeling a little down in the dumps – just like the weather. In fact, winter blues is the common term for a very real syndrome, referring to a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD affects around half a million people every year between September and April, particularly in the coldest months (December, January and February). It is the result of a biochemical imbalance caused by the shortening of daylight hours and the lack of sunlight in winter.

Around 2% of people in Northern Europe suffer from SAD and 10% put up with the milder symptoms of winter blues, such as tiredness, lethargy and problems sleeping, with women between 18 and 30 years of age being the most common sufferers.

According to the botanist, biologist and author of 'All about Herbs' Roger Tabor: “Tiredness and exhaustion is damaging to companionship and we need to give ourselves both time and emotional support. A relaxing warm bath in the evening not only eases stress but even lowers our blood pressure. Stress can tie us down with tension headaches, panic attacks, and too often is a killer with heart conditions. Stress management with a warm bath can not only become more pleasurable with exotic scents, but the volatile oils of herbal oils can have a real and noticeable effect in facilitating our relaxation.”

Beat the ‘winter blues’ with NEW Radox Herbal Bath

Let Radox put a bit of balance back in your life with their range of Herbal Bath experiences designed to really help change the way you feel, both physically and mentally. They have relaunched this range in a new modern bottle shape. It comprises six of the favourite Herbal Bath variants, with a new formulation and even more bubbles. We asked Roger for his views on the herbs chosen by Radox in particular. This is what he had to say:

“When Radox formulated their Original Herbal Bath they wisely chose Juniper to help elicit a stimulating and refreshing experience of a type found in spas. A decoction of Juniper berries had traditionally been used for to ease muscle and rheumatic pains and to stimulate the circulation. It has a rich fresh resinous pine aroma.”

“Radox Stress Relief Herbal Bath includes a herb renowned for easing stress. Rosemary’s camphorous oils give stimulating baths and massages, and the scent rising from the warm bath seems to lessen fatigue. (Rosemary oils are a good example of a herb, which as an extracted oil should not be used in large amounts, but in a product such as Radox amounts are safely controlled).”

“The signature herb in Muscle Soak Herbal Bath is Clary Sage. A number of sages have long been used to ease muscle aches and for their antiseptic qualities. Clary Sage has a strong distinctive scent much used in the perfume industry, and in aromatherapy for its sedative and euphoric effects.”

“The powerful effects of the essential oils taken from plants have also long been used in stress management, and to ease aches and pains, by their addition to warm baths. The very name of Lavender derives from the Latin ‘to wash’ as this was so commonly used by the Romans as a relaxing perfumed bath oil. Today we associate Lavender with soporific effects which is why it has been chosen as the key herb in Sleep Easy Herbal Bath ”

“Moisture Soak Herbal Bath contains the skin moisturising herb Calendula, commonly called Marigold. Its name links it to the Virgin Mary, due to its special role for women. It was used in hipbaths or as a douche against Thrush (Candida albicans fungus) as the plant contains natural anti-fungal material. Calendula is commonly used in skin creams.”

“The last of the existing variants is Time Out Herbal Bath with Mimosa. This is totally appropriate as a bath has always been a great way to take time out. Here, the use of an Australian tree plant with fruity honeyed scented flowers speaks to a woman wanting to sink into a bath to relax away her anxieties with the fragrant aromas, rather than to overcome her backache from digging the garden.” Roger Tabor © 2004

As market leader, Radox is a brand that consumers trust and is renowned for its efficacy. So rediscover the real you and help to shed those winter blues with the natural blend of herbs and minerals found in the new Radox Herbal Bath range.


Nicky Garvey
01992 579990

Notes to Editors

1. Details about Roger Tabor CBiol., MIBiol., MPhil., FLS
The botanist, biologist, behaviourist, biochemist is author of ‘All About Herbs’ (Frances Lincoln Ltd.), in the UK and presenter of PBS’s ‘Wild About Herbs’ in the USA. He has appeared on numerous TV programmes, starting 30 years ago on BBC’s “Animal Magic”. He has also lectured on plant identification and uses over the same period. Roger Tabor is also Chairman of The Herb Society and designer of The Herb Society’s National Garden at Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire.

2. The new range of six Radox Herbal Bath variants (Relax, Muscle Soak, Stress Relief, Sleep Easy, Moisture Soak, Time Out) have a new formulation and even more bubbles with a RRSP of £1.99 for 500ml. The four variants Relax, Muscle Soak, Stress Relief and Time Out also come in a 1 litre size for even better value @ £3.49

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