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- New program helps organisations involved in outbound contact to:

· Increase productivity while complying with DMA guidelines
· Promote a Best Practices approach to outbound
· Provide new unified inbound/outbound technology to deliver enhanced CRM integration

Manchester, UK – 4th October 2004 - Amcat a global leader in call centre technology solutions announces the next level in ‘Intelligent Outbound’, that recognises a maturation of the call centre industry towards more intelligent outbound calling strategies. According to Amcat, the second stage of its Intelligent Outbound Contact programme is in synch with changing attitudes from call centres, that are still looking to raise productivity, but with greater focus on delivering high quality contacts through more effective data management and full integration of inbound/outbound campaigns with CRM applications.

Amcat’s Contact Centre Suite now provides a new dialling algorithm that can accurately control dialling parameters to ensure that silent or abandoned calls are minimised to less than 3%, without adversely impacting on overall productivity. The solution has been certified to be fully compliant for these drop rates by an independent laboratory.

VP of marketing at Amcat, Dudley Larus commented, “Over the last six to twelve months, Amcat has witnessed a sea-change occurring within the call centre landscape. Due to increased global competition and heightened regulations, we
have experienced from our own customers, a shift in the needs and objectives of call centres moving to more responsible and intelligent contact. This is only made possible through greater integration with CRM and back office sales systems to achieve a higher level of data management.”

“To operate in this new climate, call centres are realising that the relationship between outbound and inbound is converging and unified contact provides tremendous customer and data management advantages. Amcat is advocating a ‘next stage’ approach for call centres – ‘Intelligent Outbound’ contact, that represents a closer synergy between inbound and outbound, together with more intelligent use of data and compliance with DMA guidelines. Amcat’s R&D has focused on meeting these objectives and Amcat customers are seeing it pay off for them now.”

Dudley Larus concludes, “Moving to a more intelligent form of contact means that call centres are becoming more sophisticated, with greater need for integration with enterprise databases, between inbound and outbound campaigns and direct real-time interaction with mission-critical systems such as CRM and sales systems. The nature of campaigns is also changing – moving away from aggressive cold-calling tactics to alternative approaches such as up-selling, cross-selling and loyalty services.” Call centre technology from Amcat fully supports these changing attitudes and technology requirements.

Compliance Features:-
Unlike other technologies, Amcat’s new optimised dialling algorithms fully comply with DMA guidelines but do not curtail productivity. Amcat technology achieves this by sampling over 20 variables per second on an individual project and agent basis. Amcat takes into account individual agent performance and adjusts the campaign
algorithm automatically when agent conversations go on longer than expected. Amcat even accounts for the complexities of agent performance for those assigned to multiple campaigns through its Fractional Agent Quotient. This limits the occurrence of silent or abandoned calls to 3% comparing favourably with the DMA recommendation of less than 5%.

In addition, Amcat technology can also transmit CLI information or a pre-recorded message with the call so that any consumer concern caused by silent calls can be alleviated. These developments equip call centres with full compliance with industry regulations without adversely affecting productivity levels. Another feature available with Contact Centre Suite 2004 is the facility of Multi-number Dialling, that enables outbound calls to simply re-dial the number to an alternative such as mobile or work phone number.

As a technology vendor, Amcat is committed to best practice and has worked closely with the DMA on its outbound dialling recommendations and was one of the first software manufacturers to support the Silent Call File developed by UK Data IT. The company has also run a series of ‘Best Practices’ seminars for call centres earlier in the year aimed at promoting the responsible use of technology in outbound contact with guest speakers from the DMA and TPS. Amcat is a member of the DMA’s ‘Dialler Interest Group’.

CRM Integration features:
Amcat’s customers are taking advantage of several key features to implement CRM contact campaigns. Features that support CRM type contact activity include:
· Enterprise SQL server database integration
· Real-time links with CRM and sales systems
· .Net framework
· Open database structure with extensive data management features
· Web-based agent for linking to Internet, Intranets and extranets
· Web-based reporting and extensive WFM capabilities

For further details on Intelligent Outbound and Contact Centre Suite, please visit Amcat at Existing Amcat users that are interested in upgrading their current solution, to enjoy the additional benefits of Contact Centre Suite, should contact their account manager on 0800 169 2028.

About Amcat:
Amcat™ is a leading provider of intelligent contact centre solutions to power dramatic increases in productivity, agent professionalism, and campaign management flexibility. Amcat solutions enable companies to increase operating efficiencies and to continually enhance the quality, capabilities and services available in their contact centre. As a result, contact centres see a dramatic increase in outbound and inbound productivity, a higher level of agent professionalism and the ability to make rapid adjustments to campaigns and operations. Founded in 1990, Amcat has a global customer base of more than 1,000 contact centres. For more information visit or call 0800 169 2028.

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