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London, UK, 19th October 2004: New research on thirtysomethings shows that almost four out of ten (38%) have had a quarter life or identity crisis. It also found that more than four out of ten (43%) want to change careers but don’t believe they will, and nine out of ten (88%) admit to not living up to their potential. Thirtysomethings have a fast growing number of issues they need to face if they’re to get unstuck and fend off the so-called quarter-life crisis.

The research from website polled over four hundred thirtysomethings in the UK and USA and found that even though large numbers want to change careers the reasons they won’t are a possible drop in salary (37%), having no clear direction (25%) and a lack of confidence (22%). The survey also found that three quarters wish they were more confident and a quarter of those in relationships are unhappy with the state of the relationship.

According to Steve Errey, a specialist in personal growth for thirtysomethings, the survey confirms that thirtysomethings are storing up issues related to careers, relationships and self-confidence, and the quarter-life crisis is a growing reality for many people. “For me,” says Errey, “the answer is about the “three F’s” – fun, fulfilment and freedom. The “three F’s” really sum up what thirtysomethings want in their lives, and they can have those things by taking responsibility and taking action.”

“I had all sorts of fears and hopes bottled up, but I’m much clearer and more open about where I want my life to go, and what changes I need to make for that to happen,” said Stephanie Favell, director of a successful UK training company and one of Errey’s past clients. “I’d been using old baggage as some kind of wall to hide behind and as an excuse not to make changes. The process has made me feel much better about myself and really positive – I feel more alive.”

“I felt like I was stuck in life,” says Sally Courtney, another of Errey’s clients, “and now that my self respect has risen dramatically I’m back on a level where I’m pushing myself to achieve more. I used to talk myself out of doing things, didn’t make decisions and followed the crowd, but I’ve learnt a million things about myself and the best part is knowing that I’ve been active in getting myself to a genuinely good place.”

Steve Errey’s top five tips for getting the "Three F's" and fending off the quarter life crisis are:
1. To know your values: figure out what’s most important to you and prioritise your life around them.
2. To not squeeze yourself into boxes: don’t adopt roles you’re not comfortable with.
3. To keep yourself nourished: get clear on what keeps you centred and balanced and makes you feel like you again.
4. To create a big vision: have an exciting direction and sense of purpose to fuel you forwards.
5. To take responsibility: you’re the only one responsible and accountable for your life. Take action to get where you want to be.


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Notes to editors:
• The survey was carried out in the first half of 2004, and polled over four hundred thirtysomethings (77% women and 23% men) in the UK and USA on careers, relationships, wellbeing, health, social lives and support structures.
• Areas of life that thirtysomethings most want to move forwards in are career (18%), finances (12%), relationships (12%), health (8%) and confidence (7%).
• Further information and articles can be found at including “Is There Such a Thing as a Dream Job?”, “Setting Your Relationship Up for Success” and “Getting the Confidence to Be Your Best”
• Top Ten tips sheets can be made available – “The Top Ten Ways Thirtysomethings Kill Their Confidence”, “The Top Ten Ways Thirtysomethings Become Unfulfilled in Their Careers” and “The Ten Biggest Thirtysomething Relationship Problems”

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