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If the creators of a new system have their way L-Mail will soon become the common term used to describe sending physical letters via a web site using any Internet Service Provider (ISP)., to be launched on 28 September 2004, will be offering consumers and businesses the ability to send postal letters via any Internet enabled computer through a simple web based interface.

Users of the service will simply type and format their letter in a browser, click submit before it’s printed and put in traditional postal mail systems from one of an initial 7 locations around the world.

The developers of L-Mail claim their service will save users time and money over using traditional post. Letters will frequently be cheaper through L-Mail than traditional mail. For example, a three-page letter to the United States will cost 64p fully inclusive. Postage alone for a 20g letter from the UK to the USA is 68p.

L-Mails can be sent to any address on the planet via the initial seven printing and posting locations:

Australia - Sydney
Canada - British Columbia
Spain - Madrid
United Kingdom - Edinburgh
United Kingdom - Leicester
United Kingdom - London
United States - Ellensburg (West Coast)
United States - New York (East Coast)

Further locations will be added regularly.

With no need to buy stationary or stamps or trips to the Post Office L-Mail promises to be a useful tool for busy people everywhere.


L-mail, or Letter Mail, allows individuals and businesses to send letters to any postal addresses from any computer with a web browser. QiQ Limited is developing l-Mail for use by consumers and businesses. Users create and format their letters using a simple four-step process:

1. Users write and format their letters through any Internet browser.
2. Once the letter has been written and the service paid for, L-Mail route the letter to the nearest printing station to the recipient.
3. L-Mail print the letter, put it in an envelope and send it on its way using first class mail.
4. If requested, a copy of the letter is emailed back to the sender. A further email is sent confirming when the letter has been printed and posted.

Who will use L-Mail?

A survey conducted by Internet Market Research Services (IMRS) on behalf of L-Mail of 4,876 UK consumers concluded that 61% of consumers would use such a service.

Why use L-Mail?

- Speed up delivery times for your overseas letters.
L -mail enables you to send a physical letter to any address via the Internet to our local printing locations. This can knock days off the delivery time.

- L-Mail results in the production of a physical letter writing with the convenience of email.
We offer a convenient electronic method of sending letters to individuals and businesses not connected to the Internet – via any Internet connection!

- Queuing at the post office becomes a thing of the past.
If you spend 20 minutes a week going to the post office to send your letters, you are wasting over 17 unproductive hours a year – over 2 working days. In a 48 year working career this adds up to over 6 months!

- Send a letter wherever you have access to the Internet.
When you need the impact of a professional letter, but you only have a laptop or a cyber café, L-Mail provides the ideal mailing solution.


QiQ Limited was established in 1998. QiQ has developed web sites and provided consultancy services for royal institutions, charities, credit card firms, aviation authorities, security companies and businesses large and small around the globe. QiQ has also operated its own flagship web site Net4Nowt, a directory of Internet Service Providers, which has been classed as one of the top 100 web sites in the UK by Practical Internet magazine.

L-Mail is the latest web site to be developed and operated by QiQ Limited.


For more information on QiQ Limited or L-Mail visit and or contact:

Peter Harris
Managing Director
Phone: 0845 070 3222

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