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Transmeta Announces Efficeon TM8620 Processor with Reduced Package Size for High Integration Designs

Reduces CPU Package Size by 46 percent

June 2, 2004 – Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ: TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, today announced the availability of the new Efficeon™ TM8620 processor in a small 21mm x 21mm package. This size is ideal for emerging classes of thin-and-light mobile computers and small form factor systems that require high-performance, long battery life, low heat output or fanless operation. As the industry strives to integrate more functionality into smaller systems, reducing the package size of key components, such as the processor, enables further innovation.

“With the new Efficeon TM8620 processor, we have expanded the concept of what is possible in mobile and embedded system design,” said Arthur L. Swift, senior vice president of marketing, Transmeta Corporation. “Transmeta continues to transform the microprocessor from what was often a barrier to design innovation, into an enabling technology that spurs creative thinking and creates new classes of computers.”

All Transmeta processors combine the processor and Northbridge functionality into a single integrated circuit, creating a single package that reduces board space by eliminating the need for a dedicated Northbridge chip. The new Efficeon TM8620 processor takes this one step further by reducing the package size of the current Efficeon TM8600 processor by 46 percent. This reduced size provides system designers with significantly more flexibility when designing new and innovative thin-and-light notebooks, Ultra Personal Computers (UPC) and small form factor embedded systems.

“Transmeta has consistently provided customers with a blend of highly integrated and energy-efficient solutions, and have thus enabled new classes of devices and increased computing density,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “It appears that with the Efficeon TM8620, Transmeta continues this trend, enabling customers to push the envelope for size, density, performance and functionality in a broad set of markets.”

“ULi has been a strong chipset partner with Transmeta with the Crusoe processor, and continues that engagement with the recent introduction of Efficeon,” said Alex Kuo, president of ULi Electronics, Inc. “ULi will deliver unique, highly integrated southbridge solutions in small packages that will ideally complement Transmeta’s compact TM8620 processor, and enable new and innovative small form factor designs.”

Efficeon TM8620 processor specifications include:

• 256-bit VLIW engine with x86 compatible Code Morphing software
• 192KB L1 cache (128KB Instruction, 64KB Data)
• 1MB L2 cache
• 900MHz to 1100MHz operating frequencies at very low power levels
• Integrated Northbridge core logic with:
o DDR memory controller supporting DDR266 and DDR333 memories
o AGP 1x/2x/4x graphics interface
o 400MHz HyperTransport I/O bus controller
• Enhanced LongRun® power and thermal management technology
o Highly responsive and dynamic control over power and thermal consumption based on workload demands
• Support for MMX, SSE and SSE2 instructions
• Compact 21mm x 21mm 592-ball organic ball grid array (OBGA) with 0.8mm ball pitch

Now sampling to customers, the Efficeon TM8620 processor is manufactured is manufactured on the same proven 0.13 micron fabrication process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company that is used for production of the 1GHz Crusoe TM5800 and 1GHz Efficeon TM8600 processors. Production volume is slated for the end of Q2 2004.

About the Transmeta Efficeon Processor
The Transmeta Efficeon processor is designed to provide power efficiency, design flexibility, performance-on-demand and low cost to meet the need of the next generation of mobile, wireless, and embedded devices. It includes three new high performance bus interfaces: an on-chip HyperTransport™ bus interface for increased input/output efficiency, an on-chip Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory interface for increased throughput, and an on-chip AGP graphics interface for high performance graphics solutions. These new interfaces allow Efficeon to achieve more work per clock, which results in greater energy efficiency and longer battery life for mobile computer users. The Transmeta Efficeon processor's dynamic LongRun® power management features and integrated architecture are designed to give system designers and marketers a wide range of choices in creating products that deliver added value, functionality, security, comfort, reliability, and cost savings to end users.

About Transmeta Corporation
Founded in 1995, Transmeta Corporation designs, develops and sells highly efficient x86-compatible software-based microprocessors that deliver a compelling balance of low power consumption, high performance, low cost and small size. We announced our first Crusoe® family of processors in 2000, and we introduced our new Efficeon family of processors in October 2003. Our products are valuable for diverse computing platforms demanding energy efficiency, low heat and x86 software compatibility. We also develop advanced power management technologies for controlling leakage and increasing power efficiency in semiconductor and computing devices.

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