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More people are likely to suffer from denture stomatitis than oral cancer. Though not life threatening, this can be a seriously debilitating condition which is often suffered in silence and goes undiagnosed.

There are around 16 million people in the UK who wear either a partial or full denture and an estimated 65% will suffer from denture stomatitis at some time in their life. Partial dentures in particular have been shown to increase the risk of disease and plaque accumulation.

Denture stomatitis occurs when there is a build up of bacteria in the mouth, including a fungus known as Candida albicans. These are naturally occurring in the mouth and the environment but in increased numbers can cause some rather unpleasant symptoms. These include:
• Irritation or burning sensations,
• Discomfort or soreness in the mouth
• Chapping of the corners of the lips
• Red or White spots on the palate, tongue or mucous membranes
• Poorly fitting dentures

The usual treatment is a prescribed antibiotic from the doctor or dentist which will effectively cure the infection in the mouth.

However, dentures are made from a porous material, which means that the micro-organisms which were accumulating in the mouth are also accumulating within the denture. This means that if the infection in the mouth is treated without treating the denture, re-infection may occur and symptoms will return. Everyday denture cleansers are simply not effective in removing candida albicans.

Medical Interporous (from Manx Healthcare) is a new breakthrough in cleansing technology, described as a denture disinfecting tablet, for the treatment of dentures infected with Candida albicans. This is the only denture treatment clinically proven to substantially reduce Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the Herpes Simplex virus .

Used as an adjunct with traditional medicines, Medical Interporous can help to cure the condition and, when used regularly, can also help to prevent it in the future.

At the first sign of irregularity in the mouth cavity, always consult a dental professional.

Medical Interporous is available from your dentist or your local pharmacy.
RSP £21.99 for 20 tablets

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