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As the darker evenings draw in and the temperature drops, salads, barbequed chicken and a jug of Pims just doesn’t quite hit the spot. During the winter months our bodies crave comfort food – shepherd’s pie, casseroles, mash and hot puddings but sadly these types of dishes just pile on the pounds we worked so hard to get off.

Experts believe we are programmed to crave stodgy foods when the thermometer drops but the good news is that with the help of Cafeslim, the most personalised slimming program in the world, comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, as Cafeslim allows us to eat all the foods we love to eat and still lose the weight.

Deane Jade from the National Centre for Eating Disorders says there are several reasons why our eating habits change in the winter months. “"In the days before central heating and electric blankets our ancestors were
programmed to eat more when the weather was cold because they needed to
build up their fat reserves to keep them warm," she says.
"Now we don't need the extra calories. If anything we should cut down on what
we eat because we are less active in the winter. If you don't keep
exercising those extra calories will be laid down as fat which is why people
often find they put on weight."

So why is our food intake driven by weather changes? Our bodies need to provide the raw materials for the brain to make chemicals to fight the winter blues. With shorter days and less sunshine around, the winter months reduces the amount of serotonin we produce, (a hormone-like substance which promotes feelings of well-being and happiness). Serotonin is made from an amino acid called tryptophan – eating carbohydrates will increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain which in turn increases the levels of serotonin. This is why those who suffer from winter blues tend to use high carbohydrate foods to make them feel better.

The fact that our body craves these foods in winter is not a bad thing. Cafeslim’s leading nutritionist, Fiona Hunter says “Foods like pasta and mashed potato are naturally low in fat, rich in complex carbohydrates and can provide important vitamins. Cafeslim has created a wide range of meal plans that are both warm and filling but still provide all the essential nutrients and minerals needed and they have been precisely measured to match your own physical and nutritional requirements - so you still get to eat all the foods you enjoy eating and lose the weight.”

Fiona offers the following tips to keep you looking slim, but feeling great throughout the winter months:
- Eat little and often
- Choose fresh ingredients where possible
- Choose low fat and vitamin rich foods
- Keep a good selection of snacks such as dried fruits
- Eat some type of complex carbohydrate food at each meal such as?
- Be disciplined, keep to your Cafeslim shopping list while shopping
- Make your own puddings (if you have time) such as rice pudding (using semi-skimmed milk), apple crumble and custard
- Eat carbohydrate rich snacks such as wholemeal toast or fibre rich cereals
- Eat bananas, dates, walnuts as this are naturally high in tryptophan
With thousands of daily meal plans created alongside their celebrity chef, Rory Morahan, there’s no chance of getting bored and slimmers can swap meals, create favourite lists and take advantage of an eating out guide and daily/weekly personal shopping list.

Cafeslim is so personally tailored to the individual; it lets you suit your diet to your mood!
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Notes to Editors
Two case studies available upon request:
• Single women, seasonal eater who has previously piled on the pounds during winter months but has found Cafeslim keeps her weight off.
• Working mother, who finds it hard to keep the weight off during the winter months and is inspired more by winter cooking.
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